Repairing The Hinge On Your Oven Door And More

432604_timer1.jpg  Often times, an oven will not heat correctly or it will not function correctly due to the hinge on the unit.  The hinge, which is the metal piece that folds back and forth to allow the door to open and close can be damaged or broken off.  When this happens, it can throw everything else off line as well.  In most cases, the problem is easy to fix.  The goal will be to determine if the hinge is the problem with your oven temperature or if there could be another problem lurking behind this.

Repairing Or Replacing A Hinge
The process of replacing a hinge is rather straight forward.  In most cases, the door to the oven will come off if you pull it straight up and out of the hinge.  If the hinge is attached to both sides, the door and the oven itself, then you will need to remove the attaching screws to remove the hinge.  Once you have the door off the unit, you can easily see what you are doing.  Is the hinge broken? Is it simply misaligned?  If broken, the hinge can easily be replaced.  If the hinge is not aligned properly, you can realign it or you can replace it.
When replacing a hinge look for an identical product which generally includes knowing the model number, brand and other important facts about the oven.  Once you have the hinge, the process is a matter of removing the old hinge and putting on the new one, which amounts to removing screws and replacing with a new hinge.  But, you may also have to take into consideration your needs for alignment.  Be careful to align the hinge evenly otherwise the oven door will not properly close, which could cause additional heating problems in the unit.  Align the unit so that all of the gaskets on the door lay flat against the oven wall, without being pressed in too difficultly.

Is That Enough?

Sometimes, the hinge is not the problem with the closing of the door properly so that the oven will heat properly.  It could be that the oven door is not closing because the gaskets are damaged.  Examine the gaskets.  Do they lay flat against the oven wall or do they gap?  Are there any rips, tears or other problems with the gaskets?  They should be soft and pliable, not hard.  If any of these problems exist replace the gaskets on the oven door to gain increase temperature control.
You should also make sure that any seals and walls on the oven are cleaned properly.  When there is debris caught either on the edges, in the hinge or in the gaskets, this can cause for an uneven heating of the unit as well.  Wiping clean with a towel and warm water is all that is needed to repair this problem. 
If you find additional problems with the unit or you still can not determine why the unit is not functioning at its best, consult the professionals.

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