How Much Can You Expect to Pay as a Service Charge on a Home Repair?

771441_on_the_phone.jpg      When it comes to your service charge, there is pretty wide range of what you can expect to pay for a home repair. It really varies according to the company and the type of home repair you are having them do. Before you call out your next repair service professional, you should learn something about service charges and have an idea of what you can expect to pay.

The more you learn about your service charge, what it is and what the average price is to expect to pay, you will be well on your way to making appointments with the service providers that you need.
What is a Service Charge?
What is the service charge that you get charged? Basically, it is the fee that is charged when someone must come out to your home to repair something. It may be to check on a part of your home or to check on appliances that can not easily be moved or taken to a shop- such as your washer and dryer, stove and refrigerator, etc.
Often the repair technician or professional is providing the service of their expertise and experience in the field that you have called them to help with. They often make service calls and then never have to actually repair things. This “service charge” is a way to help pay their salary, gas for coming to your home and other fees associated with running a repair business.
How Much is the Average Service Charge
Service charges will vary quite a bit but you can usually expect somewhere between $25 and $50 base for coming out to your home. Many appliance repair shops will charge a minimum $25 service charge for coming to evaluate your washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator or other appliance. Sometimes roofing companies charge $30 and up. They may charge more because it will require someone actually going onto your roof.
In some cases, if the person you call is a private contractor or the owner of the business, they may offer lower service charges of only $10 or $15 but in most cases you can expect for it to be at least $25. In other cases, it can even be $50 or more, depending on the type of repair and what is being looked at.
If they make a house call only to discover they cannot fix your problem or that your problem is something simple that didn’t really require any repairs, they will charge you only the service charge. In some cases, the service charge is dropped or reduced if you have a high repair job. It all depends on the company you are enlisting to do your repairs.
You should now feel more comfortable in your ability to predict your service charge and understand what the service charge is for now. If you have any specific questions about the service charge on a home repair, you should ask the company or individual before you have them come out to your home.

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