ASKO Dishwasher Recall Due to Fire (released 06-14-2007)

ASKO Dishwasher RecallAnother appliance manufacturer is recalling some of their dishwashers.

This time it’s ASKO, a swedish manufacturer that is known for their dishwashers, washers and dryers.

About 130,000 dishwashers are being recalled due to a fire hazard:

An electrical component in the dishwasher can overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

The 21 reported dishwasher fire cases caused product and property damages, but no injuries have been reported.

The recalled dishwashers include the ASKO DW95 model series with model numbers 1355, 1375, 1385, 1475, 1485, 1555, 1585, 1595, 1655, 1805, 1885, and 1895 that were manufacturered from January 1995 through April 2000 and sold at appliance stores for about $750 – $1300.

The remedy is as always:

Consumers should stop using the dishwashers immediately and contact Asko to arrange for a free inspection and repair or to participate in a rebate program.

Contact: Asko toll-free at (866) 309-9921 between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at

Editor: Many Asko dishwasher owners have already expressed their opinions by commenting below. We encourage you to comment as well.

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55 Responses to “ASKO Dishwasher Recall Due to Fire (released 06-14-2007)”

  1. margaret higgins says:

    After trying to reach Asko for weeks, I was finally able to get on their website and submit my info as I had one of the affected dishwashers. I was told I would be contacted within 5-10 business days. Never happened. Had to go purchase another dishwasher. Do I have any recourse?

  2. G.D. Neil says:

    Margaret, Unfortunately I’ve had the same experience. Multiple promises of contact from Asko but no follow up by the promise date. Yesterday I went to a local Asko dealer who does repairs (since they didn’t return my calls). The owner was quite apologetic and informed me that the replacement component is still not available. He said they will get their first shipment in 3 to 4 weeks. He said they’ve got almost two hundred people in their que and he didn’t think he would get to me before mid October. I’m using mine for now but am shoping for a replacement. Hopefully somebody will start a class action suit so we can get some recourse from these jerks.

  3. Abigail says:

    We have had the same experience exactly…nothing but run-around and no action or accountability. Unfortunately, our washer is broken completely and we are stuck. We had a repairman come out to validate that the part was needed to fix the problem. We have been dealing with this for over a month. We are trying to find contact info for the president of Asko in order to file a complaint. If anyone has info on how to reach an executive that will listen and expedite these issues, please post. Thanks.

  4. Neil Kaye says:

    Same problem here. We filled out the paperwork and have heard nothing. Until now, we had no complainst about out Asko, but now we’re looking to replace it with a Bosch. Sign us up for a class action lawsuit. Asko just blew their reputation….

  5. Jay Bailey says:

    We have been waiting for more than THREE MONTHS with no dishwasher. No date by which we’ll be able to get the parts replaced, nothing. We’ve wasted hours on the phone with this. I’ll never buy another Asko again. Bosch will be my next dishwasher too.

  6. appliancejournal says:

    I’ve been told that people from ASKO read ApplianceJournal and this post in particular. Maybe they would like to comment on this.

  7. Abigail says:

    After weeks of finally getting an ASKO repairman (whom they contracted which took the repairman 3 weeks to get the parts in order to fix which ASKO originally asked the repairman to front the $ for) out to fix the broken dishwasher, turns out that the part they sent (the timer) was faulty and did not work. Additionally, the entire machine needs rewiring and is pretty much unrepairable. The repairman was here for over 2 hours! After not having a dishwasher for 2 months I’m fed up and have to go and replace it. I’ve already filed a complaint with the BBB and hope that a class action suit comes from all of this. I’m going to try and get some type of cash credit towards a new dishwasher but I doubt they will give me money towards anything but another ASKO which we have no intentions of ever buying again. We’ve spent hours trying to pursue this issue and get it fixed only to fail. What a waste! ASKO could’ve saved themselves by addressing and helping their customers. Mistakes happen, understood. But to tolerate a complete disregard to solving their faulty equipment is unacceptable.

  8. appliancejournal says:

    We are trying to reach ASKO for a comment and will keep you updated.

  9. AM Appliance Group says:

    Please contact us at the email address provided, we would like the oppurtunity to get more detailed information and investigate your individual situations.


    Am Appliance Group
    Customer Services

  10. AM Appliance Group says:

    AM Appliance Group Customer Service email accounts


    AM Appliance Group

  11. AM Appliance Group says:

    AM Appliance Group is not experiencing any availability issues regarding our recall service kits. Orders received at our distribution center are processed and shipped overnight, for next business day delivery, enabling our independent service network to schedule the service call as soon as possible with our customers. Please contact us if you have any difficulty obtaining parts. We apologized for your inconvenience.

  12. Jay Bailey says:

    Who is “AM Appliance Group”???

  13. AM Appliance Group says:

    AM Appliance Group is the factory representative for ASKO in North America. If you could please provide us your recall service claim number we will see that your service situation is rectified immediately.

  14. appliancejournal says:

    AJ here. Please do not post any private information in your comments. If you wish to contact AM Appliance Group, use email addresses listed above or send the info to us by using our contact form and we will re-direct it to AMAG –

    I encourage you to keep us updated on the outcome of your dishwasher recall situation by posting a comment here. This information would be helpful to others with a similar situation.

    I also want to thank the folks from AMAG for responding.

  15. Jay Bailey says:

    Here is an update. AM Appliance Group sent me a cryptic email about calling the same local service provider we have already called a half dozen times, and who says they can’t get parts. Follow up emails to AM Applicance Group customer support and directly to the Director of Customer Support, Marc Bausch, have gone unanswered for two days now. I am completely disgusted with the lack of professionalism and focus from these people. I am about to rip out this ASKO unit and leave it sitting on the curb with an appropriate sign on it.

  16. Margaret M. says:

    I have one of the recalled dishwashers. Asko advertises it as lasting for 20 years. Mine is 10 years old and I have had numerous problems with it. Last year I had to replace the pump. Now it is acting up again. After the cycle is complete, it just keeps running so I have to keep the door open to stop it. Eventually after a few days it stops running and then I can use it once and the same thing happens again. Does anyone else have this problem? I am hoping the part being supplied (they are coming next week) will address this problem.

  17. Jay Bailey says:

    Update: Marc Bausch (Director of Customer Support, AMAG) called me today to address my problem. Apparently most of the issues I have had were with the local service provider. Marc has directed me to another service provider and overnighted the parts to them. I expect to get my dishwasher fixed next Wednesday. I want to thank Marc for following up, and I will update here when the unit is fixed.

  18. K. E. W. says:

    Wow! Unbelievable reading this thread and the posts following our experiences with our Asko and AM Appliance. Our Asko dishwashre actually CAUGHT ON FIRE in July.

    When it happened, we heard a strange noise coming from the kithen one night(as the dishwasher was running) – sounded kind of like a spoon caught in the garbage disposal but without the hi-pitched whine of the disposal. I didn’t think too much of it and told my girlfriend not to worry. Five minutes later she asked me if I smelled smoke.

    When we went into the kitchen the air was filled with smoke from an electrical fire. We saw it was coming from the dishwasher so I ran downstairs to hit the breaker. Next, we opened the windows and felt the outside of the door to the dishwasher- burning hot. We waited a few minutes and the smoke was clearing up and the door was beginning to cool down.

    I decided to try opening the dishwasher to make sure it wasn’t still on fire or smoking inside. Funny thing is that the handle had burned up to the point that it broke – and there was some black, oily stuff that sprayed out from the handle area. But the handle did work enough to open. Inside was fine – just steam from the dishes. But the smell of the electrical fire was still very potent near the dishwasher. After awhile, the door cooled down.

    So, luckily we were at home to hit the breaker when this happened, otherwise, our butcher block counter tops probably would have provided great tinder for a nice blaze. But now the breaker to the dishwasher & disposal has to remain off. We tried turning the circuit back on but as soon as we did, the dishwasher started running again. There were no longer any lights on the display, so no way to turn it off. (Maybe there’s a plug somewhere, but I can’t find it.) Luckily it didn’t start smoking again, but it did continue pumping water – all over our floor. So now we’re without a dishwasher AND a garbage disposal. Let me just say how fun it is cleaning that out every couple days with my bare hands.

    So I figured that the dishwasher had just reached the end of its life and I began shopping for new ones. On a whim one night, I googled the part number on the machine. Wouldn’t you know it – a recall because they catch on fire! That seemed applicable to me.

    Since I’m not made of money, I decided to see what the recall/repair process would entail. I registered our dishwasher, put in for the recall and was informed that it would be 7-10 days for my recall registration to be processed and I’d be contacted at that time. Sure enough, on the 9th day I got a call saying that my request had been processed and that I needed to get back to AM Appliance within 48 hours or my request would be closed. I called them back and was told that the parts would shipped to my local Asko dealer/service center in the next week or so.

    After waiting for a week or so, I called the local service center to check on the status. They informed me they had received 3 faxes from AM(for 3 separate individuals) but had received no parts at all. I immediately called AM and they told me that the parts must have been shipped to the wrong place. The would check on the parts and then contact me. I specifically asked to be contacted when they found where the parts were. I never heard from them again.

    I called again a week or so later and after talking to a manager, got the same thing as before. They were going to check on the parts and get back to me. Never heard from them.

    So last week, I tried calling again. Three times in a row, I made it through the phone tree and was then disconnected while on hold. I tried again on Thursday or Friday and got through. I was told, somewhat inadvertently, that the parts had been on back order for the last month or so, but that the parts should be in now and that they’ll be shipped out soon. I asked for something a little more concrete than soon. She couldn’t do any more than that. I asked to speak to her manager – noone was there. But she assured me that she would leave a message with one of the three managers and one of them would get back to me in the next day or so. Guess what? Yep, no word at all from anyone at AM Appliance- not that I’m shocked.

    So, before typing this massive chronology, I was actually searching for an Asko support email address, with no luck. Then I stumbled onto this thread. I’d love to be contacted by someone at AM or Asko to get this matter cleared up. I’m not expecting much at this point. I’m skeptical that the repair kit that they *might* send will even fix the damaged dishwasher. And who knows what additional parts/service they’ll cover for that. Again, I have very low expectations.

    Good luck to the rest of you. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

  19. appliancejournal says:

    KEW, ouch! I’m really sorry to hear about your ordeal. I hope Mr. Bausch will help you as well. One thing I wanted to mention is it sounds like the backordered parts you are talking about are what’s needed to be replaced as a preventive measure for this recall. Your situation typically calls for replacing the entire dishwasher, whether or not ASKO will pick up the tab.

    In my opinion, you need to get AMAG (AM Appliance Group) to send someone out for an inspection, instead of ordering any parts. If they determine that the fire was not caused by dishwasher’s defect, I would recommend getting a second opinion from an outside inspector.

    Keep us posted please.

  20. Barbara Dodson says:

    On Monday, 10/08/2007 my husband and I entered our kitchen from the patio to a strong smell of something electrical burning. Our ASKO dishwasher was running. About the time we ascertained the smell was coming from the dishwasher it stopped washing and started flashing error codes. My husband unplugged the dishwasher. Nothing felt hot but the odor was strong. We started investigating the error codes online and discovered that our dishwasher had been recalled. My husband registered on the ASKO recall website. Having read the postings on this website I expected to be without the convenience of a dishwasher for an extended period. The next morning, Tuesday, 10/09/2007, we received an acknowledgement via e-mail from ASKO. We were very pleasantly surprised to have a message on our answering machine Friday evening, 10/12/2007, from a local repair service saying they had the board in for our ASKO dishwasher and asking us to call back to schedule a service call. My husband called first thing Monday morning, 10/15/2007 and they scheduled us for the next day(today)–Tueday, 10/16/2007. When the technician opened up the panel he found that ours was burned. Wires were burned through. He said ours was the first he had seen that had actually burned. I never leave home with a dishwasher or clotheswasher or dryer running, but, I have started the dishwasher and gone to bed in the past–but never again! I am thankful that my husband and I came into the house when we did and that we didn’t have any damage outside the dishwasher. I am very pleased and appreciative of the quick response from ASKO and with the service representative they sent, New York Appliance Repair, Inc. of Deerfield Beach,FL. Their technician was prompt, courteous, professional and neat.

  21. Mike M. says:

    Our dishwasher died with smoke and noise but we were there to shut the power off. After some troubleshooting we ordered a replacement for the fried circuit board. Fortunately it came with a replacement for the small solenoid that causes the problem. Otherwise we would have burned up the new card. In any case our dishwasher works great again. We hadn’t heard of the recall until we received a notice. We called and asked to be reimbursed for the parts we had to replace. We were told they wouldn’t cover that. I’m not pleased to the point of being interested in any class action suit that may come of it. If anyone hears, or starts, one, count me in.

  22. Cindy says:

    ASCO dishwasher fires and failures are not the only ones. Beware, last night we were awakened by fire alarm due to a fire in our BOSCH dishwasher, and a quick check on the Google shows that quite a few BOSCH dishwashers also had similar problems, and BOSCH, just like ASCO, does not take care of their customers…

  23. Cecil N. says:

    Wow, am I glad I found this thread! Our 1385 stopped dead the night before last. Checked the circuit breaker, which had popped. When I tried to re-set it, it popped again immediately and the machine emitted an acrid, burning smell. Googling for authorized repair people, I was startled to come across the CPSC recall notice. Which begs the question: if these machines present an fire hazard and have been recalled, WHERE WAS MY FREAKING NOTICE!!!! We are just damned lucky we didn’t start the washer and wake up dead when our house burned down. Shame on you, ASCO!

  24. S.K.E. says:

    The ASKO line has calmed down quite a bit. I called a couple weeks ago and lady who helped me was wonderful! It took all of 3 minutes to get through the line, even though the prompts warn you it could be up to 90 minutes! My dishwasher is already up and running, with no other problems. I didn’t get any sort of notice about it because she said my dishwasher wasn’t registered in the system. I found it online when I was searching for part information. I think the customer service there was wonderful, even though I’ve only called once!

  25. Amy Bates says:

    My ASKO dishwasher has been nothing but trouble since the day it passed its warranty. The pump broke, and had to be replaced, the electronic panel has also been replaced – now, six months after that repair, the same old problems are arising – long delays in the washing cycle, weird shuddering, bumping noises coming from the front panel. My repair man happened to mention the recall to me this afternoon. Interesting to learn that I might burn my house down by attempting to wash my dishes.
    I wrote a long letter to Mr. Bausch at AMAG last year, and got no response. I imagine he’s very busy dealing with the THOUSANDS of complaints about this substandard and very expensive product.

  26. Joyce says:

    This wont be very descriptive simply because I am tired and it is late, but I happened to quickly come to your site after googling.

    I didn’t want to leave without letting you know that OUR ASKO 1385 ACTUALLY CAUGHT ON FIRE!

    It was in the final drying stage and flames actually came out of the top part to the left of the handle (I suppose this is where the electrical panel is).

    There is now a burnt out hole, burnt plastic, blackness on the dishwasher, a burnt plastic smell in the kitchen and also there was hot black plastic drippings left on the floor in front of the dishwasher. We thought we would have to replace the floor because we initially thought we would never be able to get the pile of burnt hard plastic off on the floor (it seemed to be glued to the floor like molten lava) but my husband was able to scrape it off of the floor with a butter knife, but you can still see where it happened because of scrap marks left on the floor.

    Also, when I saw the flames, I already had the dishwasher door open all the way (meaning, the dishwasher door was open and THEN after say one minute later I saw flames). The reason I had the door open is because I smelled a burnt plastic smell and it was in the final drying stage. I opened the door, but did not click the dishwasher to completely turn off. I decided to take all the dishes out because it looked like they were dry enough for me to start putting them away. So, as I had the door open, THAT is when the flames started coming out from the outside of the door with plastic drippings going onto the floor.

    THANK GOD I did not have the dishwasher door closed at that time or else the counter would have DEFINITELY had fire damage.

    Tomorrow morning we are going to Sears to get a Maytag!!!!!

    PS: I didn’t even know there was a recall on our dishwashwer until I googled to see if anyone had a similar problem with their ASKO 1385.

    PSS: I printed out the first page of this site and showed it to my husband. He apologized to me because he now knows it was not my fault; not something I did. I’m like Lucy from “I Love Lucy”. Things like this seem to happen to me! Phew, hey, at least there is a recall and now I know it wasn’t my fault!!!!

  27. Lynn Ruch says:

    After receiving the recall notice by mail I registered online 12 July 2007. I received a claim number 3 Aug 2007. Five months later there has been no repair nor any communication through 16 Dec 2007. Asko customer service is nonexistent. I will never buy an Asko product again.

  28. appliancejournal says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I know they will be very helpful to other ASKO owners. And hopefully to ASKO / AMAG as well.

    Joyce, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a Maytag dishwasher. Get a Whirlpool dishwasher instead. If you can, get Kitchen Aid (owned by Whirlpool, slightly better design). Maytag is also owned by Whirlpool. Their dishwashers are not as good as they used to be. At this time, I would not recommend a Maytag dishwasher, washer or a dryer. Just my opinion of course.

  29. Chuck says:

    We have an ASKO, type 1353, that we won’t use for the same reasons. The other night smoke accompanied with an acrid electrical smell started coming from the machine. We took off the panel at the bottom and found the power connection block to the main power of the house melted. A couple of the other wires appeared to have been overheated and burned as well. There also appeared to be residue from water in the catch tray below the machine.

    Do you know if this model is included in the recall?

  30. appliancejournal says:

    ASKO 1353 dishwasher does not appeart to be part of this recall. You can double check with ASKO using phone numbers listed above to be sure.

    Happy New Year!!!

  31. Tony Barnard says:

    My Asko 1475 caught on fire last week I have been dealing with the Customer Service at AMAG (ASKO) and following the serviceman’s report that the machine was not repairable Asko made an offer to sell me a new machine at distributor cost with shipping installation and disposal to be at my expense!!! This amounts to no offer at all! They obviously want to be made whole for manufacturer’s and AMAG profit which given the admission of product liability and further damages I find ludicrous. They also raise the argument that my machine was out of warranty and therefore subject to pro-rata settlement. This is not a warranty situation it is a latent defect and falls under product liability law
    I have left messages with their Service Enhancement department several times and have not heard from them.This is crazy but they simply are forcing consumers to take legal action. Does anyone have a good contact name and phone number as I am running out of patience

  32. appliancejournal says:

    Tony, try using one of the ASKO/AMAG emails above. Address your problem to Marc Bausch. Please keep us informed.

  33. Amy Bates says:

    Tony and A.J. – Take it from me, they won’t help you. They made a dangerous and faulty product, and they don’t care. I honestly think a class action suit is the only recourse. Either that, or just cutting our losses – but at the price we all paid for these machines, it’s a significant loss. I’ve put several hundred additional dollars into repairs, as well – but when you replace defective parts with more defective parts… The handwriting is on the wall.

  34. appliancejournal says:

    Tony, got your email… We’re trying to reach AMAG again. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  35. Mary Sigler says:

    Re: Claim number 2337146

    On January 12, 2008, my ASKO Dishwasher stopped working. I called the ASKO number that was printed in my user’s guide, and was instructed that an approved service company would contact me to come and take a look at the dishwasher. On January 15, 2008, a representative, Greg May, from Executive Appliance Services in Garden Grove, California, came to my home, inspected my dishwasher, and told me that there was a leak in the tub, which was spraying water into the electrical component, shorting it out, and that the dishwasher would need to be replaced. He then said that he would fax a work order to ASKO, and that ASKO would handle it from there. I gave it a couple of days, and on January 22, 2008, I called ASKO and asked for an update. They have not received the fax from Executive Appliance Services. I spent a day communicating between Executive Appliances and ASKO to get a simple fax faxed over, so that the process could begin for your “Service Enhancement” team to review my case and get back to me to tell me what you would do for me, i.e., replace or repair.

    I am writing this post on February 4, 2008. I have not received an answer from your “Service Enhancement” team, I have put a call into your office personally, and have not heard a word from you, I have logged at least a dozen called to your Advisory Center, and not only received no useful information, but one of your customer service representatives by the name of Sonia actually lied to me and told me that she was going to transfer me to a supervisor, and just basically transferred me cold into the Advisory 800 # again.

    It goes without saying that I am extremely disappointed to date with the lack of service and concern on the part of your company regarding my plight. I bought the ASKO dishwasher based upon the perception of quality that I would receive. I believe that your company should stand behind its warranty, and its word. When I spoke to a customer service representative after your company FINALLY received the fax from Executive Appliances, I was told I would receive word from the “Service Enhancement Team” within 5 business days.

  36. Scott Bowen says:

    Okay folks, lets don’t be so hard on ASKO. They simply are tring to wash their hands from responsibility. Get it wash? All joking aside, I too have had issues with service my ASKO 1585 washers, I have 2 of them so my issues are double.
    Thanksgiving was approaching and we had a rather large group of people invited to attend. My port washer stopped pumping to drain water after the wash cycle. A couple days later the starboard washer stopped circulating to wash. Now I have both down. Researching for local repair via google, I found the recall for the fire hazard. I logged on and registered my washers for the recall service to be performed. And just like the rest of you, I had not been contacted by the contracted appliance repair company. I let a couple months go by before contacting ASKO by phone. They said they never finished processing the order. Finally I was contacted by the appliance company to perform the recall service. I informed them both washers where non functional due to previous mention. I asked if they could perform the neccesary repairs while on site. They informed me they would see if the recall service would resolve the issue. They replaced the control board in the door, started the wash cycles and left without verifing if they would complete the cycle.
    I live about 45 miles from this company, in which they charge a service fee for travel then a fee for what repairs are performed. As you may have guessed, the recall service did not resolve my 2 reported problems. Now I had to pay for the travel, a pump and a valve and the labor fee. It came out to be around $600.00, in total about a quater of what I paid for them.
    Now my starboard washer presents with the same issue it had before I found there was a recall. I called the appliance company that repaired them prior only to find out ASKO provides 1 year warranty on parts, good. Nope, he only has a 30 day warranty on labor and travel. It failed 42 days after the repair. It’s note just ASKO, it’s the repair companies as well causing our pain. ONLY 12 days out of his warranty? If it’s the pump again the pump will be covered but not the travel and labor. Do they think I’m going to keep calling them back every 3 months to have the parts covered and not the labor. Kiss my ASS ASKO! What happened to the statement on the washer data the says “Our washers will last 20 years, we mean it.” Looks like I’m going to be soaking in it Marg, dishpan hands on the way.
    Thinking the pump failed again, not so sure. I found the silverware basket melted on the bottom, apparently from the heating element.
    Can anyone tell me the component resposible for the fires? I would like to see if the problem I am currently having is caused by the recall.
    Thanks for listening.

  37. Amy Bates says:

    Oh, my lord, Scott – I feel your pain. But TWO of them – what could be worse?
    Interestingly, my ASKO first failed on a Thanksgiving night, as well. I had 25 guests that evening. It hasn’t caught on fire yet – I need to be grateful for small favors.


  38. Salma Quraishi says:

    Alas friends, I too am a 1385 sufferer, I mean owner. Long delays in the cycle and constant circuit breaker tripping in october had me call out an “authorized” repair service. They were on the phone with Asko’s tech line for about 1.5 hours, after which they told me I was using too much soap, and then charged me $130 for this opinion. (I was using premeasured electrasol tabs). After all this, problems persisted, to the point that I finally got online and found out about the recall. Why O why was I not told by my authorized repairman that there was a dangerous recall on this machine? More importantly, why o why did Asko not tell their authorized expert about it over the course of said 1.5 hour conversation if the “expert” didn’t already know? This whole experience has been a nightmare. The long cycle times (7 hours once) caused some water to accumulate in the pump, which caused more problems. When I contacted Asko, they offered to repair only the timing problem under the recall, or else offered $100 toward a new asko. A $1300 machine should last way more than 8 years. Sign me up for that class action lawsuit. The company screwed up, and now they’re screwing up further when they should be bending over backward for their trusting consumers who paid top dollar for a high end appliance. If they had resolved this for me I would have been a repeat customer, as I did really like the machine. As it is, I just ordered a top of the line Bosch. I hope they’re more concerned about the safety and satisfaction of their customers than Asko.

  39. Amy Bates says:

    Oh – and now it’s leaking all over the kitchen floor.

  40. K.E.W says:

    I should update everyone on my experience since it seems like the problems with Askos and their customer service are continuing with no end in sight. I would have done this sooner, but suffice it to say that I keep plenty busy.

    After my post above(10/3/2007), ASKO(or AMAG – can’t remember) called the next day and coordinated a replacement dishwasher at no cost. I had it within 2 weeks. So far it’s working great and it was encouraging that they stepped up and replaced my unit. For that I am thankful.

    Hopefully with continued comments and pressure from other Asko owners, Asko will take care of those that are currently in the same situation that I was in. It is the right and fair thing to do.

    FYI to Amy- I had the same problem with my dishwasher after it caught on fire – leaked all over the floor until the water was all drained. It was great.

  41. Salma Quraishi says:

    what is is about thanksgiving???? It’s like there was a self-destruct timer set up to go off on all of them. weird. KEW, how on earth did you get a replacement unit??? Asko customer service passed me off to their local dealers, as though they would be motivated to help.

  42. Salma Quraishi says:

    oh, and scott– my pump is on the fritz too, and Asko claims that it’s not related to the recall, and that I’m on my own on that one.

  43. appliancejournal says:

    I received an update from Tony, who’s commented before about his ASKO dishwasher getting caught on fire. Here is what he said:

    Yes, In the end they (ASKO) offered me a replacement machine delivered free of charge but I elected a better machine at a discount. I would have pursued a greater settlement but their repair guy had told them my fire wasn’t related to the recall !!?? This came as a shock and would have placed the burden of proof on me to show the proximate cause was a product defect.The cost in doing out weighed the amount of money involved.

    In all I am happy with the settlement. Asko must be having real issues with their older machines and I would wager it is threatening their continued existence in the USA. They need to get their customer service in order and get issues resolved quicker. It take them a week to respond.
    I hope my new machine lives up to the brochure.

    Thanks for you help.


  44. bob says:

    we have an asko 1475. it was in the new house we bought. it is a 1995 model. i noticed it always seemed to be running/humming. i called the local asko repair. they ordered a new part for it, and within 2 weeks, it was all taken care of for free. i guess it depends where you live. i live in portland, or, and the service repair shop i used was american appliance hospital or something like that. it was pretty simple.

  45. bob says:

    we have an asko 1475. it’s in the new house we bought. it is a 1995 model. i noticed it always seemed to be running/humming. i called the local asko repair. they ordered a new part for it, and within 2 weeks, it was all taken care of for free. i guess it depends where you live. i live in portland, or, and the service repair shop i used was american appliance hospital or something like that. it was pretty simple.

  46. Waylon says:

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  49. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

  50. Goran says:

    Our ASKO D1876 caught fire this morning, so I think it needs to be added to that list of dishwashers that can catch fire.

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