Is Your Refrigerator Frosting Up? What To Do

381893_34537185-fridge3.jpg Frost is a response to the cold air and the moisture in a unit.  Frost is a signal to you that you need to get some help for your unit.  The refrigerator is an appliance that has the ability to last for a long time, but only when you provide it with the best possible care.  Noticing a large amount of frost is something you need to take care of and do it as soon as possible.

Older models of refrigerators just did this and you manually needed to clean it off.  Today’s models really shouldn’t have much frost in them.  In fact, today’s models of refrigerators and freezers actually have defrost cycles in which they will defrost themselves to keep this very problematic situation at bay.  Therefore if you see a large amount of frost, you need to take action. 
Consider these possible problems and take action to repair them.

  • Is the door open quite a bit?  If so, this can cause frost from too much outside air getting into the unit and it being unable to compensate for it.  Keep the door closes as much as possible.
  • Is the door properly shutting?  Look at the outside edges of the door.  The gaskets there need to lay completely flat against the unit.  A small rip or gap can cause the entire refrigerator to be off temperature.  Clean all debris from them using mild detergent and warm water.  If there are tears in the gasket, they need to be replaced.  Also, press on them.  Do they bounce back or are they hard?  If they are hard or they don’t bounce back, replace them.
  • Are foods properly covered when placed into the refrigerator?  Foods, especially liquids or moisture rich foods that are left uncovered can easily cause frost in your refrigerator.  Keep all foods tightly covered and allow them to temp before you place them into your refrigerator.  This means to allow hot foods to come down in temperature before placing them into the refrigerator.
  • Are your drains free and clear?  Refrigerators drain excess water down into these drains.  If the drain is clogged, this can be a problem for the water.  Where else can it go? It frosts up in your refrigerator because of its exposure to the cold.  Simply cleaning the drain and making sure it is open will do all the work you need it to.
  • The defrost timer may not be working.  When all of these other situations prove fruitless, it could be that your refrigerator has a defrost timer that simply is not working or working correctly.  You can replace the timer yourself, with a bit of skill.  Or, you may want to call a professional to have this done.
  • The heater or the thermostat could be not working or damaged.  These regulate the temperature in the refrigerator and therefore could potentially cause a frost situation when they aren’t working properly.  Here, you may need a professional to handle the repair or replacement of these parts.

When your refrigerator frosts up take notice.  Make repairs as necessary to keep the unit working correctly.  If you don’t, you could potentially shorten the lifespan of the unit.

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