Troubleshooting the Microwave: Potential Problems


    Most everyone has a microwave in their home these days and we depend on them for many different things. But what do you do when your microwave goes on the fritz? How can you tell what is wrong with your microwave and how to fix it when it isn’t working properly? Nobody wants to pay a lot of money for a good microwave only to have problems with it later and have to spend a lot of money taking it to the repair shop. Some people don’t want to spend the expense of a repair so they just go and buy a new microwave, often purchasing a cheap one that only later has more problems. If you can learn some simple troubleshooting issues with your microwave, you may be able to save yourself a lot of time and money.


Often there are simple problems that occur with your microwave that can be fixed without a lot of time or money and you can have your microwave oven working like new again. Here are some troubleshooting tips and guidelines to help you if you are having trouble with your microwave or you find that it is not working properly.
First it is important that you learn the proper safety precautions because repairing a microwave can be very dangerous. You should always be sure:

  1. The appliance is not plugged in
  2. You don’t touch any wiring or components until you discharge the high voltage capacitor
  3. Don’t work alone
  4. Remove watches and other jewelry

How to perform an RF leakage test
It may be needed for you to perform an RF leakage test. Most amateurs and even many professionals do not own an RF leakage meter. You can get one at appliance and electronic parts suppliers, costing from about $10.00 up to many hundreds of dollars for the certified models used at the professional level. You can find inexpensive RF detection devices at many retail stores such as Wal-Mart and Radio Shack.
Troubleshooting Common Problems
If your microwave does not work at all and you know everything is plugged in properly and the outlet is functioning, then check your fuses and your door switch. If the internal fuse or thermal fuse is blown you will need a professional to help you replace it. You should also check the door hooks and the door release button. If they are broken, your microwave will not work.
If your microwave looks and sounds normal but isn’t producing any heat, you should check the internal door switches, the high voltage circuitry and the circuit board for problems. You will need a certified technician to help you make these repairs.
If you are unable to adjust the power level, there may be a defective triac or a problem with the circuit board. If the carousel inside your microwave won’t turn when you run it, the small motor that operates it may be broken.
If the display flickers but it does not affect how the microwave heats, then you don’t need to worry about it. But if you are having display flickering and it is affecting the way your microwave operates, you may have a more serious problem in the microwave cabinet.
If your microwave buzzes loudly and produces no heat you probably have a defective power diode, magnetron or high voltage capacitor. These are all things that can be replaced or repaired by a qualified technician.
These are just a few common microwave problems that you may face and what the likely cause is. You will ultimately need to take your microwave to a qualified, certified repair shop to have it fixed if there is something seriously wrong with it that is causing it not to heat or function properly.

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  1. jeff elms Says:

    JVM1653SHO1 Runs for 5 seconds then shuts down and asks me to reset time , date etc. continues to ask me this evertime I reset. This unit is a little over 1 year old. The problem is not in the troubleshooting section of the manual. I bought this unit a little over one year ago at home depot in Eugene ore a little over 1 year ago. My wife Sandra De Board paid for it. Serial # ZG901234B.

  2. appliancejournal Says:

    Jeff, I’m afraid it sounds like the power control module is bad. The new module retails for about $155, APP has it for $129: http://www.appliancepartspros.com/part_details.aspx?part_id=3183982

    I believe mfg warranty on this microwave is only one year, so I don’t think GE will pick up the tab on this one, but do check with them just in case. You can try replacing the module, or purchase a new microwave. Over the range microwaves start at about $280-$350 and can go up to $1000 depending on brand/features. Microwave installation is typically $35-$50.

    Hope this helps.


  3. John Berry Says:

    I have a fairly new whirlpool microwave that runs find except it doesn’t heat. I took it to the repair shop and they said that it worked fine, He replaced a few things and I brought it home and it worked on a couple of items and I went to use it the next day and it ran but didn’t heat any suggestions Thanks John

  4. appliancejournal Says:


    - What’s the microwave model number?
    - What was replaced at the repair shop? Check your receipt.


  5. Cheryl Hibdon Says:

    I also have a GE JVM1653SHO1 which would shut down after about 5 seconds and I would have to reset everything. My problem is this unit sat in my garage for about 6 months before we had it installed. It quit on us after about 7 months, which was past the one-year warranty. Is the part something that we can order and install ourselves or do we need to pay for the part and labor to install it? This really stinks.

  6. appliancejournal Says:

    Cheryl, check out the appliance repair forum http://forum.appliancepartspros.com

  7. Mark Says:

    I have a 12 year old Whirlpool microwave and recently sometimes there will be a delay after you hit the start button before it actually starts. The time will start counting down as if it’s running, but it won’t actually start for several seconds. Is there something within it that typically goes bad about this age that might be causing it?

  8. Tom Says:

    I own a Frigidaaire Model PLMV168cc1 microwave over-the-range oven. It is 5 years old and suddenly quit heating. Everything works, the timer counts down but it does not heat and the turn table does not turn. Could this possibly be the magnetron tube?

  9. appliancejournal Says:

    Doesn’t sound like it. Could be one of the door switches. Post your question on the appliance repair forum and the experts will take a look: http://forum.appliancepartspros.com

  10. Kat Says:

    I am in canada and just bought a 1.1 cu JE1140, I plugged this in and although the light inside comes on, there is no power in the panel, I do not even have the digital numnbers for the clock lit up.

    I have tried other items in the plug and it is working fine. I had the same problem with my first one by Sylvannia and returned it. I have had that one for 7 years except for the 4 years it was not used. Any ideas why this is happening.

  11. Carol Says:

    On our whirlpool otr MICROWAVE model mh6150xm from 2002 the blower fan will not turn off ofter the oven does it’s job. We must unplug it to turn it off. This happens whether we use it on high for 30 seconds or 10 minutes. Any idea why?

  12. hector somerton Says:


  13. atish Says:

    my MICROWAVE keeps blowing the fuse after i replace it it would work fine for few hours or then blows again not sure where to start troubleshooting for this.. pls advise via email would be great thanks

  14. atish Says:

    my MICROWAVE keeps blowing the fuse after i replace it it would work fine for few hours or then blows again not sure where to start troubleshooting for this.. pls advise via email would be great thanks

    pls help me

  15. Maggie Says:

    My microwave keeps showing a F3 on screen and is constantly beeping.I touch to clear it but none of the key pads will work so it will beep all night lone and then after maybe 5 hours later I can touch the clear buttong and it will clear but later within 2 hours or so it will start again. My husband even disconected the power for about 15 minutes and is still did the same thing. If you can help my I would really appreciated it because the beeping is annoying at night. It is a GE Phillip XL1800

    Thank You

  16. Marc Says:

    Last night, my son burned some frozen french toast in our microwave. After a lot of smoke, the microwave will not heat, although everything appears fine. Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?

    Thanks, Marc

  17. Donna Says:

    After resetting time yesterday, the oven now come on at random times when no one is turning on. Unpluged unit for minutes, repluged in and within 20 min. unit came back on.

  18. Chris Says:

    I have a microwave that is shorting out making sparking sounds sometimes the heat will work and go out the light and turn table don’t work either it sounds wired too

  19. Bala Says:

    I put butter in a glass bowl to melt, but overheated it, now Whirlpool built-in comes on but won’t heat anything

  20. Hamed Says:

    hi,I have a sylvania microwave which is for 3 years ago.last night it stopped while it was working.now every thing looks ok execpt that the Start button does not work.thanks for your help hamed

  21. ali shafiye Says:

    I have a jenn air microwave,when I turn it on it stays on for few seconds and then it goes off and I have to do the same procedure again.

  22. gm Says:

    I hav a goldstar overhead microwave. While running it I heard a loud pop, and after that happened it seems there is no more heat. Everything els seems to work.


  23. gary calhoon Says:

    I have a magic chef microwave, with a digital panel. Everything sounds normal, except it does not heat any food etc. The outside of the microwave gets very hot, however. Do you have any suggestions…

  24. Frank Says:

    Our Whirlpool microwave makes a whistleing noise at times. It just started this.

  25. Frank Says:

    Our Whirlpool microwave makes a whistling sound at times.

  26. chris harris Says:

    whirlpool gold/accuwave system mdl#GH5184XPQ-0 bought 4 yrs ago. worked last night, now will not heat at all. everthing sounds and run fine but no heat. paid over 500.00 for it/can it be fixed or is it toast. can you tell me about how much it should cost to fix? any thing will help thanx.chris

  27. JOEL Says:

    gm, The diode probably failed on the microwave. New diodes are less than $20. Discharge the capacitor before replacing. Mine has failed (over stove version) after boiling water forming condensation and probably shoring circuit some where.

  28. nick trujillo Says:

    how does a built in microwave come out is a sleeve its in or is it screwed to the wall

  29. Lynette Says:

    i went to use my whirlpoolhood microwave, mh6150xhq-1. The timer on it runs super fast. and it doesn’t heat up. Whats the matter? it’s over 8 years old. time to get a new one? or is it an easy fix?

  30. Randy Says:

    Microwave runs but does not heat.
    Only stops if you open door, starts instant door is shut
    Have unplugged to reset to no avail.
    Is this a door issue?

  31. denden Says:

    I have a Emerson microwave not even 1 year old. The lights were flickering and the beeping sound were going on and off, and then when I opend the door and closed it never worked again. Now it’s not working at all, and I would hate to throw it away and buy another one because it’s still in really good condition. Any suggestions?


  32. tom Says:

    I have a welbilt microwave it cooked food normally then minute or two after it was off it started humming so i unpugged it plugged back in after a day still humming as soon as its plugged in. Can this be fixed its 5 years old 1100 watts clock display works

  33. tom Says:

    what part is causing this malfunction?

  34. james Says:

    I close the door to the microwave and the fan runs, ansd when i attempt to input a time it keeps running and the micrwave never comes on but the fan keeps running. If the press on the edge of the control panel the fan will stop running and i can set the microwave. However the microwave will complete the timed cycle, and when i try to click on start to get it running again the fan will start but the microwave won’t. Then I start thr process of pressing around the edges of the control panel to stop the fan so I can set the microwave
    microwave: Sharp carousel house hold microwave model-r-1467

  35. H Russell Says:

    My countertop is turning pink from the microwave…. besides just covering my top where the microwave is…. Is my MW dangerous or emitting some kind of radiation waves? Is this normal? How do I clean it up? Its almost a unremovable stain.

  36. Kirk Says:

    GE JE1640WA 002 (JAN1999) the microwave suddenley stopped cooking everthin seems to be working: light,timer but no heat and we the turn table isnt working either….can this be repaired….the microwave is 10yrs old is it time to replace??

  37. Kirk Says:

    GE JE1640WA 002 (JAN1999) the microwave suddenley stopped cooking everthing seems to be working: light,timer but no heat,the turn table isnt working either….can this be repaired….the microwave is 10yrs old is it time to replace??

  38. appliancejournal Says:

    Could be something as simple as a door switch. http://www.appliancepartspros.com/partsearch/model.aspx?model_id=212991

    Post your question on the repair forum http://forum.appliancepartspros.com/microwave-repair/. Don’t forget to describe your problem in greater detail. What happens when you set the timer and turn the microwave on? Does it sound like it’s working but doesn’t heat or does it remain quiet?…

  39. Alice Goss Says:

    I have a Panasonic NN-S654 Inverter. It will run for about 30 seconds, then shut off. The food is not heating up at all during these 30 seconds. TY

  40. Penny Says:

    My whirlpool microwave Model GH5184XPB4 has error message of F3H and does not heat when does run.

  41. Dan Says:

    fridigaire plmv168kc1 was cooking and stopped, no more power, outlet is good. could it possibly be the thermal fuse??

  42. Chris Says:

    I have an Oster Microwave (model # OTM1101GTS…Stainless microwave/grilling oven…maufactured 2006…purchased at Target)

    Oven light and fan won’t turn off, but the microwave works. Any reset sequence I should know about?

  43. Sharon Says:

    Sharp, R-308J, from 3/26/05: START button not working, however, MINUTE PLUS does work. Lights work, turntable works. Do I need a new machine?

  44. John Kasman Says:

    I have a GE over the range unit. all is OK when I use the timer
    to heat or reheat items using short time settings ( l to 2 mins).
    When cooking a baked potato using 8 mins, the sound is different
    (more strained and a bit louder), then in about 3 minutes the unit goes off due to the circuit breaker downstairs tripping to OFF.
    I can reset the breaker, restart the unit for the remaining mins
    and the circuit breaker will trip OFF again. Maybe by then the
    potato is cooked, if not, 1 min setting will finish it.
    The question is– Is it the unit problem? if so what??? OR
    Is it a circuit breaker problem?? This unit is about 5 yrs old
    and this is a new problem. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  45. BILL SMITH Says:

    I have a Kenmore over oven microwave/exhaust combination that is almost 2 years old. The clock runs fast, gaining 10-15 minutes per hour, and the timer also runs fast. When cooking, if the cook timer is set for 15 seconds, it runs to zero in about 12 seconds. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  46. Cindy Bennett Says:

    I have a Panasonic OTR Microwave NNS245B. It has suddenly started tripping the breaker. No obvious signs of something wrong.

  47. frank payne Says:

    my goldstar microwave keeps whistling. Works okay but whistling all the time . why? how do you fix the problem?

  48. Sarah Vidaurri Says:

    I have an overhead Whirlpool Gold GH7155XHS, manufactured in March 2001. It suddenly stopped working today. It will not start. The interior light is very dim, the overhead light (light on the bottom of the microwave, above the stove) is really dim, the and the overhead fan won’t turn on. The display keeps on fading in and out. When you press the key pad, it “beeps” like normal, but when you press “Start” nothing happens except for a very quiet, barely audible, raspy, mechanical-type sound. Also, anytime you press Start, the display says “Set Time Of Day,” even though if it was just set two seconds ago when it said to.

    The only thing I can think of is that my husband did a routine cleaning of the interior of the microwave’s surface this morning. He just used a sponge and a bleach/water solution. It was the kind of quick cleaning we have to do weekly to clean up splatters.

    Any thoughts?

  49. Bob Arakaki Says:

    My top of the range Whirlpool Gold microwave oven Model No. GH9115XEQ-O dated 1/98, finally went out. I tried different electrical outlets and still does’t work.

  50. Kris Errecart Says:

    We have a GE Microwave that was cleaned by a cleaning service. I believe that they sprayed it and may have sprayed into the vents inside the microwave. Now the vent above the microwave opens and closes continuously and there is a constanct clicking sound as if it wants to short out. We have disconnected the power. What could be wrong.

    Thank you, Kris

  51. cathy Says:

    Display panel on microwave does not work. It shows 00:00 and when I try to put in any settings, such as clock, minute timer, cook cycle, it cancels out. I have tried flipping the main house fuse for the microwave and nothing changes. Is the microwave shot?

  52. Gary Says:

    My goldstar microwave makes a weird sound when cooking food, and smells like burnt plastic?

  53. nikesha Says:

    i have a magic chep microwave over the stove range. it comes on but will not heat up.

  54. Vladi Says:

    Hi – we have 12 y.o whirlpool microwave that stopped working model
    When turned on there lights come on but there is no sound and nothing happens, counter does counting down but no heat.
    What would you suggest?
    Thank you,

  55. Erica Says:

    I have a 7 year old GE model # JVM1860CF001. I want to know what part I need to replace. It heats fine, but the turn table hardly moves. It makes a loud ticking noise. The sound stops sometimes and I see that the spinner sometimes moves a little. Please advise what part you think I need to order and if it can be put in by a novice. Thanks, Erica

  56. sheila Says:

    My microwave runs and turns (sounds weird) and produces no heat. It’s about 8 yrs old and is one of the range-top models.

  57. Chad Says:

    I have a kenmore microwave Model#665.61632100. It will not turn on. The display is black. The outlet that it is plugged into does work. Is there maybe a reset code or is there maybe more to the problem?

  58. Scott Telly Says:

    I have a Black Whirlpool Over the Range Microwave (MH3184PBX-0). It is plugged into a live outlet yet no power whatsoever. It is only 4 yrs old and looks great! I thought about checking fuses or simple troubleshooting but do not know where they are in the unit. What is the possible problems or solutions.

  59. edna jones Says:

    whirlpool model GT4175SPB1
    pressed the latch to open the door after heating something. the latch popped & the door won’t open. we removed the latch pad & found the spring loose behind the pad. called whirlpool, they’re no help, recommended taking it for repair. any ideas?

  60. chris d Says:

    i have a whirlpool built in high speed microwave oven – model gsc308. when we run it, it smells like something is burning. where would that smell be coming from.

  61. John Says:

    I have a new whirlpool microwave MH1160xsq-1. Only used a couple of times, but it is just over a year old. The microwave turns on, but doesn’t heat up anything. Light turns on, fan turns on but no heat.

  62. Cavalier Const. Inc. Says:

    I have a customer that is asking me to fix a condensation problem with the exhaust flue. The condensation builds up in the exhaust flue through the roof and runs back down through the microwave and drips on the stove. She says she has replaced one microwave that burned out due to moister. I’m stumped on a correction, could you suggest something? I thought it might be from inadequate attic ventelation, but house seems to have plenty of eve blocks, gable and roof vents. Thanks for your time, Thomas

  63. jason Says:

    i have a microwave sanyo model EMS2298V with internal fuse blown. fuse is a 10 amp type ET fuse,is this a special type that i need to use because a standard 10 amp keeps blowing or could there be that there is a problem with the appliance

  64. Dean Chesnut Says:

    I have a black Wirpool over the range M# MH1140XMB-0. I have moisture between the glasses inside the door. How do I take the door apart to clean?

  65. niri Says:

    my microwave is completly blank,the cable is plugged but the numbers arent showing..wat could be the problem?is it the fuse!

  66. Rachel Says:

    I had a Whirlpool non vented unit and it broke. So, I bought another one (made the year after mine–basically looked just like mine.) The vent closure on the top looked different so I assumed the previous owner vented differently. So, I removed my flat plate and attached it to the new one. It didn’t fit exactly like my old one. When I run the unit, I hear the vent and feel the air. Do you think it’s that I didn’t properly seal the vent with my old cover?

  67. Bob Says:

    My Whirlpool turntable stops if I let go of the door. But when I push the door and hold it, the turntable and microwave run just fine. How can I fix this myself?

  68. Johnny Says:

    I just bought a 0.7 cubic foor, 700 watt microwave oven from GE (Model SES0730DMWW) and immediately upon opening it up and plugging in I got problems. Once I put the cook plate in it and closed the door it immediately turned on the oven light on started turning the plate, although it turns off if the door is open and I put something in there and it didn’t seem like it was heating at all. All the keypad inputs seem functional, but can’t cancel the the microwave from doing what its doing and I was even able to set the time while it spun.

  69. Lindsay Says:

    Hello. We have just purchased a Sanyo EM S156AW/S/B. Outside of unit gets very hot even when used for one minute. We have just replaced an old one which NEVER got hot outside. Is this a problem? Help greatly appreciated.

  70. Tammy Basso Says:

    I have a built-in Amana model #ACM1460A, and it sounds “funny”. It still heats, but the sound the microwave makes while it is running sounds like it is in slow motion. It sounds slower. Any idea what would cause that. It seems to be still working, but I think this is a warning sign that it will stop soon. Thank you!

  71. Roger Says:

    I have a Kenmore overhead unit. Everything works fine but the surface lights will not turn off. Any thoughts? Thank you.

  72. Lopez Says:

    Over head whirlpool moicrowave. Cooked dinner last night, turned microwave fan on, finsished cooking, turned fan off, but light in mocrowave wont turn off. Now, micro wont start at all. Any help?

  73. Bill C. Says:

    We bought a whirpool over the range microwave oven six months ago. It ran fine until just tonight. The microwave turns on, but doesn’t heat up anything. Light turns on, fan turns on but no heat. Model number is WMH1164XVS-2. We had just used it a few minutes prior with no problem and then it no longer heats. Everything else works, just doesn’t heat.

  74. Bill C. Says:

    We bought a whirpool over the range microwave oven six months ago. It ran fine until just tonight. The microwave turns on, but doesn’t heat up anything. Light turns on, fan turns on but no heat. Model number is WMH1164XVS-2. We had just used it a few minutes prior with no problem and then it no longer heats. Everything else works, just doesn’t heat.

  75. Dave Says:

    We had a similar problelm today, with our Whirlpool microwave oven but a bit different. While not using the microwave at all, the fan spontaneously came on and would not turn off. The underside of the microwave got extremely hot within less than a minute. We unplugged it but are scared to plug it back in. It seems like it was about to catch on fire. Why would it spontaneously come on like that and get so hot?

  76. N. Martin Says:

    Installed Maytag OTR microwave Model MMV1153BAS 11/6/07. A month ago it suddenly had a power outage (88:88) which has continued intermittently. Then the touch pad went haywire, some points working, others working but not where they were supposed to work! Two servicemen either could not duplicate the problem or could not determine what was causing the problem. Maytag is not interested in providing anything but another service call plus 50% off parts on a 2-year-old microwave! Now it works properly sometimes, other times it works a few seconds before kicking to 88:88. What a fiasco! Any ideas re the problem welcome. Talk about poor customer relations/service by a company revered for its reliable products…

  77. Rich Dotson Says:

    I have Whirlpool GT1195shB-1 and it heats and runs fine EXCEPT, most times when you open the door the table begins to turn. It does not appear to be doing anything except turning at that time. What’s the problem?

  78. Roxanne Says:

    I have a Whirlpool Gold GH7208X Stainless steel microwave. The touch screen keeps freezing on certain food selections. I have to wait for a couple minutes for it to go back to the main screen. i have had the microwave about 8 months. have you ever heard of this happening

  79. Lenny Violette Says:

    Kenmore microwave, 18 months old. scrolls level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5 on the display while beeping, over and over

  80. Gayle Says:

    Hi – I have an over the range Panasonic which as of yesterday runs for 2 seconds then shuts off – Its not too old but dont know if having it repairs is cost effective vs a new one. Thank you for your input.

  81. Nelda Martin Says:

    When a microwave OTR barely 2 years old went out recently (and I posted here), Maytag only wanted to pay half of the parts, then finally offered to pay for parts but no service call or labor. I had already been out $150 for 2 service calls! Whirlpool (which now owns Maytag) was great about the problem. My microwave is now reparied and works great – so far!!!

  82. Veronica Harmon Says:

    whirlpool microwave Model:MH6150XHB-1. Microwave will not stop running. Had to be unplugged. What would cause a microwave not to stop.

  83. DALE BROOKS Says:

    We own a GE JET343G built in Microwave Oven. After setting the cook, time and start the fan does not come on nor does the unit cook. All lights function and the timer counts down. Is there a reset switch or is the problem more serious? Can I fix it?
    Dale E. Brooks

  84. Carolynn Says:

    My microwave started to make a whistling noise too, any ideas?

  85. LuciB Says:

    I have a small Galanz microwave & it has been useful for me over the last 2 years & had no problems with it. Recently it has been incessantly beeping- the clock seems to be going off & then resetting itself- there isn’t any problem with heating as of yet but I am wondering about the possibility of it occurring. Many thanks for your reply.

  86. lilly Says:

    i have maytag microwave model#umc5200aas serial #50172689gg.it’s works but doesn’t heat anything.thanks

  87. Jason S Says:

    I have a Whirlpool over the range microwave about 18 months old. We noticed a few minutes after using it there was a burnt electronics smell in the kitchen and finally found the microwave won’t power on. Any thoughts on what might commonly go wrong and how expensive a repair might be? I have an electronics background but I’m not sure this is something I would want to tackle. Thanks

  88. Lynn Says:

    Hi, there,
    My GE Microwave JES1334WD001 doesn’t work suddently. It always shows PF, then F3, made three beeps, not response to any keys, continue makes beep noice. Any suggestion? Thanks a lot!

  89. Judy Says:

    I have a Whirlpool Microwave Oven combination that has a ‘Door’ Error. Model #GMC275PRB. Oven works fine, just microwave not working, not sure what the problem is? Can someone help? Thanks.

  90. Liz Says:

    I have a Whirlpool, model #MH6150XMQ. It is hardly ever used by
    manufactured in 2002. It wont heat food. Everything else runs fine. Any ideas? Also, it makes a louder than normal sounds
    now when running.

  91. Iqbal Ganda Says:

    i have a panasonic inverter microwave (the Genius 1300W) that runs for 4 seconds and then every thing shuts off.

  92. Todd Says:

    I have a Panasonic NNSD277B microwave that stopped working completely. I changed the 20A 250V fuse and the power came back, but as soon as I tried starting the oven the fuse blew again. Any suggestions on what could be the cause would be appreciated.


  93. t.g. Says:

    GE Profile SpacemakerXL Sensor sounds normal on turning on, but does not heat.
    13 years old; time for a new one?

  94. Alice Says:

    I have a counter top Goldstar microwave that completely stopped working. No light, no power, no nothing.

  95. Mike Says:

    I have a Whirlpool Microwave oven and when it runs it smells like something is electrical is burning.

  96. Milind Gulhane Says:

    I have a Onida DLX-25 microwave. It was working fine, but suddenly from yesterday whenever I start any function in the microwave everything goes fine for 10 seconds and then all other appliences (fan,tv,friedge,lights) in the home stops working, when I switch off the microwave other devices again starts working. I dont have to do anything else to start up those other appliences.

    What could be the problem ? in the microwave or in the electrification.

    If I just power-on the microwave and dont perform any operation then nothing happens to the other appliences.

    Please suggest, waiting for your reply.


    Milind Gulhane

  97. dave Says:

    I have a sharp microwave about 5 years old, a couple of years ago it blew the internal fuse. I changed it for the exact same fuse and it worked fine for a few days. then I opened the door, and the fuse blew again. This has happenes everytime I change the fuse, everytime it’s when I open the door.

    Any ideas?


  98. MJ Says:

    emerson microwave trips the circuit breaker when we open or shut door

  99. Giovanni Faraca Says:

    I have a Frigidaire model number FMV157GC. After warming up some food in it, the microwave made this humming noise (It was not still running). This went on for a few minutes so I tried unplugging it and then plugging it back in, but it continued to hum. Then there was a “click” sound and the display went black and there is a burning smell coming from it. I have it unplugged for safety reasons now, but not sure what caused it.
    Giovanni Faraca

  100. 3yrs microwave Says:


    we got this microwave 3yrs back with the house, model#GH518XPS-4. Since morning today, we get a burning smell whenever we use it, still it doesn’t heat up the food and get a error msg – F7. Please help ASAP.


  101. l williams Says:

    My GE microwave works, the fan works, but the lights won’t work. When i press the button the display says the lights are on, but new bulbs did not solve the problem. I really need these lights as my oven is in a dark corner and i don’t want to buy a new microwave!

  102. Saad Says:

    My Panosinc Microwave- invertor technology, model Type S-333 is four years old. After giving good service, now it does not rotate the turn table after puching time and pressing start button. After a few seconds it goes blank. sometime shows :Check the owners manual”. Please help me, if it can be fixed at home by me.
    Thanks Saad

  103. danielle Says:

    My ge microwave won’t shut off or heat up. I have to unplug it for it to turn off. We have had it for about a month now. Can I fix it?

  104. jack Yang Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a 4 years old built-in microwave does not heat; and it makes noises.
    Can you please kindly advise me on this problem? Thanks,

    Brand name: whirlpool
    model: GT4175SPB – 2
    serial #: FGT0101237

  105. Jim Says:

    I have a Panasonic Microwave 1250Watts. The model# NN-SD 9865. Purchased from Sams club about 2 years ago.
    The problem is that soon as you set the time for cooking or heating and press the “start” it trips the breaker in the breaker box. I think it has a short in the either fan motor or the heating mechanism. Can you help?

  106. April Says:

    I have a GE over the range microwave, approximately 2 yrs old. Over the past year I’ve had problems with the START button not working for a few months and then starts working for a few months. When the start button doesn’t work I can still use the microwave by pressing 1 for one minute, 2 for two minutes, etc.

  107. Eric Says:

    I have a magic chef microwave, model # MCO160S and it will turn on and run fine, but will not heat anything. Any suggestions on what might be wrong and if I can fix it myself?

  108. Jeff Says:

    The display keeps showing AMT. but i cannot enter any servings. all other buttons don’t react also.even the reset button. when pulling out the plug and put back in, the display jumps back to AMT. when opening the door, the carrousel runs wand the light is on, but closing the door it stops. is it the touchpanel? please help.. brand : Oster model : OGA9901 thanx…

  109. Steve Says:

    ASAP! We have a GE overhead and we turned it on we had the loud buzzing no heat and then a burning smell! HELP

  110. poncio Says:

    i have panasonic microwave oven start button will function i already check the ribbon wire conector but its okie…

  111. David Says:

    I’ve had commerical power outage. Now my GE Spacemaker XL 1800 will not heat up a cup of h2o even if its on Power Level 10 (NEW One I Guess)

  112. Joanne Says:

    The following is for those of us who are deficient in our knowledge of electronics. (me)

    I have a brand new Jenn Air Microwave that was working fine until I changed the time on the clock (not timer). It would turn off after entering cook level 4 – and cooked for 4 seconds…cook level 3 ….cook for 3 seconds.

    Nothing in troubleshooting guide to help and I tried everything.

    Last resort – went to switch box in my condo -switched microwave oven off…. waited a few seconds – turned it back on and microwave was perfect.

    I would have paid a lot for a service person to do this. Obviously I am not very skilled at the microwave. (I am a good RN)…(even if this helps one person it was worth writing.

  113. wm. savage Says:


  114. Chris Says:

    Have a Sharp R-408LS Microwave.
    Unit has a buzzing sound while pluggedd in.
    also when using the touch pad it often goes off like a breaker when you push the start.

  115. edwin Says:

    Hi William,couldn’t help but notice the requests coming from every corner,well said though…just about to post my damsel in distress help help but your last comment has set me straight,merry x-mas!!

  116. Chris Says:

    Hello I have a Kenmore Microwave Oven with model # 665.61632100. Last night I went to microwave something and heard a loud pop. Now when I try to use the microwave it only puts out a loud hum, groan like sound. It also does not light up. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks,

  117. Karen Vanek Says:

    Our over the range sanyo microwave’s turn table dosn’t turn when the plate is on it, but turns when the plate is off.

  118. Doug Says:

    I have a Kenmore microwave oven model 363.63673201 made in 2002 every thing works but the inside and over the stove lights i have replaced both with the 120v 50w no good still inop.

  119. Kevin Says:

    We have a 1 1/2 year old Whirlpool mircrowave. It stopped heating all of the sudden. Everything else works fine though. I unplugged the unit for a 5 minutes (someone told me to try that). After plugging it back in a warmed up a cup of water and it worked. My wife then immediately tried using the microwave and nothing. It hasn’t worked since. Any ideas and cost guess? Model number is WMH1162XVS. Thanks.

  120. Dan Davis Says:

    I have frigidare Over the range microwave that continually explodes the two surface light bulbs. Both sockets and the connecting terminals have been replaced but it keeps exploding the bulbs. The bulbs have nt been handled by bare fingers.

    Model # PLMV168CC1
    Serial # PG34005232

    Any suggestions?

  121. Robert Guzzi Says:

    I have a Whirlpool Microwave, Modle # MH3184XPB 2 Its 5 Years old after a year it started to Buzze Loudly, buy every thing work fine, the other day it just stop working check fuses and the plug they were good.

  122. Marc Says:

    I have a Whirlpool microwave, Model GH5184XP, 4-1/2 years old. It looks and sounds like it’s working (light comes on, inside table turns, fan works), but there is no heat. Can it be fixed for a resonable cost, or should I get a new one?

  123. Mark Bruno Says:

    I have just bought and installed a GE under cabinet Microwave. 4 days old and now I open door and place something in it and close door the unit turns on automatically. Light on with fan blowing. I unplugged unit from receptacle and plug back in and unit turn on. It will not shut off by hitting Clear and off. you have to open door to shut off. Then you close door and unit comes right back on

  124. Mark Bruno Says:

    I forgot to mention it is GE Spacemaker Model # HVM1540DP1WW and Serial # AV909494B

  125. Don Says:

    My microwave has electric, but none of the buttons work
    When I’m trying to heat something.
    Any ideals?

  126. R K Saini Says:

    My LG Microwave works only if I hold / keep pressing its door firmly against its body . If I Leave the door , microwave stops. How can I repair it at home ?

  127. Don Says:

    My microwave key pad dose not work when try
    To push a button, it electric works cuz the time shows at the top, is it a fuse what could it be.

  128. Marianne Says:

    Our maytag mmv1153bas had something burn in it and after replacing the fuse it still wont come on. Only the blower comes on any suggestions

  129. edgar Says:

    All the lights work I put in the time but when I press start nothing happens. Is there a way I can fix it? Model number mvh1615ww

  130. Gale Says:

    the buttons on my sharp microwave are working. when I try pressing them nothing happens. Can it be fixed?

    Thanks, Gale

  131. Greg Says:

    What kind of forum is this? All questions and no answers?

  132. Louise Says:

    I have a 3yr old Panasonic Genius Inverter with a turntable that recently stopped turning. It does not appear to affect the performance.
    I checked the turntable and repositioned it carefully; it still won’t turn.
    Is it serious? can I continue using it?

    I use the microwave to heat/reheat/defrost.

    Thank you

  133. Kevin Lee Says:

    My Whirlpool Gold Combo unit (microwave on top and oven on the bottom) is not heating up the water. All the buttons (time, timer, lights and etc) all seem to be working fine. My unit is an Accubake System XNM5048757. What do you think it is?

  134. Margarita Says:

    I have a Maytag microwave oven (2 yrs old), which is working fine but I have to keep the microwave door open all day long because the blower fan never shut off. Please help. Thank you and God Bless you

  135. Evelyn Says:

    Magic Chef, March 2006 model, interior light works but nothing else, could there be two fuses? Should I try to fix or chunk it?

  136. Aarron Neace Says:

    hey i have a oster microwave and it turns on and stayes on but when i punch in how long i want to cook something it just beeps twice and does nothing. i took it apart thinking it was a fuse but nothing. i also made sure all th wires are connected please help and tell me something. im pretty handy and can fix alot of things

  137. mark Says:

    I have an old Toshiba microwave… recently it stopped responding to Start button on touchpad.. all other buttons work. Start button only reacts if I keep holding it pressed and, while doing that, I quickly unplug and plug the cable again. Only then it starts working like it should. Do you have any ideas?

  138. Mark Says:

    I have a 3 year old whirlpool over the range microwave. When you press start the microwave runs 2 seconds and stops. The turntable turns, interior light comes on. The touch panel makes a ticking sound during the few seconds of operation.

  139. edie griffitts Says:

    I have a 3 year old GE over the range microwave. Today the buttons just stopped responding. Any suggestions?

  140. John Says:

    I have a Whirlpool Gold GT4175sps -2 and the turntable has stopped turning. Any thoughts?

  141. Alanna Says:

    My microwave is constantly beeping like we are pushing the buttons. I touch to clear it but none of the key pads will work so it will beep all night long and then after maybe 5 hours later I can touch the clear button and it will clear but later within 2 hours or so it will start again. My husband even disconected the power for about 15 minutes and is still did the same thing. Help! It is a Frigidaire Professional over the range microwave.

  142. Amanda Says:

    I have a whirlpool over the range microwave thats 3 yrs old. When I am cooking on the stove the microwave turns on by itself. I don’t think it is actually heating but even opening the door doesn’t stop it. I have to unplug it. It sounds kinda like the fan but louder and it seems to vibrate. Really scary noise. Other then that it still works fine. Seems that the steam from what I am cooking sets it off, but not sure. I do have it unplugged when not in use. Any ideas on what is wrong? We did have a GE one that only lasted 3 yrs too. Really don’t want to replace our microwave every 3 yrs. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

  143. Billy Aung Says:

    My Panasonic Model NN-S550WDF was check and found leaking Magnetron. Replace the 2M 261 with 2M226 which I have a brand new one for temporary for repairing time. The cooling fins are 90 degree different angle. Turn on and cooked and shutdown after 20 sec same as before with the leaking antenna. I can measure the filament voltage in a flick 3 sec after start pressing the button. I think the door switches could be ok. The feedback opto IC also is ok. Any reset need to work properly or control card broken? Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.


  144. sheila Says:

    I have an Lg over the range microwave, about 5- 6 yrs old, just started making a loud vibration noise, smells and doesn’t heat. Any ideas?

  145. Ralph Says:

    I have an emerson microwave model mwg911sl just bought a month ago Now when i plug it in the microwave is constantly on heating for instance I can just open the door put something and it heats up but it wont shut off I pressed stop clear only shuts off when i open the door a constantly running microwave help?

  146. Rob Says:

    We bought a used Whirlpool Microwave Model #GH5176XPS-0 a couple years ago. We have had periodic problems with it, but a good knock with my hand has fixed it usually. It would beep constantly and occasionally not work at all, and occasionally work. Now it has stopped working. Any ideas?

  147. Tim Says:

    I have a Magtag Microwave model number MMV5000adw. Only the inter number and function buttons on the key pad work. This unit is older and has worked well until recently

  148. ashley Says:

    I bought a GE over the range microwave model number pvm1970sr1ss. I cannot for anything locate this microwave anywhere online. I cant find the carbon filter i need. please help. I’ve called everyone i can possibly think of and no one has answers.

  149. Johanne Says:

    Whirlpool number YWMH1162XVS-2
    Everything is running fine but the food is not being heated, is this something I can fix on my own or o we need a service done?

  150. JeAnna Says:

    I started my 2007 Whirlpool over the range microwave to heat a cup of coffee. Model #MH 2175XSS-0. The turn table started turning very slowly and smoke filled the inside of the microwave with a groaning noise. Any hints as to what could be wrong and is it repairable?

  151. Hillary Says:

    Maytag microwave starting running while the door was open. I had just had it running for 20 mins cooking rice. Did it just get too hot and was trying to cool off. Opening and closing door did not stop it. Had to unplug it

  152. Barbara Brantley Says:

    My 7 year old maytag OTR microwave display is extremely dim, is there a way to adjust or fix it?

  153. Son Says:

    My overhood microwave keeps showing a F3 on screen and is constantly beeping.I touch to clear it but none of the key pads will work so it will beep all night lone and then after maybe 5 hours later I can touch the clear buttong and it will clear but later within 2 hours or so it will start again. I even disconected the power for about 15 minutes and is still did the same thing. Could you please help me to resolve this issue. The model number is JVM1870SK03.

    Thanks a lot and appreciate very much.

  154. ShazzyQ Says:

    I have an Emerson Microwave model # mw8119sb and this morning I heated up my coffee and when I pushed the button to open the door it just shut off. No lights are on. It will not come back on. How can I make it work. Do I need to reset it? If so, how?

  155. steve zamora Says:

    have a ge over the range microwave had service man come to check it out he told me it was the control board.i bought it installed it and it keeps doing the same thing shuts off itself and ask me to reset time and date…

    what coul possible be wrong

    model number isjvm1653sh01

  156. Pam R Says:

    I have a Frigidaire over the range microwave approx 1.5 years old. cooking dinner today, thought I smelled a strange smell and within 4 min. the exhaust came on and I can’t turn it off, food didn’t seem cooked with the proper times.

  157. Joe Says:

    The light on my microwave stays on even when the door is closed and not running. The start button will not work.

  158. Lisa W Says:

    I have a Kenmore Elite microwave model #721.66462500. I have had it for 4 years or so. I have had trouble in the past with it resetting itself for no apparent reason and I would have to set the clock constantly. Lately, it has been running…slow. Not sure how else to put it. It’s like it’s not getting enough electricity or something. The display flickers and a minute takes about a minute and a half to run its course. Even the beeps are long and slow. Any suggestions? It is a really nice, big microwave and I hate to just throw it out, but I am afraid that it is going to blow up or something! Thanks

  159. jane markham Says:

    I set mine timer and it runs for about 30 seconds then shuts off and displays H97 on front panel.What is causing this?

  160. Johnny Cowart Says:

    Our Panasonic (NN-6470) microwave is about 9 years old, but now the control panel (timer, settings, etc.) is not working correctly. We press the timer buttons and then the start button and nothing happens, we keep pressing the starter button and eventually it does start, but then sometimes it will NOT start period until I turn off and on the circuit breakers that controls the kitchen appliances, then for awhile it works fine, but then it wont work again, and around and around we go again. Any suggestions?

  161. Paul Says:

    My Panasonic – Inverter Microwave – Mfg Date: April 2001 Model # NN T990SA-F Has a smell to it only when it runs. It comes from the outside & smells “electrical”. It also buzzes constantly but not loudly while running. Could this be a fire hazard? Would you recommend: repair or replace? Thanks

  162. Sheleta Edwards Says:

    Frigidaire – 2.2 CuFt Countertop Microwave
    Model: FFCE2238LW i bout it last october it started to make these very loud popping noises when turned on on one or two buttons work on it should have it replaced.

  163. D.Ehrich Says:

    I have an lg microwave.It’s about three yrs.old.I haven’t had any problems with it until today.When I turn it on it comes on then shuts off immediately.No noises no flashing lights or codes.Any ideas would be apprieciated.Thank you.

  164. Mark Says:

    Hi all – The lights under my microwave would come on and off after hitting the bottom a little, so it appeared to be a loose connection. After taking the lights out and checking the housing, etc. while the wiring harness was unplugged, I accidentally plugged the harness back in while a light (wire) was touching the stove burner. It crackled and now the microwave has no power. I have checked the outlet and the breaker and both are fine. My guess is a fuse, but not certain. Suggestions?

  165. Deanna Says:

    My daughter set the microwave for 30 minutes instead of using the kitchen timer function and now it wont work at all. Am I out of luck? I have a Kenmore

  166. Jan Says:

    Whirlpool microwave model MH11605x2/0 over range. Display shows ‘DEMO’ and nothing will work. How do I cancel the DEMO mode? Thank you.

  167. Bummer Says:

    I a whirlpool microwave model number# wmh2175xvq-1 , it’s a year and 4 months old it’s not heating everything else seems to work but it doesn’t heat , I unplugged it let it set for 5 minutes plug it back in no difference, could it be just a fuse ? at this point anything would help any other suggestions thanks

  168. Michael Thompson Says:

    I have a GE spacemaker jvm1650sh01. I heard a couple of pops and at first thought the dish had broken. It had not but my micro no longer heats. Any ideas?

  169. Paul Says:

    I have a GE JVM1740DPBB purchased a little more than 1 year ago. when I put something in to heat it works, but none of the buttons on the touch pad work. If I open the door to stir what is in the microwave the buttons still don’t work after I close the door. If I unplug the Microwave and then plug it in, the touch pad works again just one time like it did before. Any ideas? Thank you

  170. Kristen Says:

    My emerson 900 watt (mw8999RD) starts making a buzzy and popping sound and then i see a small flame on the inside right. What is going on?

  171. Heather Says:

    my microwave occasionally has sparks come out the back of it accompanied by terrifyingly loud bangs. I have cockroaches and live in a high rise apartment building. I usually just buy a new one when this happens as I fear it may explode or a fire will break out.

  172. willow Says:

    I have a Sharp Carousel Smart &Easy Touch Screen microwave and the touch screen display sometimes completely disappears. The light is still on the screen but all the numbers are gone. I can still touch where the numbers are supposed to be and that part works. What would make the display randomly not work? Sometimes lines will appear.

  173. Jay Nichols Says:

    Samsung SMH7174WC runs, heats. But within 2 seconds of starting, the cooling fan drops to about 1/3 power. Everything else performs normally and the food heats normally. Could this be a high voltage capacitor problem?

  174. Kip Says:

    I have GE Spacemaker. It turns on by itself. Happens most often when i am cooking on the stove top. But, has happened in the middle of the night.

  175. Kip Says:

    I have GE Spacemaker. It turns on by itself. Happens most often when i am cooking on the stove top. But, has happened in the middle of the night. Model # jvm1440wh04

  176. K Baker Says:

    The clock works, lights come on, but nothing else. When I used it previously, it was steming up inside if you baked a potatoe. Frididaire professional series. Nothing fits the opening, so I need to fix this one. It is built in not above an oven. It was cooking and suddenly stopped. Door latches OK. Power is on since it lights inside and clock works.

  177. camille Says:

    We had installed an otr whirlpool microwave this past saturday and it stopped working 22 hours later. The display works but the fan, light, and heat does not work. It is a wmh2175xvb. A technician is supposed to come to check it out one day this week. Would like to know what is wrong with this microwave as a second opinion.

  178. William Says:

    I was checking the bulbs to find silicone holding both bulbs to their base but after I looked at the size of the bulb I put them back in and everything was fine. Then I looked at the second bulb and as I was putting it back in it turned on and then all the power went off. I unplugged it and took out both bulbs in case they were making a short in the system. Now, it’s completely dead and the plug to the microwave is fine and the circuit breaker didn’t trip or anything. – The microwave just went dead and nothing works now. Please help me find a reset button or something. I’m going to disconnect the whole thing for five minutes to let all the power drain and hopefully restart it to work again.

  179. Peggy Hanley Says:

    Tried to set the clock, pressed set-up and the demo mode came on, now I can’t deactivate it, HELP.

  180. Mark harrison Says:

    Model GH5184XP wheni push the cook time button it will not let me set a time but the presets do work and on the display it says preheat and the word pan so it is not going back to default when open the door or push cancel button , it there a way to reset the system , i tried to unplug it and reset it that way but it did not work ,everything but it stuck on the preheat mode ,thanks

  181. Bill Platt Says:

    We have an over the stove Whirlpool m/w that is 7 years old. Not had a lick of problems until a few days ago. Went to turn off the 2 under cabinet lights and heard a ‘pop’. Now nothing works, clock, lights, fan, or microwave. 2 appliance repair guys said it sounded like a bad fuse. I pulled the control panel and there are 3 fusee (1 ceramic that sits vertically and 2 glass ones) that are encased in plastic holders and lie horizontally. I pulled the first glass one and it is fine, wire is not broken and ohmmeter at appliance store shows it’s fine. Pulled the ceramic one and it is also good. Almost afraid to pull the last glass one since if it also turns out good..what could the issue be???

  182. Billl Says:

    Whirlpool Over Stove F7 issues – Runs- no heat then F7. model GH5184

    I have this issue too. It may sound stupid, but does this happen when the unit is really cold… like in the winter and early morning? Mine is an over-the-stove unit and warming up the microwave with the gas stove makes it work. Open the door too to warm the innards. Forget Whirlpool Factory repair. They are morons who farm this stuff out to incompetants. Hope this works for you.


  183. Bill Platt Says:

    Bill – appreciate your reply. However, I discovered that the 3rd fuse is not a glass one but also ceramic (though smaller than the other ceramic one). Took it to the appliance repair place and it was found to be bad. A new one has been ordered and should be in this Wednesday. Hopefully, should do the trick.

  184. Naveed Says:

    Hi – I have a Panasonic Inverter GD566 – the problem I have is that the microwave runs for about 30 seconds and then turns off – The light goes off but sounds continues until I turn it off from the main socket. Can anyone help on this matter?

  185. Peter O Says:

    I have a Goldstar mv1604st overhead microwave. The display is stuck on “Select Start or Power lever 0:07″. However, nothing on the keypad seems to work. I try holding down the stop (lock) button to take off a child safety lock if it is activated and that doesn’t help either. I have unplugged it for over 24 hours (hoping to “reset” it) and when I plug it back in the same message come up. Any suggestions?

  186. Kathe Says:

    My Maytag Over Range microwave quit working – wont come on at all. The outlet works and no breakers were blown. 2 days ago I noticed moisture in the door after boiling a bunch of water. The moisture is gone but still not coming on. Help!

  187. Kelly Says:

    We have a panasonic over the range microwave model number NNS255WF it has stopped working and we suspect we have blown a fuse. We don’t know where the fuse is so we can replace it any help would be great.

  188. gary Says:

    My panasonic micrwave inverter stays on for less than a min. Then I get H98 on my screen. Is that something that can be repaired at home? THANKS

  189. Jesse Says:

    I have a GE Microwave, it made a noise and then stopped working. I replaced both fuses, I was able to reset the clock, but when I attempted to use it, it did the same thing over again and stopped working.
    Model – JVM1850sh06

  190. Don Zen Says:

    2005 Maytag microwave started to make grinding nose and smoke poured out . Fire dept called lots of excitement no damage to house or Microwave. Controals work but you can smell something inside burned up. Nice looking unit would like to fix but dont know if its worth it. What do you think? Thank You DON Z.

  191. Stephanie Says:

    Bought a used GE microwave. I’ve only had it for a week. It worked fine until yesterday. When it is off, meaning plugged in but no amount of time has been entered, it makes the sound like it is on and heating. However when opening the door it stops. When you actually do put in an amount of time the light turns on, glass spins, everything works. It is only when it is at “rest” that it makes the vent sound like it’s on. I have to keep it unplugged. Can I fix this myself?

  192. Robert Taualupe Says:

    I have a Panasonic Inverter Microwave NN-S593WF. It was running good and now everything run ok except there is no heat anymore.

  193. Kathleen Says:

    My GE spacesaver microwave worked fine this a.m. Then went to use it again and upon opening the door it buzzed very loudly. Closed door and microwave went on but plate wasn’t turning. Tried to turn it off and it won’t go off. Keypads make weird buzzing noise when pressed. Clock works. Only way to turn microwave off is to throw breaker.

  194. SKye Says:

    My 2-year-old Magic Chef 700 watt microwave has developed issues over cooking anything. I can use it on high for about 10 minutes before it cuts out as though it has overheated. The top and sides of the machine are almost too hot to touch when it does this. After 15 minutes of being left alone and occasionally fanning it, it will come back on. The amount of time it will run is shortening, and I am fearful that it is dangerous to use. Any advice?

  195. Jacki Says:

    I have a Magic Chef 1100 watt microwave, model #MCD1611ST, aprox. six to eight years old. Never had any problems with it. The other night, while the microwave was not in use,and no other appliances were running, I opened the door to the microwave and the kitchen breaker tripped. After resetting the breaker, the microwave has power, the digital display, timer and clock all work, but nothing happens after pressing the start button. Looking closely at the door locks where the door shuts, the top lock appears to have some wear. Before I buy a new microwave I’d like to know if a faulty door switch could have caused this. The worrisome part is that simply opening the door to the non-running microwave overloaded the breaker. That makes me thing it may be a more serious issue. Thanks.

  196. Garrett Says:

    My Whirlpool model #MH6150XHQ-1 is flasing light and making electrical poping noises like its shorting out.

  197. d osborne Says:

    I have a Kenmore microwave model 665 61701100 serial XC L 25 22525 the light blub went out and I want to replace it how?

  198. Diane Says:

    Hello, we have a Whirlpool Gold Over-The-Range micro/hood combo GH5184XPB4. We have had it for 4 1/2 years. 2 weeks ago, it stopped heating to its fullest. Instead of 1 minute to reheat a cup of coffee, it take 4 and it still isn’t that hot. Help?!

  199. Darlene Price Says:

    I have 2 mw one is a convection when it is on for a long time stream comes out the top of the door, and it arks on almost everything I put in.

    the other one doesn’t heat anymore when you hit the power level button it says it cant be changed at this time. any thought on them. thanks

  200. Jay Nichols Says:

    For all you folks posting here….. Have you noticed that only QUESTIONS have been posted here in the last few years? No answers, no help, only questions. Nobody is monitoring this forum. This is the cyber equivalent of standing in a dark alley at night calling for help. No one is coming. I posted a question a year and a half ago, but no response from anyone. I did fix my problem, was a leaking wire that finally shorted and started sparking. (wire from capacitor was rubbing on the metal frame… poor design) Only damage was to the wire, so repaired and has been working fine for the last 14 months.
    That’s my story, and about the only help you will get here.

  201. Rizvi Says:

    I have a Frigidaire over the range microwave, when I close the door its fan motor starts running without pressing any buttons on the front panel and magnetron never kicks on and heats up the food. Front panel works just fine if you open the door. But when I close the door fan motor turns on and than front panel locks up. This model is 5 years old. Model # FMV157GCA
    Somebody please answer if the door switches are bad or is there any big problem or I might have replace the whole unit.

  202. Jay Nichols Says:

    You can’t fix stupid.

  203. Rizvi Says:

    Jay nichols is an ass hole

  204. Jay Nichols Says:

    Maybe so Rizvi, but I’m smart enough to realize that nothing will come of posting here. Other than making a fool of yourself.

  205. b nelson Says:

    I have a GE over the range microwave. It is at least 2 1/2 years old. It is making howling noises when I use express cook time.

  206. Jeanne Gibbs Says:

    My microwave won’t turn on. Galanz/Model #P60D17L-D4

  207. suzy Says:

    I have a west bend micro wave about 1yr old model EM925AJW-P1 it some times show numbers like 1- 2- or 3- and it won’t work for a while what do this mean. should I get a new one. Thank You

  208. Paul Says:

    I have a magic chef microwave. I went to turn the night light on and it appeared the light blew out. There was a flash and a pop. I thought, no big deal, need a new bulb. However, later that day when I went to use it, I turned it on and the interior light did not come on, the microwave made a much lower tone noise than usual, the table doesnt turn and it super heats one small section of the food super super fast, like within 5 seconds. Any ideas what this could be? The display and buttons all work normally.

  209. Alison Says:

    We purchased a Bosch:800 Series HMB8050 Built-in Microwave on 6/2010. On 5/4/2011, their service contractor changed a blown fuse and again on 10/30/2013. It stopped working 2 weeks latter. On 12/09/2013, they came out and replaced the PC board and fan. That cost me $99. Five days latter, the glass plate and light would not turn off. Now, they’re telling me that it’s considered a new work order and that I would have to pay for all service charges and parts. Do you think it’s the control panel?

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