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Whirlpool Appliances

Friday, May 18th, 2007

745649_kitchen_wares_1-knob.jpg  Whirlpool appliances have been around for decades, and through the years, the company has become a household name interchangeable with “major appliance”.  With products ranging from stoves and refrigerators to washers and dryers, Whirlpool has staked its claim in history as one of the largest household appliance providers in the industry.


Whirlpool Clutch Assembly (285785)

Friday, January 12th, 2007

This is the complete clutch assembly for the Whirlpool direct drive washer. It is commonly used on Whirlpool and Kenmore direct drive washers. The assembly comes with a blue spring for large capacity washers and black spring for compact washers. Also comes with a brake cam driver.

This clutch assembly will fit some Whirlpool and Kenmore direct drive washing machines. Made by Whirlpool. Part Number: 285785.

Whirlpool Washer Lid Switch (3949247)

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

This Whirlpool lid switch is very commonly used in Whirlpool made washers. The point of the lid switch is for the tub to stop spinning when the washer lid is opened. It’s a safety precaution just in case someone decides to stick their hand inside the washer while the tub is spinning. Checking the lid switch for continuity would tell you if it’s bad. You could do that by using an ohmmeter. If it shows no ohms, you most likely need a new lid switch.

wpl washer lid switch

This lid switch fits some Whirlpool, Estate, Roper, and Kenmore washers. Made by Whirlpool. Part Number: 3949247.

Whirlpool Washer Blue Door Handle (8181877)

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

This blue Whirlpool washer door handle, which also comes in a light grey color, is easy to replace and isn’t very costly. All you basically do is just snap the handle in the door. Check your model number here (or you can use the search box at the top of this page) to see if it fits your washer.

wpl washer blue door handle

This door handle fits most Whirlpool front load washers and some Whirlpool DUET washers. Made by Whirlpool. Part Number: 8181877.

Whirlpool Washer Inlet Water Valve (285805)

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

If you’re getting no or little water inside your Whirlpool washer, it probably has something to do with the inlet water valve. Checking the solenoid coils for continuity could tell you if they’re bad. To check continuity, you would need an ohmmeter. If the meter shows 0 ohms, the coils are bad. This two solenoid water valve is the most commonly used in Whirlpool washers.

wpl washer water valve

This inlet water valve fits most Whirlpool and Kenmore washers. Made by Whirlpool. Part Number: 285805.