How to Fix LG Washing Machine “LE” Error Problem

LG’s home appliance product line is overrun with LE error codes. From dishwashers to washing machines, it seems the problem is widespread, and annoyingly, the appliance will refuse to function until the “LE” error has been resolved. Sometimes LG washing machines lie dormant displaying the wilful error message awaiting some kind of response. In other cases, the appliance will start up normally – deviously fill up with water then suddenly freeze displaying the same “LE” code. So what is your washing machine trying to tell you, and more importantly, how can this error message be irradiated? The answer awaits you, read on.

“Your washing machine is trying to tell you there is something wrong with its motor” – says Matt Hansen of AppliancePartsPros.com, a leading supplier of LG parts. Your LG washing machine’s motor is controlled by the main circuit board. This is the brain of your washing machine. Depending on the selected program and which cycle is currently running, the PCB will tell the motor which speed to run at and which direction to turn. The Hall Effect sensor on the main circuit board is fed operational feedback from the motor. If there is any difference between what the motor should be doing and what it is actually doing – the appliance will stop operating and display an “LE” error.

For example: if the main circuit board tells the motor to rotate clockwise at a certain speed and the motor doesn’t start, the monitoring sensor will relay this inactivity to the main PCB and a “LE” error will persist. The same error would be displayed if the motor rotates in the wrong direction or runs at the wrong speed. It should be evident there are many faults that could produce the “LE” error code. Failure of one of the major components or a fault in the monitoring and feedback loop, could all lead to this problem. It is true however, some faults occur more regularly than others. Test for the most common causes of failure, eliminate them, and move on to more unlikely faults.

Many causes for the “LE” error are thought to stem from LG’s manufacturing process. Many customers found the wiring damaged or completely severed in their washing machine’s motor drive and feedback loop. If the wires were installed too close to a moving part, they may be vulnerable to mechanical wear once the machine starts to operate. A washing machine vibrates a lot during a spinning cycle, so it is conceivable wires could be damaged in this way. Check the cables feeding the motor for any obvious signs of damage. If you cannot see any problem, disconnect those wires and check for conductivity with a multi-meter. There should be almost no resistance detected in the wire.

If you find a damaged wire, replace it and ensure the new wire is well out of the way of any moving parts. If the wire is faultless you will have to move on and continue fault finding. Try and turn the motor’s rotor by hand, if there is any real friction or if the rotor is seized – you will have to replace the motor. Faultless wiring and a washing machine motor – with the existence of an “LE” error code, indicates a fault in the main system board. It should be noted though; this is unlikely to be the cause of the problem. Almost all “LE” errors indicate faulty wiring – so ensure you have properly checked this before installing a new PCB.

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  1. HELBERTH58 Says:


  2. John Says:

    LG front loader washer (4 yrs old) has got the detergent /bleach tray stuck in and unable to pull it out.what’s the problem ?
    machine works fine,ran it on rinse cycle.Thanks.

  3. Charles Says:

    As to JOhn’s stuck soap dispenser, I have same problem. Nobody is posting answers to this problem. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brian Says:

    LG Front Load Washer soap dispenser fix. This is fairly simple fix. First pull out the washer enough to enable access with a screwdriver to the two screws and plastic bridge found on the upper back corners of the washer. Unplug the washer. Undo the bottom screw from each plastic bridge, no need to undo the top screws as they remain attached to the lid without issue. Grab the Top Access Panel and depending whether you are standing in the front or back of the washer either push or pull the cover towards the back in a quick but firm motion, it should unlatch and allow for removal. Now you can see the soap dispenser, on the right side of the dispenser you’ll see snap tabs that you can “slightly” lift away from the dispenser(this will allow you to lift the lid of the soap mixing chamber slightly, as you do this try to pull open the Soap Dispenser Front access). It should slide out. Very Important!!!-Ensure that you clip the lid back the way it was to avoid a possible leak before you start to re-assemble. I believe that the jamming is caused by the small detergent dish’s lid at the back getting caught on the inside top of the dispenser. I didn’t use mine so i just removed it. If you need or want to ever clean out the Soap Dispenser you can remove it by pulling it out as you would when filling it with detergent but just depress the center of the dish at the back while pulling the dispenser tray away from the washer and it should come out.
    Hopes this helps!

  5. Angie Says:

    My washing machine suddenly says “OE” my husband took the motor out to fixed it and and found a penny stuck in it…now when he does that we cant find anything wrong with it…now sometimes ‘OE’ just pops up and my washing machine wont work…what could I do to fix it I dont wanna take it anywhere to fix it because it costs to much to fix it and not everyone fixes lg washes please help me asap!!!

  6. Ramona Appliance Repair Says:

    You made some decent factors there. I seemed on the web for the problem and located most individuals will associate with with your website.

  7. tim Says:

    I have an lg front loader washer. The washer stopped and had an “le” error message. I turned off the power and closed the water connections. I then waited 12 hours and drained teh washer, turned power on and tried again (read to do that online). I put another load in and it begain to spin and fill with water. Then when the water got full, it would not spin and heard a small noise that sounded like a subway going through a tunnel. Sounded like teh moter was trying to spin, but was getting stuck?? Why did it spin when the water was filling up, but not when it got full of water. Trying to fixmyself, since broke and unemployed. Does this sound like the motor, senor board?? Any help would be appreciated..

  8. Diana Says:


    I have an LG washing machine and it’s been a couple of weeks now that after I put in the load of clothes, it starts filling up with water and after two minutes I get an E2 error message. I turn off and back on the washing machine, choose the amount of water manually (not using the sensors anymore otherwise it will also weight the water already poured in) and it works normally. Do you know what E2 stands for?


  9. steve Says:

    how do u change the main control board on a lg front loader washing machine

  10. doug cripe Says:

    Have a LG and the le symbols came up. The washer fills and drains during cycle but won’t spin. What can I do to fix problem myself?

  11. Rachelle Says:

    I have a LG front load it works just fine until the was is completely done it stops half way through the final spin then stops spinning and shows a ie sign any suggestions?

  12. TONY RAMIREZ Says:


  13. paul deacon Says:

    i have a lg top loader model wt-h755th 7.5 kg it is not agitating all other functions seem to be normal,read somewhere that it might be the hall effect sensor on the drive motor,have already changed the main control board.
    could any body help!
    regards paul,

  14. Brian Says:

    You can try to replace the Hall Effect Senser. I replaced mine a couple of times on my LG Front Load model and it got it going. I found that the LG washer that I had was temperamental, I removed and reinstalled the hall effect at least half a dozen times to get it working. It was cheaper than calling for a service I suppose. I imagine the repair guys must go a bit crazy with these things as they are so temperamental. it’s a tough pill to swallow paying for a service only to have it break again so I dealt with every few months to remove and re install, dont ask me how that made it work. In the end after 8yrs with the washer i gave up and bought a new LG again believe it or not. Overall we thought LG Washer was a pretty good one. Good luck.


  15. Mika Says:

    My LG has made weird rubbing or scratching noise over two years. Noise isn’t continuous and sometimes it is louder and seems like the drum is not spinning properly. Then the machine may beeb and flash all the lights and reset itself. If I rotate the drum by hand there is nothing scratching and also bearings are ok. I have seen the LE error only once. Last year the machine was in the service and the hall sensor was replaced. The problem however didn’t disappeared. Some days ago the noise got louder, machine started to beeb and reset continuously and at last was not able to use anymore. I opened the machine and disconnected the hall sensor and plugged it back many times. All the wires looked ok but the sensor connector was quite loose, too easy to put in and out. After that the machine has worked very well without any noise! I suppose that vibration, temperature changes and slow oxidisation can make sensor connection unreliable, give wrong information to the motor and cause rubbing sound and even LE error.

  16. Mika Says:

    The washing machine was operated some times after disconnecting and connecting the sensor and it worked fine. Then the noise came back and soon the machine was beebing but not washing. I have tried to reset the machine by rotating the drum when unplugged and also by pressing the power button. Control panel functions are ok and the beebing doesn’t appear when I press the start button but after it has taken some water which makes load to the drum (drum is empty!). There is one short beeb, all lights and display goes off and immediatly back on. Then the machine continues but soon beebs and resets again. There’s no error messages displayed. I had the old hall sensor which was replaced in the service. Because the machine worked better with that old sensor 1,5 years ago I replaced the old sensor. But it made nothing difference. So I suppose this isn’t a sensor problem at all. I’m afraid that I have to do like consumers are supposed to do: trash the old machine and buy a new one.

  17. Vicki Kay Says:

    LG washing machines are JUNK, plain and simple.

  18. John Says:

    My LG front loader washer 6 yrs old, mod# VM2077CW. It doesn’t drain but makes a grinding noise. Took the drain pump out, clean, and checked the conductivity OK something 14.5 ohms. Put everything back together and same thing, tried normal and quick wash cycles on rinse and spin, drained it off the bottom plug.Any idea what’s causing the grinding and not draining. I don’t mind buying a new pump but I have to be sure. J.Thanks.

  19. Janene Says:

    My Lg, model T1303TEFT1 have a strange noise while washing. It sounds like it is having difficulty to turn. It’s making a squeeking sound. How do I take the drum out to see if there is anything wrapped around the axis.

  20. Linda Says:

    Hi my frontloader LG washer wont reset. I noticed the very last load I did lasted 3 hours and it kept washing so I reset it to spin and drain. Then the control panel wont reset. I tried Unplugging it the LG website suggested but it still wont reset it just lights up and when I turn the knob to select wash it doesnt reset. Please help unemployed and not able to afford service to come out. Thanks

  21. Kate Says:

    We have a LG WM2350HWC that was working fine until we had to disconnect it to get at the shower pipes next to it. Now LE appears on it and it will not fill with water even though you can hear it trying to get in. Please help!

  22. Joe Sadurni Says:

    LE = overload in motor
    PE = water level sensor malfunction
    CE = overload in motor
    FE = water overfills due to faulty water valve
    PF = washer experienced power failure….restart
    IE = water is not adequate , water hose bent, filter inlet hose clogged
    OE = drain hose bent/clogged, drain filter clogged
    UE = load is too small, load out of balance, imbalance detected
    DE = door opened or not complete closed

  23. fash Says:

    all buttons in the control panel light up when the manchine is powered and would not work.Please what is the cause and way out

  24. Joe Sadurni Says:

    Does the start/pause button blink also? Depending on some models, go to the end of cycle button and press. That will reset washer or dryer. Then check the water filter or exit hose drain and make sure drain in no higher than 3 feet from ground (washer). Check for dirty lint filter or clogged vent pipe(dryer). hope this works…

  25. Ahmed shaker jber Says:

    Hi, my LG washing machine (F1068QDP2) has a problem that when i connect the MK plug and before pressing power button , LEDs on the program selector button starts to be on (lights is on ; not alwayus all ) and after i power on the washing machine i cant choose the program i want ,and during the hall period of washing lights on and of randomly.

  26. Ahmed shaker jber Says:

    Hi, my LG washing machine (F1068QDP2) has a problem that when i connect the MK plug and before pressing power button , LEDs on the program selector button starts to be on (lights is on ; not always all ) and after i power on the washing machine i cant choose the program i want ,and during the hall period of washing lights on and of randomly.

  27. Ahmed shaker jber Says:

    Hi, my LG washing machine (F1068QDP2) has a problem that when i connect the MK plug and before pressing power button , LEDs on the program selector button starts to be on (lights is on ; not always all )

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