Troubleshooting the Microwave: Potential Problems


    Most everyone has a microwave in their home these days and we depend on them for many different things. But what do you do when your microwave goes on the fritz? How can you tell what is wrong with your microwave and how to fix it when it isn’t working properly? Nobody wants to pay a lot of money for a good microwave only to have problems with it later and have to spend a lot of money taking it to the repair shop. Some people don’t want to spend the expense of a repair so they just go and buy a new microwave, often purchasing a cheap one that only later has more problems. If you can learn some simple troubleshooting issues with your microwave, you may be able to save yourself a lot of time and money.


Often there are simple problems that occur with your microwave that can be fixed without a lot of time or money and you can have your microwave oven working like new again. Here are some troubleshooting tips and guidelines to help you if you are having trouble with your microwave or you find that it is not working properly.
First it is important that you learn the proper safety precautions because repairing a microwave can be very dangerous. You should always be sure:

  1. The appliance is not plugged in
  2. You don’t touch any wiring or components until you discharge the high voltage capacitor
  3. Don’t work alone
  4. Remove watches and other jewelry

How to perform an RF leakage test
It may be needed for you to perform an RF leakage test. Most amateurs and even many professionals do not own an RF leakage meter. You can get one at appliance and electronic parts suppliers, costing from about $10.00 up to many hundreds of dollars for the certified models used at the professional level. You can find inexpensive RF detection devices at many retail stores such as Wal-Mart and Radio Shack.
Troubleshooting Common Problems
If your microwave does not work at all and you know everything is plugged in properly and the outlet is functioning, then check your fuses and your door switch. If the internal fuse or thermal fuse is blown you will need a professional to help you replace it. You should also check the door hooks and the door release button. If they are broken, your microwave will not work.
If your microwave looks and sounds normal but isn’t producing any heat, you should check the internal door switches, the high voltage circuitry and the circuit board for problems. You will need a certified technician to help you make these repairs.
If you are unable to adjust the power level, there may be a defective triac or a problem with the circuit board. If the carousel inside your microwave won’t turn when you run it, the small motor that operates it may be broken.
If the display flickers but it does not affect how the microwave heats, then you don’t need to worry about it. But if you are having display flickering and it is affecting the way your microwave operates, you may have a more serious problem in the microwave cabinet.
If your microwave buzzes loudly and produces no heat you probably have a defective power diode, magnetron or high voltage capacitor. These are all things that can be replaced or repaired by a qualified technician.
These are just a few common microwave problems that you may face and what the likely cause is. You will ultimately need to take your microwave to a qualified, certified repair shop to have it fixed if there is something seriously wrong with it that is causing it not to heat or function properly.

205 Responses to “Troubleshooting the Microwave: Potential Problems”

  1. jeff elms says:

    JVM1653SHO1 Runs for 5 seconds then shuts down and asks me to reset time , date etc. continues to ask me this evertime I reset. This unit is a little over 1 year old. The problem is not in the troubleshooting section of the manual. I bought this unit a little over one year ago at home depot in Eugene ore a little over 1 year ago. My wife Sandra De Board paid for it. Serial # ZG901234B.

  2. appliancejournal says:

    Jeff, I’m afraid it sounds like the power control module is bad. The new module retails for about $155, APP has it for $129:

    I believe mfg warranty on this microwave is only one year, so I don’t think GE will pick up the tab on this one, but do check with them just in case. You can try replacing the module, or purchase a new microwave. Over the range microwaves start at about $280-$350 and can go up to $1000 depending on brand/features. Microwave installation is typically $35-$50.

    Hope this helps.


  3. John Berry says:

    I have a fairly new whirlpool microwave that runs find except it doesn’t heat. I took it to the repair shop and they said that it worked fine, He replaced a few things and I brought it home and it worked on a couple of items and I went to use it the next day and it ran but didn’t heat any suggestions Thanks John

    • Gerry George says:

      Hello John, I’ve had continuously-effective service from my Breville 850 Microwave Oven, aged three years, until just now when – in the midst of attempting to cook a salmon steak – every time I removed it from the oven it was still cold and uncooked.

      I’ve only ever used my model on Automatic, so the other settings are foreign to me, but – as a last resort – I turned- forward the power control knob, and tried again, but clearly heat still wasn’t being generated in the interior.

      I was thinking of dumping this useless piece of kit in the garbage – and then replacing it with an up-to-date model – but then, when I considered the dying-gasp it gave, just before it pegged-out, I thought that Euthanasia for a loyal Microwave might not exactly be *Cricket*, or indeed the way forward ?

      Can you say how much the shop cost to get your own similarly afflicted Microwave Oven going again, please ?

  4. appliancejournal says:


    – What’s the microwave model number?
    – What was replaced at the repair shop? Check your receipt.


  5. Cheryl Hibdon says:

    I also have a GE JVM1653SHO1 which would shut down after about 5 seconds and I would have to reset everything. My problem is this unit sat in my garage for about 6 months before we had it installed. It quit on us after about 7 months, which was past the one-year warranty. Is the part something that we can order and install ourselves or do we need to pay for the part and labor to install it? This really stinks.

  6. appliancejournal says:

    Cheryl, check out the appliance repair forum

  7. Sandra Barnett says:

    I have a Whirlpool microwave. yesterday it started just coming on by itself when the door is closed. And if it won’t come on, I can push up on the door and it will. If I leave the door closed, it will at times, just come on by itself. Can you tell me what’s wrong? Thank you

    • Brad Holthe says:

      My Whirlpool microwave is doing the same and similar things. It seems to be something wrong with the switch(es) that are activated/deactivated by closing/opening the door.
      Did you ever get an answer to your question?

  8. Rachael Herring says:

    I have Whirlpool Gold microwave, Model GT4175SP that I purchased from Appliances Connection, June, 2012. Also, bought the trim kit for installing above wall oven, plus paid to have it installed. Total: $563.
    Knew was expensive, but expected it to last for at least 10yrs as other microwaves have always lasted much longer than that.
    Unfortunately, began smelling something burning. Double checked to be sure no food on surface or turntable. Kept smelling, more investigation showed the spindle looks charred and the part of the plastic turntable support is melted. Help?

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  10. They also bring 1-year warranties on parts as well as labor,
    and also an exclusive 10-year guarantee on its
    magnetron components. You could discover your
    old microwave very soon heads to a great property.
    These guys undertake a collection of clinical exams in order to
    guarantee that these guys sanitize effectively.

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  12. Felicity says:

    I have LG Microwave. Only 4 years old.
    Everything works except doesn’t heat up.

  13. lowell says:

    I have Kenmore above stove microwave and it worked until last nite when the power went off. after the power came on 2 hours later it would not work only the lite in the door would work. now today there is no power in it at all. There is power to the outlet . could a power surge have done the damage? Can you help me?

    • Robby says:

      I have a very similar problem with my above the stove microwave. It can be cooking for a few minutes then go completely dead. An hour later it comes back on. I believe it must be overheating and shutting itself down.

    • peter says:

      same prob whats the solution and did it work for you… expense??

    • Shirley White says:

      I have a GE microwave: The panel does not light up or function in any way. When I open the door the inside light does work. We had a storm rain, lighting and thunder while I was using the microwave. The lights flickered and the microwave went off.

      Is the panel fried?

  14. Tina says:

    I have a whirlpool oven range and it’s less than a year old. When I set my micro and then press start the display window says door and wont run.

  15. Paula says:

    Have a Kenmore over stove Microwave S/N 401.80092700. The hight bulb bruns out about once every 3 months………What can I do to stop this from happening over and over again.

  16. Tom says:

    Rival microwave shuts down by itself every 30 min without use then beeps then turns of then does again

  17. Mort says:

    Rival microwave shuts down by itself every 30 min without use then beeps then turns of then does again

  18. Gabby says:

    GE JVM1400Wh01. After cooking on the stove and not using the exhaust fan, the microwave stopped working and I broke the glass dish after washing it. I
    I replaced the ceramic fuse, it started right up, but the fuse blew out after I test ran it for 3 minutes.

    • Ivan says:

      Blown fuse is a common issue, this may be an intermittent safety switch.

      There are at least three micro-switches actuated by the door mechanism. Normally one of these switches activates the circuit for powering the magnetron when the door is shut; however, that switch can fail, so to ensure that the magnetron never comes on when the door is open, another switch in that same door switch assembly will short the power to the magnetron (and blow the fuse) if power is ever supplied to the magnetron while it thinks the door is open.

      These switches, and the plastic assembly that holds them in place takes a lot of abuse, and many many cycles. It will fail given enough time (or enough kitchen grease). This is one of the most common problems I have found with discarded microwaves.

      The switches can fail shorted (failure to open when it is supposed to), and the switches can fail open (failure to close when it is supposed to). Additionally the failure can be intermittent, and can even be due to the mechanical alignment of the switches to the actuator assembly on the door. Furthermore, some of the switches are normally closed (usually the “crowbar circuit” switch is normally closed), and some of them (to provide power to the magnetron for example) are normally open, which make the circuit complete only when the door is closed. Most of the switches are single throw, infrequently I see double throw switches. The function of the switch connector is usually molded into the plastic of the switch (normally means when the actuator is not depressed)

      C: common
      N.O. or NO: normally opened
      N.C or NC: normally closed

      So depending on which switch has failed, and how it failed (shorted or open), many different issues with your microwave can manifest. Including things like:

      the light doesn’t come on when I open the door
      the fan comes on when I open the door,
      the fuse is blown when power is supplied to the magnetron
      everything seems fine but no magnetron heat

      There are other problems that can cause the issue that you listed, like a shorted secondary on the high voltage transformer, a failing magnetron, a failing high voltage capacitor, and probably many others, but these problems are harder to diagnose and more expensive to fix.

      Often, the failed switch will no longer act right (wont click when the plunger is depressed manually) and the diagnosis can be made without even using a multi-meter.

      So diagnosing the problem is as simple as checking these switches, but what a PITA. Manufacturers of counter-top microwaves use security screws like a T-15 or more commonly a T-20 (to prevent the unenlightened from opening the unit, and rightly so, as the magnetron uses ~4000V DC when it is operating, and the voltage doubler circuit that makes this voltage [specifically the 2100VAC capacitor] will in some cases remain dangerous for days after the unit is unplugged), and is always to be considered deadly until it is manually discharged. If the unit is above the stove they normally don’t have security screws but it is even more difficult to access the circuitry as the unit must be uninstalled to inspect or service it.

      If it is one of these common micro-switch failures, the switch that failed is probably worth about $1.00, but you will pay a lot more than that if you buy a replacement online. Junk microwaves are common and the switch you need is probably in there as they all use the same type of switches since about the 80’s

      Additional Hints:

      If you don’t have the security torq screwdriver, you can easily break the security tab off of the fastener and subsequently use a normal torq driver.

      Never assume that the high voltage circuit is safe (the few wires which connect the high voltage transformer, the mounted capacitor, the magnetron cathode heater and HV diode).

      To make the dangerous HV circuit safe, one must short both sides of the HV capacitor to chassis ground with a well insulated probe that is shunted to the chassis (ground). (I short each side of the HV capacitor more than once just because I already made it to 50 but still want to make it to 100).

      A person familiar with operating a multi-meter can diagnose and fix most common problems without even touching the HV circuit. At times, the problem can be identified by just inspecting the wiring and connectors for obvious problems.

      If the problem is not the door switches, or some other obvious wiring fault like a burnt up connector (fairly common), then the problem becomes much harder to safely diagnose, as faults in the high voltage doubler circuitry are also somewhat common, but special testing and safety equipment is needed to check the HV components.

      Take your time when removing the microswitch from the plastic switch assembly, these cheap plastic parts are often brittle and will break easily when a switch is pried on. I have best luck when I remove the entire assembly from the chassis before I try to replace a switch. It often only requires the removal of a couple of screws to get this entire switch assembly out of the chassis. After removing the fasteners, most manufacturers also have the assembly clipped with slides that require one to push the assembly up to unhook or remove it. It is much easier to replace the switches when this assembly is out of the chassis.

      Upon reassembly, make sure you get the switches and their actuator assembly positioned in exactly the right location as misalignment can cause the same problems as a failed switch, including abnormal operation or blowing another fuse, and there is plenty of room for error here depending on how much the door assembly is worn or misaligned.

      Remember, safety first, do not attempt to service a microwave oven unless
      you are prepared to be safe around the deadly high voltage that magnetrons use. Still, it can’t hurt to take a look inside the chassis in some cases the problem is evident and easy to correct.

      I hope this helps anyone who has the gumption to open their microwave oven. -Ivan

      • Junior says:

        Microwave works, heats up ,however when we shut the door without microwave being in use, it makes a load humming sound n shorts out (turns completely off, no power). After about 5 – 10 min it comes back on. So we have to leave the door open at all times when not in use n the interior light is always on. Please help, what could it be?

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  20. I have a Whirlpool over range microwave 2 years old TR01017538 recently was cooking on the stove steam was going up when I went use the microwave it made a loud noise and a sparking sound I unplugged it just recently plugged it back in the clock and exhaust fan still work microwave doesn’t……..Do you think it shorted out and can it be fixed or cheaper to get a new one.

  21. Pamela says:

    I have a Frigidaire Microwave, Model FFCE2278LS. A few days ago, it would run every time I opened the door. Researched this issue and it may have been a Door Switch issue. Now all of a sudden, the button panel works but nothing happens inside the microwave except that the light inside turns on. Have a feeling that it might be cheaper to purchase a new microwave. This is very sad because my son bought this for me 3 years ago. It replaced an original, huge microwave that I had that was about 30 years old (never had any issues with this one). So can someone please let me know if it’s cheaper to purchase a new microwave? Thanks so much!

    • Ivan says:

      I would ensure that the door switch assembly is positioned correctly and has not shifted since it was last repaired.

      Yes, new microwave ovens are less expensive than a repair job in most cases.

      Often the repair is replacing a $1.00 switch, but we citizens of this once great country have chosen to source our products (and know-how) from over-seas, and choose to discard instead of repairing.

      Unfortunately the products are not only less expensive, but they are also made cheaply… oh so f-in cheap! Thin gauge metal, bent tabs instead of fasteners, aluminum transformer coils. these products trade efficiency and reparable utility for economy and disposability. It is a surprise that some last more than a couple of years.

      I marvel at the quality and substantial nature of products formerly made here in the U.S. Comparing these old microwave ovens to the products now stocking our shelves makes me want to cry. Take a few apart and you will immediately see what I mean.

      What happened to my country, where did the quality go and why can’t I find a good job? I think you would agree that these issues are related.

      I’m keeping my old microwave oven until I can no longer find parts for it. At least I won’t dent it by leaning on it.

      I took a Kitchen-aid apart a while back and determined that they make a pretty good microwave oven. Maybe not as substantial as the older U.S. products, but still a quality design and obviously made to be repaired. I don’t know who manufactures these for Kitchen Aid, or where they are built, but I would be very surprised if they are made here in the U.S.

      I regret dismantling that almost new, above the counter, shiny stainless steel fascia microwave, as I could have fixed it (bad magnetron); however, I was on a mission, a project that needed many magnets, and repair was not in the cards.

      Regards, -Ivan

  22. GE convenince microwave says:

    my microwave won’t start all the time. some times it starts and other times it doesn’t. Is there a reprogramming I should do?

    • Rich Hoinacki says:

      my microwave won’t start all the time. some times it starts and other times it doesn’t. Is there a reprogramming I should do?

  23. will says:

    my whirlpool microvave is beeping and we are not using it. we open the door and we unplug it but it is still beeping. It is only 2 yrs old

  24. Larry Linville says:

    I have a whirlpool over the range microwave. After setting the time to heat and I press
    the start button it says door and wont do anything. Its only 13 mo. Old. Any suggestions?

    • Ivan says:

      The door switch is bad or door switch assembly is misaligned.

      Failed switch (one of three in the door switch assembly), so the microprocessor is detecting that the door is still open and therefore will not turn the microwave on.

      The micro-switch, a $1.00 part (sold online for ~ $7.50 + shipping), will take less than 20 minutes to replace it if you have the correct tools.

    • linda Selter says:

      Larry you may have to ask Margaret (hot lips) to help you.

  25. Jim says:

    I have a GE lvm1750dp2ww Microwave and the start/pause and the 30 second button on the keypad stopped working. Everything else seems to work.

    • Ivan says:

      Check the connector where the flex circuit enters the controller board. Careful, there is often a retention clip.

      These flex keyboards use a thin silver coating or carbon impregnated polymer in the flexible tail, and can corrode where they terminate. Also, the connector that the flex circuit keypad connects into sometime fails, or the built in flex ckt. retainer comes unclipped. I did see one where the connector on the controller board was physically broken. I guess that it could also be bad solder where the flex connector is soldered to the u-processor board, but this would be uncommon.

      Also, if there was a lot of water the flex ckt, itself could have been damaged, or ff a blunt instrument was used on the keypad then the keypad ckt itself could be damaged. Normally the keyboard flex ckt can not be procured separately but is purchased with the controller assembly.

      Regards, – Ivan

      If everything is unbroken, gently clean the terminal end of the flex circuit with a pencil eraser, reassemble, and try again.

  26. Gary Wheeler says:

    I have a G.E. microwave Model JVM1640BJ 03 and it does not heat. It comes on and sound likes the magnetron is working but doesn’t heat I replaced it and the capacitor,High voltage and diode and it still doesn’t heat and has a hot burning smell please help.

  27. James Price says:

    I have a Kenmore Elite Model 88523 Microwave. The light is on within the unit that would suggest the door is open. While the clock functions work, the unit will not turn on to heat.

    • T says:

      This is exactly what has happened to my Kenmore Elite and it’s only 3 yrs old. I wish someone would have answered your question.

  28. JR says:

    I have a Kenmore over the range micro wave, model 40185053310. The problem im having is the unit doesn’t stop cooking when the timer reaches 0, I can hear the fan shut off, but the unit keeps buzzing and continues cooking. Ive tested this with a cup of water. It stops buzzing when i open the door. but soon as i close the door it starts buzzing and cooking without pressing start. any suggestions?

    • Doug says:

      I have the same problem with my Maytag over the range microwave model #MMV4205BAQ, it continues to cook after the timer, fan and light shut off. Did you figure out what was wrong with yours? I’m suspecting a bad control board.

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  30. Eric says:

    I have a maytag over the range microwave. went to bed with light on. the light was off in the morning. keypad seams to be working properly. but nothing turns on. no fan,no heat,no light. you can set clock and all controls work. if set cook timer it will count down two seconds and go back to time of day.i check fuse. its good.

  31. My granddaughter gave me a GEProfile microwave,but not the instruction book. I can’t figure out how to defrost or cook or anything. Any suggestions? Thanks

  32. Jay Seifried says:

    LG LMV1813SW just stopped working. When trying to cook, timer counts down, light inside oven comes on, but turntable does NOT turn and no heating is occurring. I’m quite comfortable with buying parts online and replacing them, but what part is likely defective? Would it likely be the magnetron? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

  33. Vu says:

    I have a microwave oven built in whirlpool gold model GMC305PRS01 , problem when I turn on microwave it is not working , on the screen appear the world DOOR , I check the door completely close, it is still same problem , anyone know what happen please help me, thank

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  35. Johnny says:

    i have GE microwave it light up count down when door’ is close but wheel don’t spin and sign blank indicating door is not close but it is and when I press on button little to open door it start up and start heat for minute or two then stop . Do think it’s sensor ?

  36. useless blogs says:

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    • Patrick Stack says:

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      Save yourself time and problems and send to Repairman straightaway is this guys
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  37. James Catoe says:

    My Samsung microwave will not turn off. I have to plug it in to cook foods, then unplug from wall socket or it keeps “humming”. Humming sound stops when I open door to remove food, but when door is closed, it keeps humming and microwave will not shut off.

  38. bob trachtenberg says:

    our over the range GE microwave accidentally ran for one hour without anything in the oven. Now none of the screens show anything-all blank. Checked circuit breaker but still blank. Does it pay to have technician check it out? thank you

  39. Dee says:

    I know this article is a few years old, but if anyone could offer some advice- I have an over-the-stove GE microwave. It is quite a few years old, but I would like to get it fixed because it broke when it was less than 2 years old. My mother put a measuring cup with soapy water in the microwave to heat it up… The fuse blew. After she moved out, I attempted to clean the microwave and try to run it. It will start but after a few seconds the fuse will blow. I would like to have it fixed because there is very limited counter space in the kitchen. I am concerned about the cost to fix it… Or, is it something I can fix? Thank you in advance.

  40. Michael says:

    Have a GE JVM1950 over the range microwave that comes on every time the door is opened even though it was not set to be on. Works well for heat and time when it is programed to heat. Any suggestions for a fix?

  41. Wil says:

    I have a overange magic chef model mco153uwf. All lights and display on bit no buttons wrk what could be problem thank u

  42. Mary Anne says:

    I have a small Whirlpool microwave that suddenly won’t work and has a code “lo c” — No buttons work. Thanks.

  43. Donna McLaughlin says:

    Have GE sensor microwave oven model jvm6175df1ww. Less than a year old. Spilled a large cup of coffee inside after moping up the mess the turntable no longer rotates. When we press the on/off turntable button no error message shows. The microwave still works except for the turntable. Any ideas?

  44. George Sadowski says:

    My Kenmore micro comes on as soon as the door is closed. Bad micro switch?

  45. Vicky says:

    We jusr replaced the handle on a Whirlpool Gold Velos GH7208XR. While doing it we noticed the black wire that comes thru the door was cut. We spliced it and taped with electrical tape. Put the door on but now only get a beep at 5-10 sec interval. No other function. What could be the issue?

  46. Pat says:

    I have a fairly new GE microwave that starts to make a vibrating noise about 2-3 minutes into the cooking cycle. If I push on different areas of the door it stops. Also sometimes I hear an arcing sound for a second that then it stops.

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  49. Nikki says:

    I have a Whirlpool Gold microwave. Everything works, but lately the clock has stopped keeping time. I’ll reset the clock and it will not keep the right time.

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  51. kathy says:

    I have a maytag over the stove microwave you cannot not set it it says either se or 5e

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  54. Edy says:

    I have an over the range Whirlpool Microwave. The Fan does not work. Fan does not want to start when I press the FAN button. It has 2 speeds, it’ll show the speed, but not start. What can I do to fix this problem>

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  59. I have a Whirlpool Microwave that has a ticking sound when it is running. Doesn’t tick/popping all the time while running. It still heats the food.

  60. Richard Lester says:

    Our microwave beeps and the light flashes when we are not using it. It is a Samsung. Any ideas?

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  62. Kelly Spaar says:

    I have a Whirlpool gold microwave that stopped working all of a sudden. There are no lights lit on the panel. I tried checking the plug, and also checked the breaker. The outlet works where it is plugged in to. Any other suggestions I could try?

  63. Anonymous says:

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  66. Dale Ferguson says:

    I have a Whirlpool under cabinet microwave. The door shuts light on turntable running. Console says close door, cant enter anything. Can you help

  67. Jose Puig says:

    Se hace a sansum micro 2 yrs old. While watching tv, the micro started beeping very loud. The only way to to keep it from beeping was to disconnesctef. After a while se reconnected and after a brift momento the beeping stop. Againg it ststedbeeping. Any ideas?

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  70. Debbie says:

    I have a whirpool microwave and the carousel pops when turning. Could there be a broken spring that is what it sounds like

  71. Lawanda says:

    I have a He microwave it heat up good but only run for a minute or two some but get the food hot shuts off after a minute or 2 but it cook the food what can I do

  72. Justin says:

    I have a kenmore microwave and the fan runs nearly constantly. It will shut off periodically for a few minutes but then turns back on. Any ideas what it might be?

  73. Yvette says:

    Hello could you please answer my question. I. have a counter top microwave oven Whirlpool model # MW7500XW-O. This is what happens. I set the timer ,then I press start the light comes on, the table does not turn nor is their any sound the food is not being cooked. Once the time expires the finish beep sounds. Could you please tell me what I should do about this. Problem. Thank. You

  74. Pat says:

    Bought a Samsung over the range type; two months ago. It heats for under 3 minutes and automatically stops. The repair man has replaced all major parts and the problem not resolved. Any suggestions about the problem?

  75. red says:

    I have a whirlpool mh8150xjb0 , it powers on but when I press start it blows a fuse, any suggestions

  76. Leigh anne says:

    I have a ge microwave worked fine till the fuse blew. I replaced the fuse now has power but does not heat

  77. Khan says:

    Hi, I have Beaukmark microwave model EM031ABZ-P. It will keep running all the time. It will only stop working when you open the door. As soon as you close the door it will start working. Can someone can help me. Is it motherboard problem? How to reset the mother board? Display will show 0:00

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  82. tim brown says:

    i have a GE microwave model # je1465h01 made in 1989 it will be running and then just cut off the light still on and timer counting down i will open door to stop counter and open and close door a couple of times and it resumes working. i like cooking baked potatos in there but it will not cook for 7 minutes without shutting off multiple times can someone please help

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  84. Dawn says:

    I have a maytag over the stove microwave. There is power to the microwave but it won’t start. Does anyone have a remedy for this?

  85. Tina Layfield says:

    My mom’s microwave is a brand new GE that we just got from Wal-mart. She said she has pushed the other buttons and the word “food” just pops up and stays there and the other buttons don’t work. What can we check?

  86. Kurtis says:

    We have a kenmore, probably 5 or more years old no model name only other info is its all black, has a quick touch with 6 selection in of axis ovals, and a 1000 watts button.

    The problem:
    Before today we had no problems, I used the microwave for a 49 second pizza warm up, threw 2 more slices in for another 40 and at 32 seconds or 8 seconds running I heard a sound not to loud, but it was audible when it happened.

    Then the power cut out.COMPLETLY!
    No clock, no timer, nothing!

    I checked the outlet, fuse box, and then the microwave in different outlets.
    The outlet worked the fuses were fine and the microwave wouldn’t work in any outlet.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  89. Clara Stephens says:

    I have amagic chef microwave buttons 5_9 waht push 1_4 works fine 0 works and all the rest just no 5_9 what can I do to get um working

  90. C.wood says:

    GE microwave . Every time I plug in it keeps tripping all test/reset button outlets in kitchen and won’t come on. I have tried plugging in all sockets in kitchen but same thing happens.. What’s going on here!!!!

  91. PB says:

    My Samsung microwave dosen’t restart when the door is closed. Once the timer is set it starts to heat, but inbetween if I open and close the door, the microwave dosen’t restart. I have to press the start button again. Earlier this was not happening, it used to restart again when just the door was closed. Also now I can see an exclamation mark above the time. Please help to let me know why this is happening…

  92. Jean says:

    This is funny I have had two go out in the past fwew months one was used so it didn’t matter. One was used but only used a few times its name was elite is was in pristine condition my friend needed a bigger one and she only used it about 15 times I used it for about two months!! I have had one tha my parents bought me on 1986 and I used it at home all the time for several years I needed one in my office and it has been used there by several of us since 1992…. Know what that says! Everything isn’t worth a damn anymore doesn’t ,platter what you paid, especially if it’s made in China which so much is now everything from clothing to electronics are CRAP!

  93. Brenda Fiedler says:

    My Ge over the stove microwave model# JMV1750SM1SS is heating at too high a temperature. The glass plate broke in several pieces while making popcorn, & now it is burning every thing we put in there.

  94. Marina says:

    I have an oster microwave an it just displays 6666 an I touch the bottoms but nothing happens. Help pls

  95. Pam says:

    I have a GE Advantium Model SCB2001CSS 03. I just used it to heat a cup of water for tea, and when the timer finished, the unit continued to hum, and heat. When I opened the door it stopped, but when I closed the door it continued. I flipped the breaker, just in case, because it seems it would get VERY hot, and seems unsafe. What is wrong with it?

  96. Jennifer says:

    I have a Kenmore Smart Touch sensor microwave. Oddly, this evening, it was running with the door open! I had finished cooking time, opened the door to retrieve the food but the microwave kept running and the turntable was turning. I tried it again and it happened. Any ideas???????

  97. Chris says:

    I have a Panasonic genius inverter few years old. The turntable has been replaced on a house call under warranty, now the keypad doesn’t start. It turns on and you can set the dial but the keypad button doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  98. Victoria says:

    I have a sharp microwave r-402jkf its about 10 yrs old that beeps for 1 min every morning at 5:59 am. It started doing that about a month ago. Is it an alarm that I activated somehow and how do I stop it from beeping ?

    • Nora says:

      My Whirlpool WMH53520CW over range microwave beeps even when unplugged! It goes off every 15-20 sec & I’m going nuts! Have tried shutting down breakers and it even beeps then! Help before they take me out on a stretcher!

  99. Kathy says:

    I have GE model-jet322-001 microwave-convection oven for about 29 yrs. never had a problem with it until now. It was cooking some vegetables when it just went pop and shut off. It’s been about 3 days now and nothing goes on when I plug it in. Is it worth fixing?

    • Questscape says:

      Seems like we both have similar problems …
      Look up how to change a ‘fuse’ and try that … I haven’t done it ‘yet’ myself … but if I can find this site again … I’ll let you know how I did…
      Good Luck – Oh, don’t get it fixed – they charge at least $60.00 an hour for repairs – Do the ‘math’ !!!—
      Take Care

  100. Questscape says:

    Hi There…
    I have a 28 year old microwave that has been serving me fine until an electrical storm this afternoon.
    Everything comes on but I can’t seem to set anything. While I watch the light flash – As soon as I try to set anything – then the flashing ‘0’ goes out.
    I have been trying to ‘re-boot’ it from the wall fuse – It comes back on but same old thing happens – nothing … even though all lights are working !
    Guess I’m going to have to empty my entire fridge to un plug it and try to ‘re-boot’ it from the wall … Yup…I went and plugged it in ‘behind’ the damn fridge…
    If all else fails … at least I found a ‘fuse’ for the microwave and looked up how to change it –
    If you have any ‘tips’ of what I can do otherwise …
    Please let me know …
    or just wish me ‘luck’ – LOL !!!—
    What ‘next’ !!!—

  101. Brent Riley says:

    Has 00 0 00 00 on it what do I do

  102. Chelsea Masoni says:

    On my microwave, it only shows the whole minutes or hours. If it is 4:45 it will just show 4:00 and I cannot enter seconds so if I need to cook something for 1:30 I need to put 2:00 and estimate when it has been 1:30. This is happening for my clock, cooking time, and timer.

    Any suggestions on how to solve this?

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  104. Brian says:

    I may have an odd case. My Samsung smh1713w over the stove top has started acting up. At first it powered off completely when we closed the door too hard, and for several days we searched sites like this one for answers. I ended up replacing the line fuse, reseating the ribbon cable into the control panel, and adjusting a loose wire on one of the thermal fuses. Since then, it worked fine until my mother again closed the door a bit too sharply. Then it powered down again. This time I forgot to unplug it before removing the top access. When I shook it getting the access panel off, it lit up again and worked perfectly again.

    I’ve since deduced that my problem is somehow linked to a cluster of black insulated wires just above the control panel directly above where the thermostat control board grounds out. If I jiggle this bundle of wires, in any direction, I hear a clicking noise like the light toggle on an old fridge, and power either goes out completely or is completely restored. The noise seems to be coming from behind the workings, somewhere below the high voltage capacitor.

    I notice one of these black wires connects to the topmost door switch, and the others are spread about the various switches and panels. Does this sound like I have a loose wire to a switch, a switch that is going out, or something more expensive located further in? I’m leery of taking this down and removing anything serious as I’d prefer not to mess with the high voltage capacitor if I can avoid it, but I understand how to ground it out correctly with a resistor if I need to. It is out of warranty, so I’d have to do it or pay for it myself.

    • Lisa says:

      Question. Just bought reconditioned microwave. When heating items at 100 percent power, the microwave will heat/run for a while, then stop running while timer continues to count down, them aftet a little bit it starts running again. All the while, the timer continues to count down. It seems like its in defrost mode but i am using express cool buttons. Is this normal? I cant take it back because my kids tore up the box.

      • Omega says:

        Did you ever find the solution to this? I just bought a hamilton microwave a week ago that started doing exactly what you’re describing. Worked fine till now.

  105. Justin says:

    Wife told me today the microwave went out. She said she was running the timer and heard a pop. She said the microwave was hot and there was a soder like smell. how would anything have blowen when the timer was running?

  106. Mike says:

    I have a relatively old built in Kitchenaid microwave. The start button works intermittently. It will turn on the machine after a number of tries. Once it gets going it operates perfectly, but getting it to turn on is a challenge. Any ideas?

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  108. scott says:

    I have a Panasonic microwave that heats (keypad, timer and sound work) but the fan, turn table and light don’t. Problems started after a couple power outages. I spent about an hour poking around inside and found that the non fan and light are seeing 6v ac. I checked the 2 switches (no & nc) on the door release, they are ok. The door latch switch doesn’t want to come out as easy so it wasn’t tested. I’m assuming it’s ok as the unit won’t function with the door open. I don’t know where to find the model number. It’s probably 10-15 years old, has a single board behind the keypad. Any suggestions appreciated.

    • Gary says:

      My 20 year old Panasonic NN-S766 just had the exact same symptoms after making a loud pop while cooking after 5 minutes. I opened it up, checked the 3 door switches and fuse with a multimeter and found no issues. Nothing burned or broken either. Given it’s age and questionable door seal (burn marks), I tossed it out and got a new oven with more features and stainless steel trim for $100 (paid $160 for Panasonic in 1996). I had to remove an overheated tab and solder the wire to the power transformer about 5 years ago after the oven heated intermittently. Otherwise it was a great oven. I would not invest much time or money into your oven.

  109. Ed says:

    I have a Magic Chef micro wave. It works fine, cooks fine, cook timer works. Starting yesterday the clock zeroes out after a few minutes. I reset it to the correct time and the next time I’m in the kitchen it reads :0 again. Any thoughts?

  110. Diane says:

    I have Hamilton Beech Microwave anyone ever hear of out side surface getting hot while in use? The oven and settings work perfect.

  111. Leo. L says:

    I have a oster microwave that was working fine untill last nightlaNow the microwave does not let me set time to cook. Anyone knows what it could be? Thanks

  112. Mike P says:

    I have an LG over the stove MW that has just started acting very strange. While cooking the light inside will go off and on intermittently. At the same time, the the turntable will stop turning and it appears that the m/w has stopped cooking. After a few seconds the light will come back on, the turntable starts turning and the unit appears to be cooking again. (What I mean by it appears to stop cooking is that it acts like I had programmed something to defrost and the cooking power will turn on and off during the cycle). Hope this makes sense to someone out there. This unit is 3-4 years old and has never given us any trouble. Thanks

  113. Bob R says:

    Hi I’m glad to find this informative source.
    We have a GE Profile over-the-stove microwave & rack. PVM1870SM3SS manufactured August 2010. It has been misbehaving for a few days.
    We have electricity at plug but the panel is dark. I went in & found 2 fuses on the 2″ logic board – saw nothing wrong – prodded things – put it back together & after a few minutes unit came on asking for CLOCK. I set clock & it was nice – until I tried to use it – started but then displayed “ATTENTION – POWER WENT OFF DURING COOKING – PRESS CLOCK” so I set clock again.
    Should I replace both 250V 20A fuses on the logic board?
    Are there other fuses I haven’t seen?
    Are there capacitors & such I need to look at?

  114. meg laudicina says:

    my Samsung microwave gets extremely hot/overheated underneath when nightlight on it is used. Even after only a few seconds. had service rep come out and he said the bulb was defective so I replaced it and nothing changed. Still gets extremely hot/overheated underneath and I’m afraid of fire.

  115. Nadine Ward says:

    Hi, I have an over the range Whirlpool microwave. It was working fine this morning, and suddenly the Start and Cancel buttons won’t work on the keypad. All the other buttons seem to work fine. The clock is working and inside light is on when the door opens. What can I do to get my microwave back working again? Thank you!!!

    • Jackie Burtny says:

      I have a Maytag over the stove microwave. The key pad will only work if I push 5 or 9. When pushing reheat and it tells me to push 2 it will work then,and only then. Is there something I can do to fix this?

  116. zac says:

    My Panasonic E281BM microwave works fine, but makes a continuous, quiet buzzing noise whenever it’s plugged in – regardless of whether it’s operating or not, or whether the door is open or closed. The noise is similar to the sound a computer makes when accessing a hard drive.

    Any thoughts on what that might be?

  117. jaya says:

    i have recently purchsed IFB23sc3 convection microwave,it works finely on microwave mode but when i used the convection mode it started to making loud noise after pressing the stop button still it was making same noise,when i switched off the main plug of it,then that noise stopped.what will be the problem?

  118. Connie Bagley says:

    I found a microwave at a yard sale with some of the front door wires askew. otherwise looks like new. the wires that are out of alignment make about a 1/2 ” wide space with no wires. Not sure how the damage occurred. and not sure if I should just throw it out.
    thanks for your reply

    • Gary says:

      If you mean the grid or screen in the door window that are missing, DO NOT use that oven as the RF radiation will escape through. The door could be replaced but the cost may not be worth it as it needs to be properly tested to make sure there is no leakage. The wire screen holes in the window are too small for the microwaves to escape through. Otherwise there would not be a transparent window on the door.

  119. Becky M says:

    I have a GE JVM1430WD002 microwave. I am getting an error code of “Heat Enter Code” on the panel display. This error code is not referenced in any of the manuals and informational sheets I have found. Any insight is most welcome. Thank you.

  120. Sandy T says:

    ge spacemaker over the range microwave JVM1870BF02 won’t heat and makes noise after grandson reheated a meal wrapped in a foil wrapper. He heard a noise and arching sound.

  121. tammy thompson says:

    my microwave will not work. where the numbers light up is black will not let you press anything but when you open the door, the light comes on and the turn table turns. what could be wrong? only had it 1 week. i bought it from a friend was brand new in box was never opened

  122. Dorothy P says:

    I have a Frigidaire gallery. Model # FGMV174KFB Made in Oct of 2010. A few days ago it stopped clicking shut, you would have to hold it shut to make it function. Well now I have to push it up and in to make it run. Is it worth at 6 yrs of age to fix or just scrap it and get a new one. My last one lasted me 20 yrs so I’m a bit bummed this one is like a new born compared to that one…

    Would be greatly appreciated for some advice.

  123. i have a frigidaire microwave when i open the door the microwave starts automaticly. do you have any advice

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  125. Roger Strong says:

    I have a whirlpool M/W less that 2 years old. when we key in a time to cook then close the door. we get a message that says to open and close the door. we do that it says to do the same thing over and over…….

  126. Cindy says:

    I have a Samsung over the stove microwave
    And the start button and buttons 3 and 4 randomly
    Stopped working only 2 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  127. Linda Baine says:

    I have a Kenmore, Micro/Convection /Dehydrator oven which I bought in 1984 from Sears. I have had the magnetron replaced once in all that time, and so far it continues to work well. It is now 32 + years old.
    My question, how old does a microwave oven have to be before it is considered no longer safe to use???????

  128. Pete says:

    Kenmore Elite microwave, about 2 years old. Power to microwave is good, but when pressing START, the microwave will only sporadically work. The timer still counts down, the light goes on inside the heating area, and when it does work, it heats the food appropriately. Only problem appears to be that it is only working sporadically. What are the potential problems?

  129. Sy Walton says:

    I have a GE Over the Range JVM1443WKO2. I was defrosting some sausage when I realized that the plastic bag I had it in was steaming up so I opened the microwave door which normally turns off the power but when I closed the door it continued to cook. I took the sausage out and closed the door and it continued to hum until the power went out completely. I unplugged the microwave for about 30 minutes and when I plugged it back in the power came back on but it continues to hum so I unplugged it. What could be the problem?

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  132. Gus says:

    I have a Westinghouse Accuwave microwave (Model#GH5184XPS-4 and Serial #TR U 38 38994)
    We turn it on and after 3 seconds it stops automatically and F7 displays on the screen.

  133. Amy Rushmore says:

    I have a Frigidaire (Professional i Series) microwave oven attached to the wall behind, approx. 15″ above the oven. It has worked fine for years. Now, it has started taking a few minutes of break in-between two heating sessions. Say, I heated something for 5 minutes and needed to heat for an additional 3 minutes, or wanted to heat something else for 5 minutes after that. I have to wait for 3 or 4 minutes before I can do that because, the oven stops functioning during this period (as if, to cool down after overheating). During this inactive or cooling-off period, the panel display and the buttons do not respond normally.
    Any suggestions? Is the repair going to be as expensive as replacing the oven, or is it worth to call a technician? Is there, something I can look into or do myself (not an electrical engineer or technician)? Thanks!

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  138. Katrina says:

    I have an lg microwave and the handle cracked at the bottom and the plastic door frame split. We have beem using it a long time with the handle like this?
    The microwave turns on/fan but the turntable does not turn, therefor no heat.
    The door latches have lots of spring?

  139. GENE ZELAWSKI says:

    I replaced 1 of the 2 bulbs before unplugging the power source. as I tightened the bulb it sparked and popped. it did not shatter. I unplugged it at that point and proceeded to replace a new bulb in the other socket and plugged the power back in. the new bulb will not light in either socket. also now the fan does not work either. the micro itself and the light inside it operates fine. looking for advice on what to check or repair.
    Hotpoint micro over the stove
    model # RVM120G001
    SERIAL # DA932610S

  140. Ayne ruderman says:

    I have a knmore microwave I bought 2 months ago. All of a sudden I heard the fan blowing too speed…but it wasn’t on n when I opened it …It was getting hotter n hotter .I touch the plate n burned my finger. I had been using the timer. But no buttons were working
    I had to unplug it n I need a working microwave. What could make it hear up n start on its own?

  141. Pamela says:

    I bough a fuse for my jenn air microwave it started to work but it stopped what else can cause my microwave to stop it does absolutely nothing

  142. joey says:

    Feb 2017 Whirlpool microwave just started having a flickering non-sensical control panel? then goes to two simple glowing “:” dots. Anyway to reset or does this imply a bad board? Internal fuse?

  143. John says:

    I have a 3 year old KitchenAid Microwave. As of late, when we open the door, there is a clicking sound from the Control Panel area and the light flickers on and off. The microwave appears to be working but this seems to be not right.

    What should I be thinking as the the cause and is it worth fixing when the microwave stops working. Thanks

  144. Keri says:

    I have a frigidaire microwave and it keeps blowing a fuse when I press the start buttom. Lights and door works fine. I replaced the internal fuse but the same problem keeps happening. I think it may be the high voltage capacitor but I want verification or ideas before I replace the part.

  145. Hi,
    I have a Samsung microwave, the power is on, it starts but never makes that “load noise” where you know its on. The timer works, the light works, and counts backwards but never “heats”. I unplugged for a while but that didn’t help.

  146. Jan says:

    I have a Whirlpool Gold Wall oven/Microwave combo….the problem I am experiencing is with the microwave. I can no longer enter a cook time on the keypad….the only function for cook time is “Add a minute” and it cooks fine. The only problem is that often I want longer or less than a minute and so I have to stand there and watch it tick down and manually stop the microwave so that it won’t heat longer than I want. I tried flipping the breaker and turning it back on – hoping that it might reset the whole thing, but that did not help.
    I called for service advice and was told that I would need to schedule a service call….at the tune of $80.00. Any advice from someone who may have had the same problem would be appreciated. Thanks!

  147. Lillian says:

    I have a KitchenAid microwave 2015 – Recently, and in error, while operating the microwave I pressed the door to Open. Now the microwave does not work at all.

    Can you please suggest how this unit may be repaired? Thanks.

  148. Diane says:

    I have a 1 1/2 month old Kenmore microwave. The problems vary from the control panel shutting off per previous stories to the weirder ones.
    It had been timed for 1:20. At 1 minute the motor seemed to slow. At 1:19 it had almost stopped and then started back up again at 1:20 and a new countdown. (I didn’t cook the item longer and just hit stop.) Then, several time/”temp” buttons pushed and the vent/fan went off like a jet engine. I could feel the breeze coming from the hood out the sides and it was loud and fast. I tried every button I could think of and finally grabbed a stool to reach next to the hood and pulled the plug. On plugging it in, it worked fine again. The only reliable buttons are on the lower half of the panel … the 30 second cook button. Heat is not a problem.

  149. Marilynn says:

    I have a kitchen aid microwave model number kbms1454bss-0. I had a repairman look at it because the electrical went out and my warranty covered electrical for three and a half more years. The repairman told me I needed a fuse changed, door switches, and a cavity thermostat. The work isn’t covered, he said , because this wasn’t an electrical problem. Anyways, his quote was for 480.62$. I think I can fix these things myself. Is that a practical expectation and is he right that I will need the door switches and thermostat or is that something he’s adding in the quote just in case I need them? Thank you for your precious time in advance!

  150. Chuck says:

    ge profile spacemaker 1800 model JVM1860BD001 makes a humming noise all the time, clock works, NOTHING else

  151. Evgeniya Yarina says:

    My microwave making noize even after the work is done. It only shut down when I unplug it . It is from GE . Model JVM6175SF1SS. How to fix it? What is the problem?

  152. Annabelle says:

    I have a Black and Decker microwave, though I’m not sure of the model number since I’m blind and can’t see. The problem I’m having is one I’ve never experienced until a few nights ago. I’ve only had this microwave since January of this year, so it’s not even 6 months old. Normally when I cook pasta, it takes twelve minutes with no problems. However, when I went to put the meatballs in after cooking the pasta, my microwave started automatically making that changing click and hum, like the one you hear when you have your microwave on 50% power. This is when I didn’t touch any buttons to make that adjustment, as I don’t know which button it is, since I didn’t put Braille on anything but the buttons for the numbers 0-9, the start button, and the stop and clear button. Could it be perhaps that I didn’t give it enough time to cool down between sessions? What do I do next? I cook pasta for 12 minutes, in 4-minute increments, and I usually cook the meatballs for 2 to three minutes.

  153. michael says:

    When I start my Amana microwave, oftentimes the light will not turn on and the turntable will not rotate. It still heats; in fact, it burns the food when this happens. Other times, the light turns on, the turntable rotates, and everything works fine. Any ideas how to fix? Model No. ACM2160AS.

  154. Brad says:

    I have a kitchenaide microwave (YKHMS205022-2) that has started beeping randomly like somebody is pushing buttons. Also I can not push the right side of the display panel. What would be wrong??

  155. Shirley Hollick says:

    I have a brand new – one month old – Maytag Microwave Convection Over the Stove Combination model. It has worked fine until today when I was baking cookies with the Convection oven mode. Suddenly the display went whacky showing letters and numbers in a nonsensical arrangement. Microwave works, but convection bake or roast do not. Any suggestions?

  156. Bob says:

    I have a Panasonic NN-SE992 microwave. While the microwave door was open I pushed the door lock electrical switch with a flat screwdriver like when the door latch closes the door and turned it on. The microwave broke immediately. I wonder if there is a safety fuse in the microwave that might blown. Can this be fixed? Any suggestions?

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    my kitchenaid built in microwave flickers and it sounds like the power is going on and off, this happens only when the electric hot water heater comes on. any idea what is the problem

  160. Peaches24 says:

    I have 2 Over the range GE microwaves and after mounting they both have said after a short time of using, and starting by themselves off and on randomly, stop working all together and the keyboard will say keyboard short circuit and then the microwave will not be useable. How can I fix this, I find it odd both work fine after we take them down to use them but after mounting have the same problem.

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    Or use timed cooking. I have to reset the clock every time I use those
    Functions. As anyone heard of this ? Unit is new. It’s a fridgadaire FFMV164LSA. Thanks

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  175. mike says:

    I have a KitchenAid over the stove microwave that is 7 years old. We’ve already replaced the magnetron once at a cost of over $300. Now it went bad again. So we purchased a new GE. It hasn’t come yet, but tonight my son used the old microwave and, what do you know, it worked. Should I cancel the order for the new one? The cost including installation is $350 and I’m thinking that we should just let them install it and hope for better results from a new microwave than a cranky, sporadically working 7 year old machine. Anyone have an opinion?

  176. GG says:

    I have a Kenmore Microwave Hood Combination that is less than five years old. The vent only works on low speed. The cooking power levels do not work. It only cooks on high. The number “6” choice does not work at all. If I have to use the timer, I cannot choose 6 minutes, etc. because it does not work. Has anyone had this problem? Is if fixable? Would it be cheaper to just purchase a new oven?

  177. Arlene says:

    Hi, we have a Panasonic microwave that is less than a year old. Today it was 2 seconds into heating a cup of coffee and shut down, not power, even for the indoor light. We cannot return it for service because we live in Mexico. Any ideas what to look for? We have ordered a security bit set in order to take the back off to check out. If we check the fuses, where would they be located? Thanks for your help, no previous problems with this unit.
    Thank you,

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