How to fix a noisy LG Dryer

As time passes, your quiet and smooth-running LG dryer will no doubt learn some bad habits. You may be unaware of the gradual increase in noise emanating from your machine; one day however, you will suddenly become aware of your noisy old dryer.  If it sounds like you’ve left a pair of tennis shoes in your dryer  – and there is nothing in the load seemingly able to make such racket – you have a problem. Your machine should make a little more noise as it ages, though – it should not be that excessive. It is clear something needs to be done, still, don’t make any hasty decisions – there is plenty of life in the machine yet.  Most dryer repairs are simple and LG dryer parts are available for purchase.

A few problems can cause such noise; the first thing to check is the condition of the dryer drum. Drums are created by bending sheet metal into a cylindrical shape. This means there is always a seam somewhere on the drum. This seem can, over time, start to separate or warp. Noise is then created as the drum’s seam catches the machine’s rollers on every revolution. The problem ends up getting worse and the noise level increases. There is also a chance of prematurely wearing the rollers. Look for any discrepancies in the joint; it should be smooth and without damage. If your drum is faulty, it will have to be replaced. If your drum is made of stainless steel, it should be guaranteed for life – therefore you should receive a replacement from LG without charge.

Furthermore, you can check the seam’s condition by rotating the drum while noting when and where the noise is created. If the thumping noise is isolated to one part of the drum, it is likely the drum’s seam is catching the rollers. If however, you find the drum’s thumping noise is regular and unrelated to a specific section of the drum – you will have to move on and check the rollers. The rollers hold the drum in place as it spins. Machines tend to have a differing quantity and configuration of rollers. The rollers should move freely and have a smooth face. Look for any signs of excessive wear and check if there are any metal filings or particles lying on the floor of the machine.

If you cannot find any obvious signs of wear, you can try swapping identical rollers around and see if there is any difference also tighten up the axle assembly. If there is a difference when swapping drum rollers over, you will then know – they are now no longer identical and need to be replaced. It is advisable to replace all rollers at the same time as this saves having to open the dryer up again when a new problem arises. Make sure to use original LG parts. If the rollers show obvious signs of wear, check the drum again and try and see where the problem is. You will now have a better idea where to look – and you might just find a problem which was undetectable before.

If you find a problem with your drum – the rollers would probably need to be replaced as well. Make sure you replace them all and sufficiently tighten the new rollers – they have to spin freely but have no lateral movement. A wobbling roller will create noise and will wear very quickly. As with LG washer parts, dryer parts are typically inexpensive. Once you rebuild your LG dryer, your old machine will work away in relative silence. You can also put on hold any plans of buying a replacement machine. There is not much else that can go wrong with a dryer, so by carrying out all of this work – you would have successfully extended its working life.

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  1. Linda Says:

    how to install dryer roller on lg front load dryer

  2. james solomon Says:

    how do you get to the heating element on a l g dryer m d #dle2050w

  3. Mark Says:

    Our LG dryer had a noise problem that progressed to the level of requiring professional help. When the repairman took dryer apart he found a sock stuck in the vent fan. Even with the lint trap properly positioned, small, thin socks can be pulled through the cracks. The dryer works fine now.

  4. Joe Says:

    I have another solution; I hope it lasts. I used 2 wraps of Fassoon 957 HVAC tape around the back of the drum, covering the crack and making a new smooth surface for the rollers to ride on. This tape is very strong and heat resistant. As long as it can withstand the heat, I think I have solved the problem.

  5. Ron Says:

    My LG Dryer drum seems to make a noise in one spot as it rotates. Seem to be catching the roller? Does drum need to be replaced? Lifetime warranty?

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