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How To Replace A Dryer Belt

Friday, April 6th, 2007

Whirlpool Dryer BeltIt seems like there’s always something wrong with the dryer, and it always seems to happen when you need to get that certain important piece of clothing dry. This time, it’s the belt, and you’re tired of calling for help every time something has to be replaced or repaired on the dryer. This time, though, there’s no need for concern. Replacing the belt on your dryer is an easy do-it-yourself job.

The actual part you’ll be replacing is the drive belt, which snaps on occasion. You can identify the break easily because it typically happens during a cycle. You’ll note a loud bang and notice that the drum inside is no longer turning. With a few simple tools, you can replace the belt yourself. The following are instructions for a gas dryer, but an electric unit would be very similar. (more…)