Solution for a broken glass cook top

Something fell down on the glass top and now the glass is cracked or in pieces. Happens more often than you may think.

Two options come to mind:

1) Replace the whole cook top – It’s only been a few years since you bought it and it wasn’t cheap. $400? $750? Over a grand? Ouch!

2) Replace the glass top itself – Some people may be scared of this option. Where do I get one? How do I replace it? Seems kinda difficult… Not really. Replacing the top is easier than you may think. First, disconnect the power to the cooktop, range, whatever the appliance is. Then…

  • If it’s a range, there is usually a couple of screws that hold the front of the top down, remove the screws, lift the front of the top and pull it out from the back hinges. Install the new top, make sure there are no loose wiring.
  • If it’s a cooktop, you may have to lift the cooktop out of the cabinet to replace the glass. Ha! Where is the promised simplicity?! Ok, ok, it’s a little more difficult than replacing a top on a range, but still pretty managable. After making sure that the power to the cooktop has been turned off, open the cabinet and look up. There should be a couple of brackets that secure the cooktop. Remove the brackets, carefully lift the top and set it on the counter top (put a towel on the counter top first). It gets easier… replace the glass top (make sure there is no loose or exposed wiring), set the cooktop back in the counter, secure it with brackets as was before, and double check your work.

For some reason, most appliance parts suppliers look at replacement glass tops as huge money makers, pricing them at double or even triple the regular price. Why pay more? Check with AppliancePartsPros.com. You might save $50 or sometimes as much as $250 on a new glass top. They won’t even charge you extra for shipping unlike others, even though it’s a bulky item. Enter your model number here (or use the search box at the top of this page), you’ll see the price, availability and color options for the new glass top.

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  1. M OConnor Says:

    Dropped cast iron pan on glass cook top of free standing Jen Air range and craked in several areas. Cannot find out if it can be replaced, or the cost. The model #is JES9800AAB. Range is only about 5 yrs old. No dials on top only glass except for vent space.
    Thanks for any help.

  2. appliancejournal Says:

    Yes, the glass top can be replaced. See #8 at the following link: http://www.appliancepartspros.com/partsearch/model.aspx?diagram_id=688154&&model_id=48229 This is your JES9800AAB model. Part number for black glass top is AP3790484 (http://www.appliancepartspros.com/partsearch/ctrfs.aspx?part_id=3790484&&model_id=48229&diagram_id=688154).

  3. cindy Says:

    Dropped hammer on glass cooktop (long story). I can’t seem to find the exact replacement part. Any help?
    Whirlpool Gold. Black glass. Part number: GLD3044L

    I’ve searched everywhere.

  4. Jerry Enoch Says:


    When I had a problem with my cooktop, I called Whirlpool’s customer service. They were very helpful.

    Good luck!

    - Jerry

  5. Ginger Fritz Says:

    Purchased a brand new LG 30″ Radiant Cooktop with touch controls (model number LCE3081ST). Accidentally dropped putting it in and the corner of the cooktop is broken. Can you tell me if the top glass can be replaced and if so, how much it costs? I was not able to find the parts on the website.

  6. Stefan Drege Says:

    Just replaced the glass on the top of a Bosch 30″ cooktop (Cooktop wasdamaged in shipping). When I opened it up it seemed a daunting task. Took a picture of the old one (and layout of compoents, and satred deinstalling from one and installing on the other. Not a big deal, really, although it looked scary in the beginning. All works now!

  7. paula norman Says:

    chipped the side of glass top , is there any kind of glass filler,

  8. pam Says:

    For Whirlpool Appliances problems, skip customer service and go to Whirlpool Exec Office. Explain the problem and they will help you. Ask for free replacement parts. Their number is 1-866-817-5404

  9. Chris Says:

    Did you manage to fix your glass worktop? If so how? Would love to get your help here! Thanks. Chris

  10. Chris Says:

    That was for Paula Norman!!

  11. Tammy Says:

    My glasstop stove cracked when a spice bottle fell out of my cabinet and now it’s full blown broke…the glass that is. The burners stillwork. It is a GE Model J B575G0S4BK Serial # HH249456Q. Can the glasstop only be replaced and how, please ??????

    Thank you.

  12. TP Says:

    My GE (Model# JBP69BH2BB) glasstop has cracked at several places. What GE part number can I replace the top with?

  13. appliancejournal Says:

    TP, your replacement glass top is number 51 on this diagram: http://www.appliancepartspros.com/partsearch/model.aspx?model_id=5214741&diagram_id=22442025#d22442025 (there are three color options, I’m assuming you need black).

  14. appliancejournal Says:

    Tammy, B575G0S4BK does not come up. Please double check the model number and enter it here: http://www.appliancepartspros.com

  15. James M Says:

    My range top is NLA – no longer available. What do I do now? I’m going to call a local glass supply shop, but what are the chances they can put in a black piece of glass?

  16. John Bowler Says:

    I have a small chip on my GERange glass top. Is there some kind of
    filler that I can use (Black) as apposed to buying a whole new top
    for 675 Dollars?

  17. Angie Says:

    I need to replace the left side of my cooktop stove. I understand I need to replace the top assembly, is there a trick? It looks like there is some kind of adhesive that holds the top to the counter. It’s a Jenn Air model CVE3400B. Appreciate your advice

  18. Sheila Says:

    Found out today my cracked Kitchen Aid cooktop is still under warranty….five year warranty, in fact, and I got mine 3 years ago. Call Whirlpool at 800-253-1301 and they will send you a replacement under many circumstances. You do have to pay for installation but according to this websit, I can probably do it myself.

  19. appliancejournal Says:

    Let us know how it goes, Sheila.

  20. heather Says:

    I have a newer glass top convection oven. I used a new cheap ballarini pan a few times until yesterday when the writing on the bottom seemed to melt and stick to the just buffed thoroughly cleaned glass top surface, after letting the pan cool I went to clean it and noticed that something was stuck to bottom of the pan and it had melted and adhered a piece of the glass to the bottom of the pan. Now in the middle of the burner is a little hole where the piece of glass is missing. I’m am upset about this and feel that Ballarini should fix my stove {can not find any contact info on the company] . Has anyone ever heard of a similar freak situation?

  21. heather Says:

    Is there a fill that could fill in this small hole in the middle of my burner?

  22. Sheila Says:

    Posted back on Oct. 28. Whirlpool sent new cooktop overnight! I was amazed. Have NOT replaced it yet but it looks like a very easy job. Will post back when I have completed the task. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, call the manufacturer. It was a no questions asked conversation with good results.

  23. heather Says:

    Thanks for the reply, I will check into it.

  24. Michele Says:

    We have a Jenn-Air Electric Downdraft Range 8101P700-60… just dropped a cast iron lid towards the front of the glass top — now chipped with two hairline cracks. Entire family coming for thanksgiving in 3 days…OK to use it?

    And once Thanksgiving is over, can it the top be replaced?


  25. Gary Says:

    Like Heather I had a piece of my glass cook top adhear to the bottom of a well used pancake griddle on Christmas morn. I was able to heat up the griddle and dislodge the glass chip with a razor blade but I do not know how I will “glue” it in place. If I find a filler I will post it.

  26. stupidbrats Says:

    I was boiling some bratwursts in beer on my kitchenaid glass cooktop and the beer ran over. This cracked the glass. It cracked in almost a complete circle around the base of the pot. Not sure if it was because it was beer or if it will do the same with any liquid. Does anyone know for future refernce? Also would like to note that it only ran over for about 3-5 seconds and I hadn’t drank any beer until the depression of the costly mistke kicked in. Live n learn.

  27. appliancejournal Says:

    What kind of beer was it? Sorry, bad joke.

    If you pour liquid on heated glass, the glass will probably crack, especially if the liquid was cold.

  28. stupidbrats Says:

    It wasn’t cold……it was boiling beer. The reason I posted was because this never happened when water boils over. Does anyone have an explanation? Is it something on a molecular level or the carbonation maybe? The reason would be helpful for everyone who reads this “cracked cooktop” thread.

  29. Hugh Says:

    Here’s a new one: Our Jennair glass top cracked after having been replaced under warranty. It turns out the repair guy didn’t use the foam base — so it cracked. The installer (Betty’s) can’t find a replacement since Jennair doesn’t make it any more and doesn’t really care because they only warrant their work for 90 days (as if I’d know to inspect for the foam base in 90 days!) Looks like they win again! Any ideas?

  30. CWH Says:

    I’m wondering why I thought it was a good idea to buy a ceramic cooktop. Once again, an item fell from my cabinet and broke it. The manufacturer was delightful to replace it the first time under warranty. But obviously, this just isn’t a good material for a work area such as a kitchen. If you haven’t bought such a cooktop, don’t. If I’m going to pay money to replace anything, it won’t be more ceramic. It will be for stainless steel that will last me 30 years and look nice.

  31. Emily Says:

    just dropped a 7 lb frozen chicken on my 10 yr old JennAir glass top range. model # JER8855, i’m not able to find the exact replacement for it. anyone have any ideas? thanks

  32. appliancejournal Says:

    Emily, choose your model from the two options here: http://www.appliancepartspros.com/partsearch/modelsearch.aspx?model=JER8855

    The replacement cooktop is available.

  33. Ramay Says:

    Just got a call from my hubby, he bymistake dropped my new glass leaf shapped bowl on to the glass cook top. The edge has cracked, will need to atleast fill the crack. Can anyone suggest what kind of filling can be used.

  34. Emily Says:

    just a follow up to my post, ordered a replacement cooktop from sites listed above, $250, received it in less than a week, and hubby replaced it himself in less than 15 minutes. easy

  35. Nancy Says:

    I too have the 1/4 inch hole in my cooktop thanks to paint from a boiled-dry pan adhering to the glass. Still no suggestions for filling the hole? I could use it, probably, at risk of a big crack should anything spil over on it while hot. This is part of a drop-in range, very expensive in total. It also looks like the range is held in place by resting the glass part on the countertop, so replacing the glass only might not be possible. Any ideas? Even if I claimed under homeonwners insurance, I hate to replace the entire cooktop/convection oven, since everything else is working fine.

  36. Leeann Says:

    Help! Dropped a bottle of olive oil and busted my glass top. Can’t find references anywhere for it in searches, model # is burned off the oven door. Manual is from 1992. Manual is for KitchenAid 30″ Electric Freestanding Range. Glass top is fractured in three places, between all the burners. Is it going to be cheaper to replace the whole thing? I bet there are no longer parts available… Thank you for your time!

  37. appliancejournal Says:


    If your range was made in 1992, the glass top is probably still available. However, without the model number it would be next to impossible to find the right one. Does the manual have any model numbers listed in it?

  38. Lori Says:

    SAme thing as a couple of other people. Husband dropped a spice on the ceran top and it cracked like a spider web. It is a whirlpool. Is what I am seeing true? Is it going to cost me $400-500 to replace the glass:{

  39. appliancejournal Says:

    Lori, not all glass is $400-$500. In fact, most are about half that. Enter your cooktop model here http://www.appliancepartspros.com and see exactly how much the new top glass is. You can then decide whether it makes sense to fix it or replace the cooktop.

  40. Greg Mal Says:

    I have a GE Glass cooktop (model jp989bk1bb) with cracked glass top. Do you only have to purchase the glass top? Would you know the part number? It is black

  41. Sandra Says:

    Thank you so much! We put a hot lid on the stove and it created a vacuum or something and shattered the top. I thought we would have to replace the entire thing, but after reading this we ordered the part and replaced it ourselves. I don’t think we would have even tried unless we read this article. Thanks again!

  42. Lorene Says:

    Thank you Appliancejounal.com!! The repairman quoted $582 to replace the glass cooktop on my Frigidaire stove. Your price for the part is $237 and even offer technical support if my husband needs to call for assistance in installing it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

  43. renae Says:

    we have had our convection oven for almost 10 years. works really well but recently the glass stove top got broken. we were looking to replace just the stove top but somebody recommended buying another stove because its only a matter of time before the clock goes out. he tried to tell us that if it does then the oven will stop working. does that sound right to you or is he just tryin to get a sale?

  44. appliancejournal Says:

    If the oven is only 10 years old I would assume the clock is a digital board. With boards, or computers, you can’t predict when it will fail. It could be 15 years old or fresh out of the store. There is nothing in the board that will wear out. In many cases, oven boards fail due to overheating which usually comes from using the self cleaning feature. I say if you like the oven – replace the broken glass. If you’re ready for something new – buy a new oven.

  45. NICOLE Says:


  46. dale hill Says:

    my fridgeaire glass cooktop was broken by renters can they ciontinue using the top while i order a replacement top

  47. Louis Says:

    The glass is cracked on my Kenmore Elite model 911.44033100. Otherwise works fine. What would it cost to replace the glass? Will it be a Kenmore branded replacement? Look the same?

    Finally, would it be easy for me to replace the glass myself?

  48. Karen Says:

    Just dropped the sugar bowl on glass cooktop which chipped the edge and ran a crack across the top. I realize I can’t use the stovetop until it’s replaced, but can I use the oven without causing more damage?

  49. Lisa Says:

    cracked the glass top on my LG range. I know I can not use the glass top to cook today, BUT can I use the oven. Just checking for safety…… Thanks.

  50. AW Says:

    We have a GE glass cooktop and I am trying to find out if anyone knows an estimated cost for labor to replace the cooktop

  51. ebeck Says:

    Just called Whirlpool @ 1800-253-1301

    If the crack is “thermal damage” then it is covered by your warranty. If it was “impact damage” then you are responsible.

    When you call them have a serial # and address so they can tell you how far along you are on the warranty.

    A service technician will have to go to your home to assess the damage. Whirlpool does not have their own technician so you will have to pay for someone to come out. The prices vary. This technician will give a specialized opinion on the damage, research the costs of fixing etc.

    So that’s all the information I gathered from my call.

  52. kisha Says:

    I am renting an apartment and I accidentally dropped something on the glasstop and totally broke it! Where would I find the model numbers to see if I can replace the glass?

  53. elizabeth Says:

    Few months ago I bought Kitchen aid range with ceramic cooktop. By accident I scratch glass.do you have any idea how much will be cost replacemnt.is it easy to do by yourself.

  54. Sunny Says:

    we got same problem with our maytag electric range. Top glass got few cracks. I called many part suppliers but this part is discontinued.
    Looking for top glass for MER5755AAB , part number – 74003961.

    I am thinking of using “high temp glue for glass” and fix the glass so that i don’t need to buy new appliance immidiately. I don’t know if it is a good idea. Any comment please.

  55. michelle ericson Says:

    I need to replace the glass top to my whirlpool electric range model number 9763001A. Any suggestions?

  56. Jim Says:

    I have a GE Profile cooktop (JGP970BEK2BB). How do you remove the glass from the steel control and gas line box? Also what part number do you use for the glass? Figure I’d look before I leeped.

  57. Ashley Says:

    I have accidently smashed the glass cook top when trying to cut a pumpkn. SIGH! Where to I look to find the make/ model number? Also, I am in New Zealand. DO you send them here??

  58. Harland Rubner Says:

    Thank God! Someone with brains speaks!

  59. Lindsay Says:

    The glass top of my Frigidaire FES367ASF stove was heating up and *pop* it cracked! I tried to replace the whole stove, but for some reason, the height isn’t right. So it looks like I need to replace the top. Not sure how to replace it and if I need more parts than just the glass top?

  60. Lori Says:

    How do I find out the parts # for my glass from my Kenmore 790.92903010. Dropped something on the top while it was hot and now it has a crack down the middle. It doesn’t affect the burners and they still work. Do I have to replace the whole “Maintop” or can I just replace the glass?

  61. Nancy Says:

    I have a Whirlpool glass top stove model number WFE324LWQ that the glass got broke. Looking for the cheapest glass top replacement I don’t want to have to pay 400.00 to replace it. Can anyone help I anot having any luck.

  62. nancyg Says:

    Wish I had read this blog before I bought a glass top.. was cleaning and a bottle tipped over and cracked the top. I wonder if what they do to windshilds would work on the glasstop. I have a downdraft (seperate from oven) and sure wish I did not have to replace..If I do, it will not be a glass top..ANY SUGGESTIONS

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  64. Curt Says:

    Shattered GE Glass cook top. Model #wb61k5026. Part has been discontinued. Any ideas on where I can find it?

  65. Jayme Says:

    Still waiting for a filler solution…why are the only help suggestions coming in suggest replacement. The crack and chip is too small to replace the entire range; that would be very wasteful. Please, some filler suggestions for a black glass range with a chip nowhere near the heating elements…

  66. Ericka Says:

    Have a new Maytag 30 inch smooth surface freestanding electric range in white… our son just dropped a jelly jar and demolished it. I cannot find the part on APP… it is a ceramic 5 burner top. I am shuddering at the thought of what the cost will be.. Any help finding a replacement will be much appreciated.
    Thank you!

  67. Nik Says:

    The Ceramic cook top of my Magic Chef Model 7898XRA ( Mfg Part # 74001053 ) has suddenly developed very huge cracks w/o apparent reason while cooking, and needs replacing. The part shows discontinued. Can you help ?

  68. Lucero Says:

    Have a Maytag 30 inch smooth surface freestanding electric range in white. One day I heard an un-commun crack in the kitchen and couldn’t figure out what it was until a week later when I noticed the glass on the stove had cracked. No apparent reason since not heavy objects were drop on top. Is it possible that the heat was just too high? The only other explanation is that I moved the stove to clean underneath, could that have cause the glass to brake? Also, I use a grill on top b/c I don’t like pans on the direct heat (I just can’t get use to electric stoves) is that a bad idea? to place a grill between the burner and the pan?
    Thank you!

  69. David Trebacz Says:

    I recently replaced the broken glass on my electric cooktop and put together pictures and a video showing how I did it. Hopefully the pictures and the video will be applicable to your cooktop. It sounds like most models are similar.

    The blog post with pictures is here:

    Search for Google for: “How to DIY Replacing Whirlpool Electric Cooktop Glass – Model RCC3024″

    The video is linked to from there -the blog above, but it’s also on YouTube:
    Search YouTube for – “Whirlpool Cooktop Broken Glass Replacement”

    I was looking for something like this when I was trying to replace the glass on mine. Hope the pictures and video help your DIY efforts.

  70. Jena Says:

    The glass stove tip was broken when a bottle of wine was dropped in accident where do you find the numbers on the range you need This us the only number I can find pt#3196685 on the inside of the stove door. Whirlpool gold

  71. Evie Says:

    My cracked jenn air stove top stop heating 2 days ago. The “on” light is red but the burner is not working. What should I do? Help anyone!

  72. gwyn Says:

    hello,please help,my disabled son accidently dropped a small jar onto glass top,full cooker,make zanussi double oven.this has caused some hair line cracks,size of the roundness top of baked beans can.and there is a small chip has gone through,hole is the size of a match tip it all works.is there a glass glue,that will seel this small hole on hob.if this is not posible,do you now
    of a company that sells,replacment glass.size of cocker width is 60.hope you can help.thank you gwyn.

  73. DAN Says:


  74. DAN Says:


  75. Erin Reed Says:

    The glass top of our Amana self cleaning oven by maytag appliances model number ACS 4250AB is cracked. We are looking for a glass cooktop replacement 31×26 in(black) Do you know where we could find this part. Thank you.

  76. Inspire Says:

    Thank you mate! This is exactly what I was looking for.

  77. Wayne Says:

    I have Frigidaire mod# FED367ASD, serial NF22806938, ceramic stovetop. Can I replace it with a metal eye style stovetop and if so what model?

  78. Jeff Says:

    Has anyone had a 18g stainless steel cooktop machined to match the broken glass piece? Seems like it would look sharp, be much less expensive, and more durable.

    If anyone has done this, I would love to see a photo!

  79. tony Says:

    The glass top on my Frigidare FPES3085KFF cracked. Not sure how it happened, but noticed it when I was wiping it down. Is it possible to replace it myself?

  80. Mika Says:

    My Amana stovetop ceramic cracked. Hairline cracks near burner. The model number is ACT100WW and I checked the replacement, however, no longer available from manufacturing and no one has it in stock. Can we use some filler to fix or somehow we can just get ceramic coating? If we need to replace this stovetop, we have to replace whole counter top because the stove size is odd and newer model won’t fit without replacing whole counter… This will be so expensive… Please help!!

  81. lynda jones Says:

    i have broke the glass top on my jennaire range. can i order the
    parts to convert it to the cartridge inserts?

  82. Deborah Says:

    My Refridare glass top cracked from the front to the back of the stove top. Model #fefl79hba. Didn’t drop anything on it. I turned one of the elements on there was a loud pop. I was surprised to see that it cracked. Anyway, my question is there anyway to change from glass top to electric element top. I have had this stove only 5 years. I am not impressed with glass tops.

  83. Mario Says:

    Hi. I have a glass 30″ cooktop that cracked. The part number is 740085848 model MER5775QCF and is not available anymore. I was wondering if there is a replacement part for it. I don’t care where the circles are placed on the top if that would help as long as it is white.

  84. Dave Says:

    I purchased a damaged BOSCH NEM3064UC off eBay can I replace the ceramic top… Left bottom corner is cracked… Not by the element just in the corner

  85. heston Says:

    I boiling some water and spaghetti noodles. after when I was cleaning I thought it was dirt on the burner but when I scraped it off with a razor found out it was melted glass leaving 1/4 inch hole in my burner area. is this from defective glass?

  86. tom Says:

    Dropped a frypan and shattered the cooktop between burners. One crack reaches almost right across the top. Kenmore model C970-441692 apparently made by Frigidaire. Is there a diagrammatic available of how to replace this myself and a good source for this part in Canada. It is still on extended warranty but I doubt they would provide a replacement?

  87. Linda Says:

    Chipped corner of glass top range ?Kitchen aid can it be repaired?

  88. Jennifer Says:

    We have a Whirlpool Whirlpool RF368LXPQ1 – the back left eye…just broke. Nothing fell, neither the stove top was on, nor the oven. Strange. We were told the cook top needed to be replaced. Is this true? Or can we just replace the glass? The replacement cook top is between $300-$400. Please help! Thanks!

  89. jyoti pandiya Says:

    my induction cooker model SF-IC02.glass is cracked. .it may be changed.& what the cost of glass. please help me.

  90. An Says:

    May glasstop for maytag range cracked. I can’t find the replacement anywhere. Any suggestions? Is it worth repairing?
    Model MER5875QAF

  91. appliancejournal Says:

    An, unfortunately the manufacturer has discontinued the white replacement top for your model. The black one is still available. It’ll fit, if you don’t mind the color change: http://www.appliancepartspros.com/whirlpool-top-assembly-black-74008546-ap4098686.html

  92. Shari Says:

    Glass cooktop broken last weekend by ??? We had lots of company in and out of the house – who knows what happened. Just happened to notice the fine cracks. It is a Samsung Electric Convection/Conventional Range Model Number FE710DRS, only 15 months old. I can’t find a replacement part number for it. Any ideas out there?

  93. dot Says:

    I have a model 970689420 Kenmore electric range and the ceramic top is cracked in one corner. Can this be replaced? If so, where do I get the parts?

  94. Sean Says:

    I need to replace the glass in a Whirlpool GJC3034HP4 but can’t seem to find a replacement. Any help would be appreciated.

  95. Kelli Van Doren Says:

    My cooktop just cracked tonight. Nothing dropped on it.

    I have a Kenmore model number 790.9621. The top part number is 316456256. Do you carry that part?



  96. Tom Says:

    I have a brand new (10 days old)JennAire induction cooktop model JIC4430XB. The corner of the glass is broken. Not a chip, but a chunk. Since I broke it, household harmony depends on the answeres to the following questions. How complicated is it to replace the glass? is it as easy as removing the six torx screws holding the glass to the frame or is there something more involved? Is the user interface attached to the underside of the glass?

  97. Tom Says:

    I have a brand new (10 days old)JennAire induction cooktop model JIC4430XB. The corner of the glass is broken. Not a chip, but a chunk. Since I broke it, household harmony depends on the answers to the following questions. How complicated is it to replace the glass? is it as easy as removing the six torx screws holding the glass to the frame or is there something more involved? Is the user interface attached to the underside of the glass?

  98. aboutcooktop.blog.com Says:

    Yes! Finally something about induction cooktop.

  99. Tom Says:

    Hi aboutcooktop.blog.com. Do you have an idea about fixing this induction top?

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  101. KML Says:

    I have a Diva DDP3 induction cooktop and dropped a glass bottle on it which chipped the side of cooktop. Is there any way to repair this? Can I replace just the glass?

  102. Jan Harrison Says:

    I have a Whirlpool RCC3024GQ2 – my son cracked the glass on the cooktop. I have the part numbers for replacement but my question is the indicator light will not go off, After he broke it we turned the burners on to see if they worked, they did but the light then would not go off. I turned the power off over night thinking it would reset but when I turned it back on the light came back on. Any suggestions? Also, how hard is the top to replace?

  103. Fred Says:

    Broke my Samsung electric range’s glass top. I can’t even find it at Samsung parts.com. My model number is NE595ROABSR/AA. In fact, even the part number is elusive, (DG94-00703A ASSY COOKTOP). Can anyone help? Thanks!

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  106. Tina Says:

    After reading the posts here… the only ones answered are giving information about where to get a new glass cooktops to replace and NOT how to do any type of glass filler repair. Just saying… Form follows function, right? I now know never to purchase a glass cooktop that is not surrounded by a metal type threshold. Heavy pots, pans, etc… can always get dropped when hot!

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      [...] and just replace the glass, right? This site claims there are some brackets underneath…. Solution for a broken glass cook top*|*ApplianceJournal.com good luck! prepare [...]

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