GE Dishwasher Repair Manual (WX10X118)

This GE dishwasher repair manual provides you with all the necessary information for you to able to fix most dishwasher problems. Let’s face it, nowadays, fixing stuff yourself is cheaper and more convenient. This repair manual has a chart to help you diagnose parts, step-by-step procedures and pictures. It has tips on care and preventive maintenance to help you get rid of things like calcium and soap scum build-up. It covers most dishwashers made by GE and Hotpoint before 1990.

Made by GE. Part Number: WX10X118.

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  1. wallace sapp Says:

    dish washer fills with water but want wash. model gsd2200g00ww serial gd833766b we have had about 4 years use about 10 tines a year.

  2. appliancejournal Says:

    Post your problem at the appliance repair forum at http://forum.appliancepartspros.com

  3. Ron Brocato Says:

    Have a GE Potscrubber 640. The door spring has become unattached. Need directions to reattach.Thank You

  4. Albert Says:

    GE potscrubber 640 dishwasher doesn’t drain after washing. Can I fix it?

  5. josuel Says:

    bosch dishwasher fills with water when i use the kitchen sink via the drainage hose, is there like a check valve problem that is causing that? and how can i fix it?

  6. Aru Says:


    We have 12 year-old Bosch SMU2046U14 dishwasher. It seems to get stuck in the RINSE cycle. We have to manually turn the control knob to have it finish the RINSE cycle and go to DRYING. I looked up the “control unit” part and it costs about $180. I assume to replace it I have to take out the stainless inside cover and then replace the unit. Probably a few hours of work and the possibility of not sealing the inside cover properly.

    Is this repair worth doing or is it better to go for a new one ($500) given the age of this dishwasher?


  7. CFB Says:

    Please provide me with a location where i can find how to replace the Control Timer Module on a Bosch dishwasher

  8. CNesvig Says:

    Trying to locate user manuak for GSD. 900L20 We are reoplacing a linoleum floor with hard wood and need to know if we are able to lower the heights of the dishwasher in some way. Are there risers on these units? Are their units that ar not as high incase we need to purchase a new unit ti fit in existing space.

  9. Howard Shafran Says:

    I have a GE potscrubber 900 and it will not drain following a wash cycle

  10. Howard Shafran Says:

    I have a GE potscrubber 900 that will not drain following a wash cycle

  11. appliancejournal Says:

    CNesvig, here is your GSD900L manual http://genet.geappliances.com/DocSearch/pdf/49-5456.PDF

  12. appliancejournal Says:

    CFB, see comments in the following post: http://www.appliancejournal.com/appliance-parts/bosch-appliance-parts/bosch-dishwasher-control-module-266746-37/

  13. Freedom Fair Says:

    My dishwasher, a General Electic Pot Scrubber 600 model, will go through its normal cycle but the dishes and glasses especially, are not clean when the cycle is finished. Glasses and cups are always left with lipstick and other stains on them. How do I alleviate this problem?

  14. dwain c Says:

    For the dishes not getting clean enough, check your hard water for your area. Harder water needs more suds. You may need to ad a bit more soap.

  15. will Says:

    I am tring to determine if I need a pump/motor or the condensor. I have a GE dishwasher oderle # gsd2300n10bb

  16. JO Says:

    I have a potscrubber 700 which the spring has sprung. How do I fix it?

  17. Duane Doig Says:


  18. jamesh Says:

    My ge pot scrubber dish washer will not advance from one cycle to the next.

  19. jamesh Says:

    My GE pot scrubber dish washer will not advance through the cycles.

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