ASKO Dishwasher Recall Due to Fire (released 06-14-2007)

ASKO Dishwasher RecallAnother appliance manufacturer is recalling some of their dishwashers.

This time it’s ASKO, a swedish manufacturer that is known for their dishwashers, washers and dryers.

About 130,000 dishwashers are being recalled due to a fire hazard:

An electrical component in the dishwasher can overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

The 21 reported dishwasher fire cases caused product and property damages, but no injuries have been reported.

The recalled dishwashers include the ASKO DW95 model series with model numbers 1355, 1375, 1385, 1475, 1485, 1555, 1585, 1595, 1655, 1805, 1885, and 1895 that were manufacturered from January 1995 through April 2000 and sold at appliance stores for about $750 – $1300.

The remedy is as always:

Consumers should stop using the dishwashers immediately and contact Asko to arrange for a free inspection and repair or to participate in a rebate program.

Contact: Asko toll-free at (866) 309-9921 between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.askousa.com

Editor: Many Asko dishwasher owners have already expressed their opinions by commenting below. We encourage you to comment as well.

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  1. margaret higgins Says:

    After trying to reach Asko for weeks, I was finally able to get on their website and submit my info as I had one of the affected dishwashers. I was told I would be contacted within 5-10 business days. Never happened. Had to go purchase another dishwasher. Do I have any recourse?

  2. G.D. Neil Says:

    Margaret, Unfortunately I’ve had the same experience. Multiple promises of contact from Asko but no follow up by the promise date. Yesterday I went to a local Asko dealer who does repairs (since they didn’t return my calls). The owner was quite apologetic and informed me that the replacement component is still not available. He said they will get their first shipment in 3 to 4 weeks. He said they’ve got almost two hundred people in their que and he didn’t think he would get to me before mid October. I’m using mine for now but am shoping for a replacement. Hopefully somebody will start a class action suit so we can get some recourse from these jerks.

  3. Abigail Says:

    We have had the same experience exactly…nothing but run-around and no action or accountability. Unfortunately, our washer is broken completely and we are stuck. We had a repairman come out to validate that the part was needed to fix the problem. We have been dealing with this for over a month. We are trying to find contact info for the president of Asko in order to file a complaint. If anyone has info on how to reach an executive that will listen and expedite these issues, please post. Thanks.

  4. Neil Kaye Says:

    Same problem here. We filled out the paperwork and have heard nothing. Until now, we had no complainst about out Asko, but now we’re looking to replace it with a Bosch. Sign us up for a class action lawsuit. Asko just blew their reputation….

  5. Jay Bailey Says:

    We have been waiting for more than THREE MONTHS with no dishwasher. No date by which we’ll be able to get the parts replaced, nothing. We’ve wasted hours on the phone with this. I’ll never buy another Asko again. Bosch will be my next dishwasher too.

  6. appliancejournal Says:

    I’ve been told that people from ASKO read ApplianceJournal and this post in particular. Maybe they would like to comment on this.

  7. Abigail Says:

    After weeks of finally getting an ASKO repairman (whom they contracted which took the repairman 3 weeks to get the parts in order to fix which ASKO originally asked the repairman to front the $ for) out to fix the broken dishwasher, turns out that the part they sent (the timer) was faulty and did not work. Additionally, the entire machine needs rewiring and is pretty much unrepairable. The repairman was here for over 2 hours! After not having a dishwasher for 2 months I’m fed up and have to go and replace it. I’ve already filed a complaint with the BBB and hope that a class action suit comes from all of this. I’m going to try and get some type of cash credit towards a new dishwasher but I doubt they will give me money towards anything but another ASKO which we have no intentions of ever buying again. We’ve spent hours trying to pursue this issue and get it fixed only to fail. What a waste! ASKO could’ve saved themselves by addressing and helping their customers. Mistakes happen, understood. But to tolerate a complete disregard to solving their faulty equipment is unacceptable.

  8. appliancejournal Says:

    We are trying to reach ASKO for a comment and will keep you updated.

  9. AM Appliance Group Says:

    Please contact us at the email address provided, we would like the oppurtunity to get more detailed information and investigate your individual situations.


    Am Appliance Group
    Customer Services

  10. AM Appliance Group Says:

    AM Appliance Group Customer Service email accounts




    AM Appliance Group

  11. AM Appliance Group Says:

    AM Appliance Group is not experiencing any availability issues regarding our recall service kits. Orders received at our distribution center are processed and shipped overnight, for next business day delivery, enabling our independent service network to schedule the service call as soon as possible with our customers. Please contact us if you have any difficulty obtaining parts. We apologized for your inconvenience.

  12. Jay Bailey Says:

    Who is “AM Appliance Group”???

  13. AM Appliance Group Says:

    AM Appliance Group is the factory representative for ASKO in North America. If you could please provide us your recall service claim number we will see that your service situation is rectified immediately.

  14. appliancejournal Says:

    AJ here. Please do not post any private information in your comments. If you wish to contact AM Appliance Group, use email addresses listed above or send the info to us by using our contact form and we will re-direct it to AMAG – http://www.appliancejournal.com/contact/.

    I encourage you to keep us updated on the outcome of your dishwasher recall situation by posting a comment here. This information would be helpful to others with a similar situation.

    I also want to thank the folks from AMAG for responding.

  15. Jay Bailey Says:

    Here is an update. AM Appliance Group sent me a cryptic email about calling the same local service provider we have already called a half dozen times, and who says they can’t get parts. Follow up emails to AM Applicance Group customer support and directly to the Director of Customer Support, Marc Bausch, have gone unanswered for two days now. I am completely disgusted with the lack of professionalism and focus from these people. I am about to rip out this ASKO unit and leave it sitting on the curb with an appropriate sign on it.

  16. Margaret M. Says:

    I have one of the recalled dishwashers. Asko advertises it as lasting for 20 years. Mine is 10 years old and I have had numerous problems with it. Last year I had to replace the pump. Now it is acting up again. After the cycle is complete, it just keeps running so I have to keep the door open to stop it. Eventually after a few days it stops running and then I can use it once and the same thing happens again. Does anyone else have this problem? I am hoping the part being supplied (they are coming next week) will address this problem.

  17. Jay Bailey Says:

    Update: Marc Bausch (Director of Customer Support, AMAG) called me today to address my problem. Apparently most of the issues I have had were with the local service provider. Marc has directed me to another service provider and overnighted the parts to them. I expect to get my dishwasher fixed next Wednesday. I want to thank Marc for following up, and I will update here when the unit is fixed.

  18. K. E. W. Says:

    Wow! Unbelievable reading this thread and the posts following our experiences with our Asko and AM Appliance. Our Asko dishwashre actually CAUGHT ON FIRE in July.

    When it happened, we heard a strange noise coming from the kithen one night(as the dishwasher was running) – sounded kind of like a spoon caught in the garbage disposal but without the hi-pitched whine of the disposal. I didn’t think too much of it and told my girlfriend not to worry. Five minutes later she asked me if I smelled smoke.

    When we went into the kitchen the air was filled with smoke from an electrical fire. We saw it was coming from the dishwasher so I ran downstairs to hit the breaker. Next, we opened the windows and felt the outside of the door to the dishwasher- burning hot. We waited a few minutes and the smoke was clearing up and the door was beginning to cool down.

    I decided to try opening the dishwasher to make sure it wasn’t still on fire or smoking inside. Funny thing is that the handle had burned up to the point that it broke – and there was some black, oily stuff that sprayed out from the handle area. But the handle did work enough to open. Inside was fine – just steam from the dishes. But the smell of the electrical fire was still very potent near the dishwasher. After awhile, the door cooled down.

    So, luckily we were at home to hit the breaker when this happened, otherwise, our butcher block counter tops probably would have provided great tinder for a nice blaze. But now the breaker to the dishwasher & disposal has to remain off. We tried turning the circuit back on but as soon as we did, the dishwasher started running again. There were no longer any lights on the display, so no way to turn it off. (Maybe there’s a plug somewhere, but I can’t find it.) Luckily it didn’t start smoking again, but it did continue pumping water – all over our floor. So now we’re without a dishwasher AND a garbage disposal. Let me just say how fun it is cleaning that out every couple days with my bare hands.

    So I figured that the dishwasher had just reached the end of its life and I began shopping for new ones. On a whim one night, I googled the part number on the machine. Wouldn’t you know it – a recall because they catch on fire! That seemed applicable to me.

    Since I’m not made of money, I decided to see what the recall/repair process would entail. I registered our dishwasher, put in for the recall and was informed that it would be 7-10 days for my recall registration to be processed and I’d be contacted at that time. Sure enough, on the 9th day I got a call saying that my request had been processed and that I needed to get back to AM Appliance within 48 hours or my request would be closed. I called them back and was told that the parts would shipped to my local Asko dealer/service center in the next week or so.

    After waiting for a week or so, I called the local service center to check on the status. They informed me they had received 3 faxes from AM(for 3 separate individuals) but had received no parts at all. I immediately called AM and they told me that the parts must have been shipped to the wrong place. The would check on the parts and then contact me. I specifically asked to be contacted when they found where the parts were. I never heard from them again.

    I called again a week or so later and after talking to a manager, got the same thing as before. They were going to check on the parts and get back to me. Never heard from them.

    So last week, I tried calling again. Three times in a row, I made it through the phone tree and was then disconnected while on hold. I tried again on Thursday or Friday and got through. I was told, somewhat inadvertently, that the parts had been on back order for the last month or so, but that the parts should be in now and that they’ll be shipped out soon. I asked for something a little more concrete than soon. She couldn’t do any more than that. I asked to speak to her manager – noone was there. But she assured me that she would leave a message with one of the three managers and one of them would get back to me in the next day or so. Guess what? Yep, no word at all from anyone at AM Appliance- not that I’m shocked.

    So, before typing this massive chronology, I was actually searching for an Asko support email address, with no luck. Then I stumbled onto this thread. I’d love to be contacted by someone at AM or Asko to get this matter cleared up. I’m not expecting much at this point. I’m skeptical that the repair kit that they *might* send will even fix the damaged dishwasher. And who knows what additional parts/service they’ll cover for that. Again, I have very low expectations.

    Good luck to the rest of you. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

  19. appliancejournal Says:

    KEW, ouch! I’m really sorry to hear about your ordeal. I hope Mr. Bausch will help you as well. One thing I wanted to mention is it sounds like the backordered parts you are talking about are what’s needed to be replaced as a preventive measure for this recall. Your situation typically calls for replacing the entire dishwasher, whether or not ASKO will pick up the tab.

    In my opinion, you need to get AMAG (AM Appliance Group) to send someone out for an inspection, instead of ordering any parts. If they determine that the fire was not caused by dishwasher’s defect, I would recommend getting a second opinion from an outside inspector.

    Keep us posted please.

  20. Barbara Dodson Says:

    On Monday, 10/08/2007 my husband and I entered our kitchen from the patio to a strong smell of something electrical burning. Our ASKO dishwasher was running. About the time we ascertained the smell was coming from the dishwasher it stopped washing and started flashing error codes. My husband unplugged the dishwasher. Nothing felt hot but the odor was strong. We started investigating the error codes online and discovered that our dishwasher had been recalled. My husband registered on the ASKO recall website. Having read the postings on this website I expected to be without the convenience of a dishwasher for an extended period. The next morning, Tuesday, 10/09/2007, we received an acknowledgement via e-mail from ASKO. We were very pleasantly surprised to have a message on our answering machine Friday evening, 10/12/2007, from a local repair service saying they had the board in for our ASKO dishwasher and asking us to call back to schedule a service call. My husband called first thing Monday morning, 10/15/2007 and they scheduled us for the next day(today)–Tueday, 10/16/2007. When the technician opened up the panel he found that ours was burned. Wires were burned through. He said ours was the first he had seen that had actually burned. I never leave home with a dishwasher or clotheswasher or dryer running, but, I have started the dishwasher and gone to bed in the past–but never again! I am thankful that my husband and I came into the house when we did and that we didn’t have any damage outside the dishwasher. I am very pleased and appreciative of the quick response from ASKO and with the service representative they sent, New York Appliance Repair, Inc. of Deerfield Beach,FL. Their technician was prompt, courteous, professional and neat.

  21. Mike M. Says:

    Our dishwasher died with smoke and noise but we were there to shut the power off. After some troubleshooting we ordered a replacement for the fried circuit board. Fortunately it came with a replacement for the small solenoid that causes the problem. Otherwise we would have burned up the new card. In any case our dishwasher works great again. We hadn’t heard of the recall until we received a notice. We called and asked to be reimbursed for the parts we had to replace. We were told they wouldn’t cover that. I’m not pleased to the point of being interested in any class action suit that may come of it. If anyone hears, or starts, one, count me in.

  22. Cindy Says:

    ASCO dishwasher fires and failures are not the only ones. Beware, last night we were awakened by fire alarm due to a fire in our BOSCH dishwasher, and a quick check on the Google shows that quite a few BOSCH dishwashers also had similar problems, and BOSCH, just like ASCO, does not take care of their customers…

  23. Cecil N. Says:

    Wow, am I glad I found this thread! Our 1385 stopped dead the night before last. Checked the circuit breaker, which had popped. When I tried to re-set it, it popped again immediately and the machine emitted an acrid, burning smell. Googling for authorized repair people, I was startled to come across the CPSC recall notice. Which begs the question: if these machines present an fire hazard and have been recalled, WHERE WAS MY FREAKING NOTICE!!!! We are just damned lucky we didn’t start the washer and wake up dead when our house burned down. Shame on you, ASCO!

  24. S.K.E. Says:

    The ASKO line has calmed down quite a bit. I called a couple weeks ago and lady who helped me was wonderful! It took all of 3 minutes to get through the line, even though the prompts warn you it could be up to 90 minutes! My dishwasher is already up and running, with no other problems. I didn’t get any sort of notice about it because she said my dishwasher wasn’t registered in the system. I found it online when I was searching for part information. I think the customer service there was wonderful, even though I’ve only called once!

  25. Amy Bates Says:

    My ASKO dishwasher has been nothing but trouble since the day it passed its warranty. The pump broke, and had to be replaced, the electronic panel has also been replaced – now, six months after that repair, the same old problems are arising – long delays in the washing cycle, weird shuddering, bumping noises coming from the front panel. My repair man happened to mention the recall to me this afternoon. Interesting to learn that I might burn my house down by attempting to wash my dishes.
    I wrote a long letter to Mr. Bausch at AMAG last year, and got no response. I imagine he’s very busy dealing with the THOUSANDS of complaints about this substandard and very expensive product.

  26. Joyce Says:

    This wont be very descriptive simply because I am tired and it is late, but I happened to quickly come to your site after googling.

    I didn’t want to leave without letting you know that OUR ASKO 1385 ACTUALLY CAUGHT ON FIRE!

    It was in the final drying stage and flames actually came out of the top part to the left of the handle (I suppose this is where the electrical panel is).

    There is now a burnt out hole, burnt plastic, blackness on the dishwasher, a burnt plastic smell in the kitchen and also there was hot black plastic drippings left on the floor in front of the dishwasher. We thought we would have to replace the floor because we initially thought we would never be able to get the pile of burnt hard plastic off on the floor (it seemed to be glued to the floor like molten lava) but my husband was able to scrape it off of the floor with a butter knife, but you can still see where it happened because of scrap marks left on the floor.

    Also, when I saw the flames, I already had the dishwasher door open all the way (meaning, the dishwasher door was open and THEN after say one minute later I saw flames). The reason I had the door open is because I smelled a burnt plastic smell and it was in the final drying stage. I opened the door, but did not click the dishwasher to completely turn off. I decided to take all the dishes out because it looked like they were dry enough for me to start putting them away. So, as I had the door open, THAT is when the flames started coming out from the outside of the door with plastic drippings going onto the floor.

    THANK GOD I did not have the dishwasher door closed at that time or else the counter would have DEFINITELY had fire damage.

    Tomorrow morning we are going to Sears to get a Maytag!!!!!

    PS: I didn’t even know there was a recall on our dishwashwer until I googled to see if anyone had a similar problem with their ASKO 1385.

    PSS: I printed out the first page of this site and showed it to my husband. He apologized to me because he now knows it was not my fault; not something I did. I’m like Lucy from “I Love Lucy”. Things like this seem to happen to me! Phew, hey, at least there is a recall and now I know it wasn’t my fault!!!!

  27. Lynn Ruch Says:

    After receiving the recall notice by mail I registered online 12 July 2007. I received a claim number 3 Aug 2007. Five months later there has been no repair nor any communication through 16 Dec 2007. Asko customer service is nonexistent. I will never buy an Asko product again.

  28. appliancejournal Says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I know they will be very helpful to other ASKO owners. And hopefully to ASKO / AMAG as well.

    Joyce, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a Maytag dishwasher. Get a Whirlpool dishwasher instead. If you can, get Kitchen Aid (owned by Whirlpool, slightly better design). Maytag is also owned by Whirlpool. Their dishwashers are not as good as they used to be. At this time, I would not recommend a Maytag dishwasher, washer or a dryer. Just my opinion of course.

  29. Chuck Says:

    We have an ASKO, type 1353, that we won’t use for the same reasons. The other night smoke accompanied with an acrid electrical smell started coming from the machine. We took off the panel at the bottom and found the power connection block to the main power of the house melted. A couple of the other wires appeared to have been overheated and burned as well. There also appeared to be residue from water in the catch tray below the machine.

    Do you know if this model is included in the recall?

  30. appliancejournal Says:

    ASKO 1353 dishwasher does not appeart to be part of this recall. You can double check with ASKO using phone numbers listed above to be sure.

    Happy New Year!!!

  31. Tony Barnard Says:

    My Asko 1475 caught on fire last week I have been dealing with the Customer Service at AMAG (ASKO) and following the serviceman’s report that the machine was not repairable Asko made an offer to sell me a new machine at distributor cost with shipping installation and disposal to be at my expense!!! This amounts to no offer at all! They obviously want to be made whole for manufacturer’s and AMAG profit which given the admission of product liability and further damages I find ludicrous. They also raise the argument that my machine was out of warranty and therefore subject to pro-rata settlement. This is not a warranty situation it is a latent defect and falls under product liability law
    I have left messages with their Service Enhancement department several times and have not heard from them.This is crazy but they simply are forcing consumers to take legal action. Does anyone have a good contact name and phone number as I am running out of patience

  32. appliancejournal Says:

    Tony, try using one of the ASKO/AMAG emails above. Address your problem to Marc Bausch. Please keep us informed.

  33. Amy Bates Says:

    Tony and A.J. – Take it from me, they won’t help you. They made a dangerous and faulty product, and they don’t care. I honestly think a class action suit is the only recourse. Either that, or just cutting our losses – but at the price we all paid for these machines, it’s a significant loss. I’ve put several hundred additional dollars into repairs, as well – but when you replace defective parts with more defective parts… The handwriting is on the wall.

  34. appliancejournal Says:

    Tony, got your email… We’re trying to reach AMAG again. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  35. Mary Sigler Says:

    Re: Claim number 2337146

    On January 12, 2008, my ASKO Dishwasher stopped working. I called the ASKO number that was printed in my user’s guide, and was instructed that an approved service company would contact me to come and take a look at the dishwasher. On January 15, 2008, a representative, Greg May, from Executive Appliance Services in Garden Grove, California, came to my home, inspected my dishwasher, and told me that there was a leak in the tub, which was spraying water into the electrical component, shorting it out, and that the dishwasher would need to be replaced. He then said that he would fax a work order to ASKO, and that ASKO would handle it from there. I gave it a couple of days, and on January 22, 2008, I called ASKO and asked for an update. They have not received the fax from Executive Appliance Services. I spent a day communicating between Executive Appliances and ASKO to get a simple fax faxed over, so that the process could begin for your “Service Enhancement” team to review my case and get back to me to tell me what you would do for me, i.e., replace or repair.

    I am writing this post on February 4, 2008. I have not received an answer from your “Service Enhancement” team, I have put a call into your office personally, and have not heard a word from you, I have logged at least a dozen called to your Advisory Center, and not only received no useful information, but one of your customer service representatives by the name of Sonia actually lied to me and told me that she was going to transfer me to a supervisor, and just basically transferred me cold into the Advisory 800 # again.

    It goes without saying that I am extremely disappointed to date with the lack of service and concern on the part of your company regarding my plight. I bought the ASKO dishwasher based upon the perception of quality that I would receive. I believe that your company should stand behind its warranty, and its word. When I spoke to a customer service representative after your company FINALLY received the fax from Executive Appliances, I was told I would receive word from the “Service Enhancement Team” within 5 business days.

  36. Scott Bowen Says:

    Okay folks, lets don’t be so hard on ASKO. They simply are tring to wash their hands from responsibility. Get it wash? All joking aside, I too have had issues with service my ASKO 1585 washers, I have 2 of them so my issues are double.
    Thanksgiving was approaching and we had a rather large group of people invited to attend. My port washer stopped pumping to drain water after the wash cycle. A couple days later the starboard washer stopped circulating to wash. Now I have both down. Researching for local repair via google, I found the recall for the fire hazard. I logged on and registered my washers for the recall service to be performed. And just like the rest of you, I had not been contacted by the contracted appliance repair company. I let a couple months go by before contacting ASKO by phone. They said they never finished processing the order. Finally I was contacted by the appliance company to perform the recall service. I informed them both washers where non functional due to previous mention. I asked if they could perform the neccesary repairs while on site. They informed me they would see if the recall service would resolve the issue. They replaced the control board in the door, started the wash cycles and left without verifing if they would complete the cycle.
    I live about 45 miles from this company, in which they charge a service fee for travel then a fee for what repairs are performed. As you may have guessed, the recall service did not resolve my 2 reported problems. Now I had to pay for the travel, a pump and a valve and the labor fee. It came out to be around $600.00, in total about a quater of what I paid for them.
    Now my starboard washer presents with the same issue it had before I found there was a recall. I called the appliance company that repaired them prior only to find out ASKO provides 1 year warranty on parts, good. Nope, he only has a 30 day warranty on labor and travel. It failed 42 days after the repair. It’s note just ASKO, it’s the repair companies as well causing our pain. ONLY 12 days out of his warranty? If it’s the pump again the pump will be covered but not the travel and labor. Do they think I’m going to keep calling them back every 3 months to have the parts covered and not the labor. Kiss my ASS ASKO! What happened to the statement on the washer data the says “Our washers will last 20 years, we mean it.” Looks like I’m going to be soaking in it Marg, dishpan hands on the way.
    Thinking the pump failed again, not so sure. I found the silverware basket melted on the bottom, apparently from the heating element.
    Can anyone tell me the component resposible for the fires? I would like to see if the problem I am currently having is caused by the recall.
    Thanks for listening.

  37. Amy Bates Says:

    Oh, my lord, Scott – I feel your pain. But TWO of them – what could be worse?
    Interestingly, my ASKO first failed on a Thanksgiving night, as well. I had 25 guests that evening. It hasn’t caught on fire yet – I need to be grateful for small favors.


  38. Salma Quraishi Says:

    Alas friends, I too am a 1385 sufferer, I mean owner. Long delays in the cycle and constant circuit breaker tripping in october had me call out an “authorized” repair service. They were on the phone with Asko’s tech line for about 1.5 hours, after which they told me I was using too much soap, and then charged me $130 for this opinion. (I was using premeasured electrasol tabs). After all this, problems persisted, to the point that I finally got online and found out about the recall. Why O why was I not told by my authorized repairman that there was a dangerous recall on this machine? More importantly, why o why did Asko not tell their authorized expert about it over the course of said 1.5 hour conversation if the “expert” didn’t already know? This whole experience has been a nightmare. The long cycle times (7 hours once) caused some water to accumulate in the pump, which caused more problems. When I contacted Asko, they offered to repair only the timing problem under the recall, or else offered $100 toward a new asko. A $1300 machine should last way more than 8 years. Sign me up for that class action lawsuit. The company screwed up, and now they’re screwing up further when they should be bending over backward for their trusting consumers who paid top dollar for a high end appliance. If they had resolved this for me I would have been a repeat customer, as I did really like the machine. As it is, I just ordered a top of the line Bosch. I hope they’re more concerned about the safety and satisfaction of their customers than Asko.

  39. Amy Bates Says:

    Oh – and now it’s leaking all over the kitchen floor.

  40. K.E.W Says:

    I should update everyone on my experience since it seems like the problems with Askos and their customer service are continuing with no end in sight. I would have done this sooner, but suffice it to say that I keep plenty busy.

    After my post above(10/3/2007), ASKO(or AMAG – can’t remember) called the next day and coordinated a replacement dishwasher at no cost. I had it within 2 weeks. So far it’s working great and it was encouraging that they stepped up and replaced my unit. For that I am thankful.

    Hopefully with continued comments and pressure from other Asko owners, Asko will take care of those that are currently in the same situation that I was in. It is the right and fair thing to do.

    FYI to Amy- I had the same problem with my dishwasher after it caught on fire – leaked all over the floor until the water was all drained. It was great.

  41. Salma Quraishi Says:

    what is is about thanksgiving???? It’s like there was a self-destruct timer set up to go off on all of them. weird. KEW, how on earth did you get a replacement unit??? Asko customer service passed me off to their local dealers, as though they would be motivated to help.

  42. Salma Quraishi Says:

    oh, and scott– my pump is on the fritz too, and Asko claims that it’s not related to the recall, and that I’m on my own on that one.

  43. appliancejournal Says:

    I received an update from Tony, who’s commented before about his ASKO dishwasher getting caught on fire. Here is what he said:

    Yes, In the end they (ASKO) offered me a replacement machine delivered free of charge but I elected a better machine at a discount. I would have pursued a greater settlement but their repair guy had told them my fire wasn’t related to the recall !!?? This came as a shock and would have placed the burden of proof on me to show the proximate cause was a product defect.The cost in doing out weighed the amount of money involved.

    In all I am happy with the settlement. Asko must be having real issues with their older machines and I would wager it is threatening their continued existence in the USA. They need to get their customer service in order and get issues resolved quicker. It take them a week to respond.
    I hope my new machine lives up to the brochure.

    Thanks for you help.


  44. bob Says:

    we have an asko 1475. it was in the new house we bought. it is a 1995 model. i noticed it always seemed to be running/humming. i called the local asko repair. they ordered a new part for it, and within 2 weeks, it was all taken care of for free. i guess it depends where you live. i live in portland, or, and the service repair shop i used was american appliance hospital or something like that. it was pretty simple.

  45. bob Says:

    we have an asko 1475. it’s in the new house we bought. it is a 1995 model. i noticed it always seemed to be running/humming. i called the local asko repair. they ordered a new part for it, and within 2 weeks, it was all taken care of for free. i guess it depends where you live. i live in portland, or, and the service repair shop i used was american appliance hospital or something like that. it was pretty simple.

  46. Jas Says:

    Well, it sounds like my experience with the recall went ‘mostly’ smoothly. I have an ASKO 1805 which hasn’t really had problems. We called on the recall in January, 08. AM rep told us they would refer it to a local repair person and they would call. After about 3 weeks we called again since we hadn’t heard anything, and this time they gave us the repair vendor’s name to call and we then set up an appointment. Within about a week, he was here with the parts and changed the “wax motor” (apparently the part that was overheating), and replaced the computer. (To do that he had the door all apart.)
    The other day I noticed some water dripping under the unit so I took off the kickplates. There was water in the drain pan, which I soaked up, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I left the kickplates off to see what was going on under the unit. I ran it a few more times with no problems. Today I walked by while it was running, and I saw water pouring out from a small hole in the bottom of the door (rt side) while the machine was draining. This is a hole in the door assembly, not apparently at a gasket. This hole lines up with a plastic piece on the kickplate that diverts the water into the drain pan. If this was a little water it wouldn’t be a problem,. but its quarts of water, as if the water is getting into somewhere it shouldn’t be and that’s its way out.
    I’m wondering if something was not put back together properly, but equally strange is that it ran a dozen times since the ‘fix’ without apparent problems.
    If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

  47. appliancejournal Says:

    As a former technician, I’m not very familiar with ASKO dishwashers. One thing comes to mind – if the lower spray arm is not turning when the dishwasher is on, this may cause the leak. To check, turn on the dishwasher, let it fill up and go through a wash cycle of a minute, then slowly open the door just a little until the pump stops (to prevent water from splashing out), then open it fully. Make a note of the position of the spray arm, close the door, click on START to resume the cycle, then open the door after a couple of seconds to see if the spray arm had moved.

  48. Amy Bates Says:

    Mine tends not to restart for HOURS if I open the door mid-cycle. Strangely enough, it has stopped leaking, and runs most of the time. For now.

  49. Katie Durno Says:

    Our Asko model D1876 caught on fire just last night! Nearly took the whole house with it, too. I called Asko today to inform them of the problem, and the supervisor there wouldn’t help me a bit. She just kept telling me to write a complaint to their P.O.Box in Texas. This model is not listed as part of the recall, but it should be!

  50. Ghislain Morency Says:

    Ma pompe principale a brisée.Il ne faut que changé le joint d’étancheité (seal) et le roulement a bille (bearing).Des couts minime.Impossible de trouver les pieces, je dois acheter la pompe,elle coute 265.00$.Ridicule.Quelqu’un peut-il me dire où je peux trouver les pieces.Merci Ghislain

  51. appliancejournal Says:

    What is the model number of your dishwasher?
    Quel est le numéro de modèle de votre lave-vaisselle?

  52. Margaret Says:

    I finally dumped by Asko this weekend after years of dealing with leaking, pump problems, and Asko’s awful customer service. We had a little celebration in my house! My new Bosch is quieter and does a better job of cleaning. encourage all Asko owners to unite and do the same. Maybe we can put Asko out of business because that is what they deserve! Spread the word. .

  53. Barbara Dodson Says:

    I made a posting on October 17, 2007, about our good experience with ASKO and the service company that they authorized to do the recall repair, New York Appliance of Deerfield Beach, FL. The fan didn’t work after the repair, but, they came back promptly and fixed the problem.

    Now, about 7 months later–May 7, 2008, the day before houseguests were to arrive, I started the dishwasher, walked into the laundry room to start a load of clothes, walked back into the kitchen to smoke coming out of the control area of my repaired ASKO dishwasher. It flashed an error message so briefly that I couldn’t read it and then totally shut down and went black My husband immediately unplugged the machine and called Nick (the owner) at New York Appliance and told him that we had the same problem as before. He said he would have to have authorization from ASKO to come out unless we wanted to pay him $75 to come out and then parts and time past a certain amount of time, I think. Then my husband called and called ASKO and finally got a person to listen who told him that they couldn’t authorize another replacement of the recalled part unless it was verified by an authorized service tech that it was the replacement part that burned!!!!!

    It didn’t take much discussion for us to decide that we are done with ASKO. Obviously, the part(s) being used in the recall repair are not fixing the problem. (I’ve also seen this experience posted by someone else on this board,) In the past we replaced the pump and later, after it cracked, the plastic trim around the control panel. Then the first fire and recall repair and now fire #2. Even if we are able to somehow able to get them to take responsibility for this repair, we have no confidence that the underlying problem will be solved and will still have a fire hazard sitting in our kitchen.

    Ever since the water pump was replaced, my husband has been talking to various service techs we have used for other appliance repairs and getting their opinions on the most reliable and easiest to service of all the higher end machines. The unanimous opinion has been Bosch dishwashers. So, we are now trying to make our minds up on which model we want. And, you know what, I think it’s a real shame—and shame on you ASKO, because I loved that dishwasher. It was super quiet and no matter how I loaded or overloaded it, the dishes and pots and silverware came out sparkling clean. The silverware basket didn’t fall apart and the racks didn’t rust out. However, just as a man is only as good as his word, a manufacturer who doesn’t stand behind his product and shows as little regard for customers and doing the right thing as I have seen posted over and over on this message board is not one that I care to do repeat business with or to ever recommend when asked. On the contrary, I think all of us who have lived with these fire hazards in our homes will be only too happy to tell our stories at every opportunity. Too bad no one at ASKO is listening.

  54. Dan Behring Says:

    I was sitting in the recliner the other night when a pair of our smoke alarms starting chirping. I went into the kitchen and flames a foot high were coming from the selector switches on our 4-5 year old Bosch dishwasher. The plastic of the door is what was on fire and now I can probably stick a baseball in the hole. If we’d have been gone, the house would have gone up in smoke. I emailed Bosch, but since its the weekend I don’t expect to here anything from them. I probably will not be getting another Bosch unless there customer service department really shines.

  55. Kristi Says:

    BEWARE!!!!! We had a recall for the model of our dishwasher. Customer service for ASKO is horrible. We have put so much money into these dishwashers that it’s unbelievable!! I was thinking oh this will just be a quick fix. Then another time it wasn’t working, then another, then another….After weeks of finally getting ahold of someone, I was only offered a discount of another ASKO dishwasher. I wanted my money back-won’t be happening!! Well, can’t wait to go shopping for two new dishwashers:)

  56. richard Says:

    on july 19 our asko dishwasher went on fire. it took several calls to asko and then allowed replacement kit to be sent out. replacement kit is new control board and plug. still did not work. have to wait for asko to approve other parts as may be necessary. basically no dish washer after machine went on fire. Asko should be compelled to replace such machines – after fire damage it may be impossible to restore the machine.

  57. Susan Says:

    This is a really eye-opening thread! We bought an Asea dishwasher (company preceded ASKO) in 1988 and have been quite happy with it. We have, over the years, had to replace switches numerous times, the pump, the baskets, etc, but it has been quiet, hard-working and flame-free! It’s time to buy a new machine and I was leaning toward ASKO until I came upon this thread. Why does everyone site Bosch as the only logical alternative? What about Miele? I’m leaning toward a lower-end Miele rather than risk the fire hazards, noise, lack of internal space and cleaning power that other reviewers of Bosch machines have bemoaned. Thanks!

  58. Amy Bates Says:

    Susan, the old ASKOs were good machines – it’s the modern versions (and the attendant customer “service”) that are so useless. Coincidentally, I’m on my way right now to buy a new machine – I am planning on a Bosch mainly because of the dearth of consumer complaints. Mieles tend to have bad service records – my ASKO repair guy (who has become a friend, as we’ve had him over to the house so often) has a Miele, and he is aware of the problems with them. We also have a Miele hood on our stove – beautiful, but poor design. The down lights blew just a few months into our owning it, and are absolutely impossible to repair.
    Good luck with your foray into the world of modern appliances!

  59. Susan Says:

    Thanks for the response, Amy! It looks like I could squeeze both the Bosch or Miele into the space that my Asea occupied (I couldn’t put a 24″ wide ASKO in there). One consideration is that it may be easier to obtain Bosch parts and service in my rural part of northern California. I am sure you have done your homework: what model Bosch are you buying? I hope it is trouble-free and lives up to your expectations!

  60. Amy Bates Says:

    We are getting one of the Bosch DLX models – today, I hope. Fingers crossed that it out-performs the ASKO. If it will just start when I push ON, and not burst into flames, I figure I’ll be miles ahead of the game.

    So happy to be rid of the ASKO issues. Last time my repair guy came over, he looked at the ASKO, sighed, and said: “I hate this machine”. I’m with him!

  61. Susan Says:

    We just found out that the old Asea that my husand framed our granite-topped kitchen counter for is slightly shorter than average (seems like he should have checked industry standards first, but….). So, with complex and teeth-gnashing remodel work, all we’ll be able to fit into the space is the slightly shorter Miele. I’m not disappointed, as my old Asea had a huge capacity and I’ve heard the Bosch doesn’t hold as much as the Miele. But, as they say, we shall see! At least we’ve both escaped the spectre of the flame-throwing ASKOs. Best of luck!

  62. Kenji Says:

    Even though I received a recall notification last year, ASKO didn’t send anyone to my house until two months ago. First, ASKO sent a wrong part so that I needed to wait for another two weeks for a correct part. When a repair guy tried to replace the recalled part with the correct part, a plastic housing holding the faulty unit broke. The plastic housing was partially burnt and very fragile. The repair guy needed to order a plastic housing replacement. I waited for another two weeks. Now I was told that I had to pay for the plastic housing since it is not a part of recall unit.
    After talking to several people at ASKO’s customer service, I was told by them that ASKO would pay for the plastic housing, but I would have to pay for all labor associated with this repair since it is more than replacing the defective unit.
    My dishwasher was working fine until the repair guy opened the unit and tried to replace the defective part. Why do I need to pay for anything?
    As of today the dishwasher is still not working. No one seems to take any responsibilities on this issue. I know that the local repair company has nothing to do with this, but they also think I have to pay for everything.

  63. Amy Bates Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m nearly a month into my Bosch. I absolutely love it. Quiet, the dishes and glasses come out sparkling clean, and wonder of wonders – when you push the “On” button – it turns on! I just wish I hadn’t waited so long.

    Good luck to all – but there is something more than electronics broken at ASKO. Perhaps they are so overwhelmed with complaints that they can’t keep up – but it really seems more like they just don’t care. After the initial sale is made – you’re on your own.

  64. Susan Says:

    Hallelujah! So glad to hear you’re pleased with the Bosch! I hope it gives you many years of trouble-free service. Our old Asea seems to have pulled itself together once again (we replaced a part with an old used one we had from our Asea part stash). It’s a matter of time, but at least it’s sort of cleaning the dishes once again. I had decided to go with a Bosch, but I’m expecting I’ll be happy with the Miele. At least this thread really saved me from pulling the trigger on an Asko. Any time you want to chat, Amy, I’m at eelriver@saber.net; thanks again for your help.

  65. Donna Says:

    After calling a second repairman, and replacing 5 fuses we found our Asko model 1385 was a recall unit. We feel lucky that we did not have a fire since we run the dishwasher at night before going to bed. Our grandchildren have been with us!! What a scary thought!
    I called the 800 number and Mary with Asko tells me that we will be contacted within 48hrs. by a service rep. We will wait and see.

  66. sonya Says:

    My mum has an asko washing machine. She payed about $2000 for it about 5 years ago and has it repaired consistantly every year costing her big $$$. I have a cheap whirlpool of the same age that has never gone wrong even after moving house. And as a suggestion for a good dishwasher brand for all those shopping around look for a Bendix. It’s an Italian brand, mines going on ten years and still great.

  67. Mike Says:

    I have praise for ASKO. After coming across this blog, I called ASKO’s 800 number last week regarding my 11-year old model 1475 (I wasn’t even the original purchaser, it was from our house’s previous owner). They took my name, address & serial number, and two days later I got a call from their local repair company to arrange an appointment. A couple of days later they showed up promptly, replaced the “wax motor” (which was already burned on mine, thankfully it didn’t ignite the dishwasher & kitchen), along with most other electronics in the door. All good now. I’m very happy with their response & service, and I LOVE this dishwasher. We’ve been using it for 7 years and it’s so quiet, does a great job, and has a huge capacity.

  68. Donna Says:

    Called Asko back for the third time. It now been 8 days since my first call. I am still waiting to hear from the repair service.

  69. eileen subotich Says:

    Hi – on Oct. 10th my ASKO 1585 began to smoke and caused a nasty fire in the kitchen – fire dept. had to come and extinguish the burning motor – I had no idea this dishwasher had a “recall” – Before replacing I happened to google ASKO / fire and up come all your tales. Now I am really mad. No one notified us of a recall and we could have been badly hurt if we had gone to bed. I have called asko and notified the appliance store which we purchased. The store acts as though they never heard of anything wrong with Asko dishwashers which sounds bogus given all of the complaints and consumer product safety commission recall notices which are available. They did not offer any help – Asko is supposed to be sending a repair man to see if it really burned, meanwhile we have a fire dept. report, etc. I’ll let you know what happens. Is there a class action lawsuit???? We’d like to join it.

  70. randy jourden Says:

    my dishwaser cought fire last night,i started looking online and found this site if a rep can help i would be thankfull.thanks RJ

  71. Mike Says:

    Randy – call the ASKO Recall Hotline: (800)898-1879. Don’t wait for a rep to read your post here. Mine got repaired quickly free.

  72. mina Says:

    same thing happened to us last night, the door self ignited.
    we were so lucky, we were there to flip the breakers…otherwise the whole house could have been toast.
    called the service, lied about not knowing anything about me or my dishwasher even though i have recieved a pump from them 4 years ago under warranty.
    They told me that my washer is not registered and hence i have not been notified of the recall.

  73. Cindy Says:

    I was told by our local repair shop (Capital City Appliance) that it would cost over $500 to repair my Asko dishwasher. So, I started researching new dishwashers although I really didn’t want to replace it. Then I looked online about ordering parts and that is when I found this site. Thank God! I called Asko and they sent a repair kit to a different repair shop (The Appliance Man). It took a few follow up phone calls but the Appliance Man shop was great at helping with the follow through. After almost 2 months of no dishwasher while muddling through all the options, my dishwasher was repaired free of charge and is working like new! Thanks to Asko and the Appliance Man in Columbus Ohio. Don’t call Capital City, they claim ignorance in being notified of Asko recalls although 2 people at Asko assured me as an authorized dealer, Capital City was notified.

  74. Gary Newman Says:

    WOW! My sympathies to all of you. I live in Israel and the brand name of my dishwasher is “Telsa”, even though I now now that it was manufactured by Asko (a.k.a. Asea). It’s a model 1905 that we bought about 12(?) years ago. Fortunately, we’ve had no fire (yet), but the lower drawer/rack is so rusty I’m afraid it will fall apart before I can get a replacement. The service agent here in Israel claims they have them on order, but I get this same answer to my queries over the last 6 months. Does anyone have an idea how I can find a new LOWER RUST-FREE drawer/rack that will fit into my machine?

  75. randy jourden Says:

    i had a fire on my asko,ifound there web site and called it took 3 to 4 weeks but they gave us a new one at no charge.my asko was 10 years old so we are happy. RJ

  76. Tito Giron Says:

    My ASKO 1805 smelled burned recently and stopped working. Didn’t see afire but you could smell something had burned up. Called Mr. Appliance (South Florida) and they came out and confirmed the control board was burned up. Said it was a warranty claim and that they would submit the claim but could not repair it themselves as they are not authorized. Said ASKO would contact me. I waited over a month and no contact until today.

    Spoke with the ASKO service rep and they had my claim, but no explanation why they had not contacted me. Anyway, she said a local repair center would contact me within 24-48 hours.

    So, we’ll see!

  77. Tito Giron Says:

    Follow Up. After I was told I would be contacted in 24-49 hours, a week passed and nada! So I called again today and put on hold while they spoke with the supervisor to see what happened. It appears the order was OK’d to a local rep but they never contacted me. Still waiting!

  78. randy jourden Says:

    just stay ontop of it,they were nice with us.its not asko its the service cos,we went through 3!the third one was quick RJ

  79. Lloyd Says:

    Just recovering from the shock of smoke belching out of the door of the Asko 1375 we acquired with this house. Had we done the usual and turned it on before we turned in for the night, we might have awoken (hopefully at least) to a fire and with temps at 4o below and 10 miles from nearest fire department, we’d have lost her all I’m certain. Anyhow, thanks for the thread – I’ll get started on the calls on Monday Morning. Actually kinda like tha machine as we’ve had a lot of junk sold as gold in the past.
    Have found that any delays safety things are easist to solve by speaking with the local FD Chief and then a call to consumer safety folks at the Fed. Gov. and generally things happen pretty quick. We’ll sure be joining the class action if no ASKO action within a few days.
    Engineers make errors we know but most great companies make friends of their customers through these adversities. Persiration wins over inspiration.
    Thanks all,

  80. Louis E Wince Says:

    I purchased the Asko D3530 serial 033900989022 and felt it looked great,washed well and was quiet. In August 2007 the drain pump failed and I was given AAA Appliance (703 350 4115) as a certified Asko repair shop.They came out and said the pump needed replacing and that they would order the part which was still under warrenty. After repeated calls on 9/4,9/12,9/25,10/1 and 10/3 the part was finally sent and installed. The final person at Asko was Brian on 9/28/07. On 12/16/08 the Asko washer stopped and gave the message “water outlet fault”. I called the Asko center at 800-898-1879 and spoke with Sonya.She gave me A-1 repair(703-913-7439) and Mr M repair (703-944-8571). I selected A1 and they instantly sent out Mr Noroleen to repair the unit. I paid the $69.95 service fee and the unit still did not work. I called back A1 and Ken(the manager) said Mr Noroleen would not work on the Asko and he would send Gene to look at it. After two trips Gene said the control panel needed to be replaced. We called Asko that day (12-24-08) and they said the tech rep needed to order the part and that it was still under warrenty. A1 called to order the part and the parts department said to them that they were not a certified technician and could not order the part. On 12/29/08 I called Asko Advisory center and got Britany. She said even though they said A1 was a certified tech that the Asko web site was out of date and said I had to get another certified shop to come out and pay an additional service fee. I asked to speak to a supervisor,she put me on hold for 15 plus minutes,came back and said one was not available and she was sorry but that there was nothing she could or would do!She gave me Mr M Repair and I called him. Mr M said he could not order parts from Asko because he had not created an account.(now remember this is the second certified shop I was given by Asko from what Britany said was an out dated web site) On 12-30-08 I called Asko back and this time got Bree(who said Britany was not available). I explained my situation again and she said she would talk to a supervisor and to please hold. After 10 plus minutes she came back and said one was not availble but to call parts and see if they would ship the part directly to my house. I then had to hang up and call 866-223-5549(parts) and I got Daniel. Daniel said he could not help me and to call back to the advisory center and ask to speak to a manager and that they could approve the order. I called again and this time got Sherita(who would not connect me to either Bree,Britany or Sonya) and asked for a manager. She said she would help me and again I explained the situation. While I waited Sherita called A1 and told them they could order the part but when they tried again, they were told I had to pay the $500 up front for the part plus the $125 installation fee. Sherita said she was e-mailing a supervisor with my situation and that she would have him call me. This started at 11am on 12/30 and by 3:30 that day I had not gotten any response so I called the advisory center again and this time got Wendy. I asked to speak to Sherita at extention 4468 and Wendy said she would help. Wendy looked at the account and said she would have a supervisor call me no later than 12/31/08 in the AM. Wendy said two supervisors were working on the problem and when I asked for their names she refused to provide it. I am still waiting for a call and it is 12/31/08 12:54 PM. I tried to get a phone number for Mr Steve Piro who is the President of AM Appliance Group or Mr Don Prevette who is the VP. If anyone has their e-mail or phone number please send it to me at my e-mail lwince@farmersagent.com.

  81. Vito Says:

    We purchased a new Asko D19996 Dishwasher a few years ago for our new home. It came highly recommended from a high end appliance store in Phoenix. It was expensive (over $1500), but this was going to be our dream kitchen. The dishwasher is/was very quiet, but required us to rinse the dishes thoroughly. Within two months the problems started. The first problem was it would not start after pressing the start button. This required a new circuit board which took weeks to arrive. Then the handle broke. This also required parts that took a very long time. Then the upper basket slide mechanism broke. We had several more problems and then the handle broke again. We continued using it with the broken handle and then the circuit board failed again. This board is $500 for the part plus the service call. I just do not see an end to these failures and do not think it is worth repairing.

  82. randy jourden Says:

    your home warranty should cover it,if none sign up and wait 30 days then file for repair. be sure to check to see if its on recall, asko will repair!

  83. Vito Says:

    I checked the Asko web site and this dishwasher is no longer under warranty.

  84. Amy Bates Says:

    Just this morning I was silently blessing my Bosch for the trouble it took from my life when I finally gave up on the ASKO.

  85. Louis E Wince Says:

    On 1/05/09 I called Asko again and this time got Kayla to look at my situation. She became silent and then said please wait a minute. The next thing I know Alex a supervisor ext 4488 said he would contact Asko parts and get back to me. He said A1 may have to pay for the part and then get reinbursed. I said they will not pay for the part up front and just to send it to my home and I will pay for the $125 installation fee. Alex said he would call me back and as of today at 12:30 PM 1/07/09 no call back on my cell phone which I always carry and it records all calls. What a great company Asko has representing them in the USA.

  86. Tito Giron Says:

    This is about my 4th posting since I contacted Asko back in Oct 2008. After repeated attempts and repeated promises they would contact me back in 24 hours, I give up on Asko. I will yank it out and leave it sitting on the street with a nasty sign about what I think of Asko Service. It is crap. How can they honestly tell clients they will call them back within 24 hours and then just blow them off like that? I certainly liked the machine while it worked, but forget the service support if you have a problem. And this was a recall!!!
    I’m shopping for a Bosch this weekend!

  87. Louis E Wince Says:

    Much to my surprise I received the part for my Asko on Friday. I did not get a call back from Alex the supervisor but he must have reviewed my file and realized how much trouble I have had. The part is installed and the machine seems to be running fine. Thank you Alex at ext 4488.

  88. randy jourden Says:

    i dont think its all asko, the service people are bad!! asko must be covered up. kayla was very nice, it took a few weeks but got a new washer. it has to be the service cos most are forein!!!

  89. Winston Parham Says:

    Today my Asko 1585 popped and started smoking and buzzing. I called Asko when I read about the recall. They said they would immediately start the repair process by sending the parts to my home and notifying the service company. We have had 11 good years out of this unit. If and when it is fixed I hope to have a few more years. Whether or not I will buy another Asko depends on the next 10 days. Wish me luck – maybe they have turned over a new leaf – maybe not.

  90. Vito Says:

    I would be happy with even 5 years of service, but my Asko lasted just over 3 years and was broken & out of service several times during that period.
    I will never buy another Asko product!

  91. Gary Ruff Says:

    Re: Asco dishwasher fire. Mine went on fire and I called to report it on January 15, 2008. Asco took all the info and established a “case”. They represented that a serviceman would contact me within 24 hours. None did. So I called again. Spent about 20 minutes on hold I got “Arren” on the line. Arren pulled up the file, but she wanted info to confirm my ID. So, we did my name and address: then she asked for my telephone number, again; the serial number of the unit, again; and then I was asked for the model number, again. I said to Arren: “Look,I don’t have it on this piece of paper – I gave it to you yesterday and you have it in the file” She said I don’t care, the procedure is that you must tell me again” I said OK and I went to get it off of the machine. But the time I got back, she had hung up.

  92. Amy Bates Says:

    That is so typical, Gary. I can’t tell you how many times I crawled down on my kitchen floor, looking for that stupid number. I finally did write it in big letters on my useless “trouble-shooting guide” – once I realized that the calls were going to be frequent. I’m afraid their case files are circular, if you know what I mean.

  93. Tito Giron Says:

    After repeated promises ASKO would call me back I have given up. Went out and bought a new top of the line Electrolux. 16 settings, super quiet, etc… The ASKO was good while it ran, but the service sucks. I’ll never understand why they bother telling the customer they will contact you within 24-48 hours and never mean it. I’ll never buy another ASKP or recommend it. They have made a disloyal customer!

  94. mj Says:

    In November 2008 our Asko dishwasher spontaneously ignited. Luckily we were at home and able to exstinguish the flames. After continuous calls to Asko, they have not repaired or replaced our dishwasher. We have gotten in touch with a lawyer and have begun legal proceedings. Please contact me if you would like to join.

  95. Vito Says:

    I gave our Asko dishwasher away last night. We owned it for just over three years and it was broken several times. The last time it broke was on Thanksgiving.
    I will never own another Asko product again!

  96. Amy Bates Says:

    Dear MJ,

    I am very sorry to hear of your traumatic and dangerous experience, but very happy to hear that you are seeking legal help. I can’t join you because my machine never burned – but I sincerely urge everyone here whose ASKO smoked or caught fire to contact MJ. ASKO knowingly has put thousands of people at risk. It’s a miracle that no one has been killed. But the machines are still out there, and ASKO knows it.

  97. randy jourden Says:

    your just wasting your money,call them first. if you have time to hire an atty you have time to call asko, it took 3 to 4 weeks but it payed off for us! RJ

  98. bmarty Says:

    Well all of you that thought Bosch was so good, look at this http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml09/09100.html I hope you realize that really the best dishwasher on the market is the Miele and they start at around 1100. You will not find any other dishwasher even compare to there entry model much less there top end ones. They even did an in home demonstration for me, everything I put in there comes out cleaner than my old bosch and get this, they tell you NOT to pre rinse your dishes. They are simply the best period.

  99. mike Says:

    My ASKO model 1353 has a problem with the recirculation pump. The blades do not spin, so I am thinking either the pump is bad or it is clogged with junk. The pump shaft spins, but when it does, it sounds like something is grinding, or it sounds like a bunch of loose ball barrings. Does anyone have any advice as to what could be wrong?

  100. JOAN VENEZIA Says:


  101. JOAN VENEZIA Says:


  102. O B Phillips Says:

    I have ASKO Model 1475 that caught on fire and burned the circuit board. I just called ASKO at 800-898-1879 and some nice lady took information and tells me they will repair it free of charge and I should expect a local service company to call within a week to set an appointment to repair it. Just hope it works smoothly.

  103. randy jourden Says:

    just stay on top of it and it will!

  104. Benoit Says:

    I called yesterday about the recall. They told me they will send the components directly to my home and then they will send the local service company.

    Does anyone know what components must be replaced?

    I hope this replacement will solve my current problems: Fan always running and detergent door does not close. It seems the solenoid is always energized. I have the model 1595.

  105. Pissed Off Says:

    DO NOT LET SEARS TOUCH YOUR BOSCH DISHWASHER! A Sears Tech changed the part and screwed up the perfectly working dishwasher due to this recall. The tech had no experience on Bosch dishwasher and didn’t know anything about the recall. He had to read the directions to do the work. All he had was a HS diploma. No tech education.

  106. Benoit Says:

    I though this recall was for Asko, not Bosch!

  107. Susan Says:

    Bosch now has a similar recall out. Our 20+year old Asea (which is what predated ASKO) is still managing to work, thank goodness. But when it kicks the bucket, we’re opting for a Miele.

  108. david Says:

    Top drawer fell off on my model # 1385 from Asko. Came on line here to find parts and am reading it has been recalled beacuse of fire. Now what do i do????

  109. randy jourden Says:

    call askos 800 # and just stay on top of it! they will fix it. RJ

  110. Very Pissed Off Says:

    SEARS did the same thing to my perfectly working Bosch Dishwasher!! Got Mr. Couldn’t do it the first time and got Mr. Know-It-All the second time and now it is completely broken!!! This REALLY STINKS! Due back today for the third try. Hope they can find somebody who knows that they are doing!

  111. Winston Parham Says:

    Sorry I took so long to report. On January 16, I reported that my ASKO 1585 buzzed and smoked and died. Well, we called ASKO, and they said that they would contact their repair people and send them the parts for my dishwasher. They also said that they would have a service technician come to install the parts and make any other repairs within 7 days. They came to my home in 5 days. They made the repair and answered all of our questions. I am happy to say that our ASKO is running great! I’m so sorry to hear that so many of you have had so many problems. Our experience has been very positive, and we are going into our 12th year with our ASKO 1585 Dishwasher.

  112. Winston Parham Says:

    One small correction – The first time I talked to ASKO, they told me that they would send the parts to my home, and they gave me the number of the local firm which would do the repair. When I called the firm, they told me that ASKO would send the parts to them, and that they had already been notified about my case. I thought that was pretty quick. It seems that the ASKO Customer Service Rep is the key. Like all companies, there are good ones and bad ones. Some care and some don’t. My ASKO must have been built on a Wednesday. I have just had no problems other than this recall, and they handled it very well.

  113. Susan Says:

    Anybody have — or know where I can find — a upper basket for an old Asea dishwasher? We’ve managed to keep our 23+ year old Asea running, but the right side of the upper basket just completely eroded away today. Oddly, the left side is perfectly fine. We replaced the baskets some years ago but our local shop says they are unavailable now. I’d hate to have to buy a new dishwasher right now, especially just because the basket has fallen apart when the motor is still runnng!

  114. Peter Says:

    I have DW95 1796 model (I believe it was built in 2001) that unfortunately is not part of the recall but should have been. It started smoking the other day and then the lights stopped working and is now dead (which is pretty much what happened to the recall models) I’ll be reporting this to the .gov site as Asko’s dishwasher recall should be expanded to include this model and others like it.

  115. Paul Says:

    I came across this website while searching for problems with our ASKO dishwasher. We had a problem with the machine sticking in the final rinse cycle or the dry cycle. This first occurred about a year ago when the machine was still in warranty. The company said the problem was that we were using too much detergent (we we following the manufacturer’s recommendation). They immediately faxed us a DIY repair sheet which should have been a clue that they were dealing with this problem regularly. We followed the instructions which included uninstalling the dishwasher and pulling it out from beneath the counter to access the components, and after suctioning water out of the bottom of the unit, and allowing several days for it to air dry, got it going again. ASKO said to use less detergent and only dry powder, which we did. Now the same problem occurs again, and ASKO says its out of warranty and no their problem — call a repair man.

    Next time, we’ll buy an American machine. The ASKO is obviously over engineered and under supported. Our last machine was a GE which ran for 14 years.

  116. Susan Says:

    Buying American won’t guarantee you’ll own a trouble-free dishwasher and not all imported machines are bad. I heavily used an Asea (which predated AKSO, apparently for the better) for 20 years, until it gave up the ghost a few weeks ago. I’m deciding which Meile model to replace it with.

  117. Scott Says:

    I first logged on this email string a couple years ago. Both of my Asko dishwashers failed at the same time with 2 seperate issues. I was finally able to get them repaired. However one of them has expirenced the same problem once again. The circulation pump has failed for the 3rd time. The 1st one lasted just over 30 days, the labor was only covered for 30 days. I commented on this email string and was contacted by Asko, they took care of everything. I was very pleased with the results.
    It has been just over a year since this the pump was replaced. In my opinin, the quality of these parts less than addequate. Does anyone know if the parts are 1 or 2 year warranty? This pump is cost over $300. I can get a new washer for just a few dollars more after you include a service call fee.

  118. Benoit Says:


    I finally got the replacement component for the recall after 3½ months and 4 calls to the help desk. It is the main control board, the door switch and an actuator for the fan. I replaced all parts this morning and everything is working fine now: my fan was always running and the soap door was not closing. Here in Canada, they provide the parts free but you must change them yourself or pay someone to change them.

    I hope it will last longer. I wrote to ASKO sweden for complaining about the poor quality of the product. So far, electronics is failing and several pieces of plastic broke. For a high end product, we would expect higher quality.

  119. Mary Faulkner Says:

    We own an Asko 1385 which we purchased in 1999. It has been a great dishwasher. In the past week we have been experiencing a tripped circuit breaker. It was happening when nothing on that circuit was on so it was very perplexing. A few days into this phenomenon I started to smell something and by the time the electrician got to the house there was a strong smell of burning plastic. He disconnected the dishwasher and we found this blog. I worked for the ASKO distributor and I know that Asko had my unit registered and this is the first I am hearing about this recall. I am disappointed with the company but hopeful that they will take care of the problem. Either way, I will report back!

  120. randy jourden Says:

    all that have had trouble with your asko,they wiil repair it just takes time. when my asko cought fire i tried to find a replacement that was as good at any price,but no luck.im so glad they replaced it at no charge! it was not under warranty. RJ

  121. Tito Giron Says:

    The ASKO was certainly nice for all those years it ran. I bought the home with the unit installed, so of course it went out about 4-6 months later. I think it was a 1999 installation, so it was going on 10 years.
    Replaced it with a top of the line Electrolux, which to be honest is even quieter, which is what I was looking for. It also holds more dishes in same cupboard space. It was also cheaper than a comparable ASKO.
    I just wish the service folks at ASKO would say what they mean and do what they say. A simple “sorry, but your unit is way past it’s warranty now”, would have saved me a lot of waiting time without a dishwasher in the expectation they were actually going to follow through of what they told me.

  122. Mary Faulkner Says:

    We called ASKO on June 25, 2009 because our unit was on the recall list and we had been experiencing a tripped circuit breaker and the smell of burning plastic. (I originally posted on June 24th.) Yesterday, July 6th, the repairman came out and replaced the switch, timer, and wax motor. The timer looked fine but the switch had scorch marks and the wax motor had a hole burned in it’s side. I am so glad we found this blog becasue without it we never would have heard about the recall! I am disappointed that ASKO did not contact us about the recall but I am very impressed with the service. We had our DW repaired in less than 2 weeks from the time we first called.

  123. Greg Geisler Says:

    Just like everyone else, I filed for the recall and ASKO is not responding to my phone calls. I have been without a dishwasher for 6 months now and expect to get this one fixed by ASKO, anytime soon.

  124. Donna Says:

    Our 1805 has just caught fire, all the wiring I’d say as just billows of smoke. Whatever, it sure smelt toxic. And then to have found this site tonight is amazing. Why weren’t we informed? Nothing in our news re recall. I’ll ring the service centre in the morn but not holding my breath.

  125. Mary Evely Guyton Says:

    I have waited 6 months for service and finally received a defective part. I was told I would have to wait 4-6 weeks for a new part because they were back ordered. My dishwasher did not catch fire but smoked and blew out the switch. I have not had a functional dishwasher in 2 months. I am going to buy a new dishwasher and it will not be an ASKO

  126. Aldo Davalos Says:

    I just got off the phone with Asko. Thankfully I found this website. I called them and they said the part would be delivered within 4 days and by next week a technician will come by and fix the appliance. I will post up if this actually happens. It seems like they’ve been fielding these calls for a while because the operator had a “not another one of these” tones in her voice. She was pleasant, but I could tell that this hasn’t been a good recall for them.

    Stay tuned for results…

  127. Aldo Davalos Says:

    One more thing I forgot to add: The contact information provided on this website is incorrect. Asko is available 24/7 at the following # (1-800-898-1879) which I pulled from their contact page on their website. Apparently they are now partnered with Maytag.


    Good luck!

  128. Erin Richmond Says:

    I was without a dishwasher for nearly three months as I waited for my repair after my dishwasher started smoking. First, Asko sent out a control board that was replaced. The next day my dishwasher started smoking again. I contacted the repair company and seeral weeks later was told Asko told them to come out and check something on the dishwasher. They came out again and replaced both the control panel and the pump, supposedly at Asko’s instruction. The next day the dishwasher wouldnt turn off and the pump appeared to not be working. I called again. Several weeks later the pump was replaced. Then, a couple weeks later I received a bill for $250. The appliance repair company said that Asko charged them for the pump that Asko told them to replace in order for the new control board to work! I justgot off the phone with Asko customer service. After a ridiculous conversation with the customer service person, I spoke to a supervisor, Mike. Mike said that the control board and pump were replaced as a “courtesy” and that Asko would not cover the cost of the pump. He basically said I should be grateful they replaced the control board which is a $450 item. I told him he should be glad that my kitchen didnt catch fire and he wasn’t dealing with a lawsuit. He maintained his refusal to pay for the pump replacement. So…while Asko initially seemed very responsive BEWARE as you may be hit up later when they refuse to cover the cost of other parts that have to be replaced (because existing parts are not compatible with the new control board) in order for the dishwasher to actually work.

  129. Melissa Says:

    I have two Asko dishwashers model #1805. Within weeks of eachother both panels went
    out. When repairman came out, he found one of the panels had burned out. NEVER was I told about the recall. We are VERY lucky a fire did not erupt. I paid over $500 for each dishwasher to be repaired (one is still not working correctly). After reading all the above posts, I have decided to boycott Asko products and will direct all my friends to this website to make their own conculsions. I am now going to go buy two new dishwashers and you can bet, they will NOT be Asko’s!! Asko needs to greatly improve their customer service relations.

  130. mike Says:

    ASko very poor company to deal with.

  131. Winston Parham Says:

    I have been following this site for a long time, and I have found that ASKO – the main company in Sweden – is not the main problem. It is the American company which is the exclusive venue for ASKO products. I urge everyone to email ASKO.SE and tell them of our experience. I am sure that the parent does not know the transgressions of the child. European companies do not want to piss off Americans and close off our buying power.

  132. Dave Says:

    wow.. I have been trying to get my 1885 model repaired for some time… It had been serviced several times all under warranty with the same problem. I stumbled on this site today. The problem with my unit was that it had caught on fire a couple of times. I had never heard any of this until today though. I have not had satisfactory service from the unit we purchased, and at the price we paid 10 years ago, I am still pissed off. We will NEVER buy another Asko product, as you can’t get any service. Their service SUCKS. I tell everyone i know not to buy Asko products.

  133. Tito Giron Says:

    Folks, get over it already! ASKO has no interest in repeat business.

    I bought a new Electrolux diswasher. It’s in the same quality league, and actually quieter than the Asko was, and more room inside same space.

    Have no idea is their service is any good or not. Hasn’t broken yet!

  134. Mark M. Says:

    Calm down everyone. Please read my post. Last week I discovered the “wax fan” (ASKO’s word for it) for my model 1585 had been running all night long. This is the fan that sucks the steam out of the dishwasher and blows it into the room. My research in to the problem lead me here, and to http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml07/07213.html (read the recall report).
    If you own this dishwasher, and have this problem with the fan, call 1-800-898-1879. When I did I received quick, effective customer service. They allowed me to schedule an appointment with an appliance repair service center of my choice. We are simply waiting for the replacement part now.
    B.T.W., to disconnect the fan until the repair can be made requires you to remove the door panel and disconnect the wire leads to the fan motor. Otherwise it will run constantly, may overheat, and then cause a fire. This was the reason for the recall. This solution allows you to continue to use the appliance without the fan. Or, you may disconnect the main power, which requires the removal of the panel beneath the door. This solution completely disables the appliance.
    If none of this makes any sense, call a repairman.

    Hope this helps someone.


  135. CAROL MYBURGH Says:

    You will all be pleased to know that the ASKO Dishwasher and service is just as bad in Australia. mINE HAS NOT WORKED FROM DAY 1. The service centere sent someone out once and said it didn’t wash because it had been installed incorrectly by our electrician. They charged me $200 to install it again and it still does not wash properly. I mainly use my 15 year old Bosch which I thankfully did not through out and it still works like a dream.


  136. mike Says:

    Piece of trash. Aska is terrible to deal with. Mike

  137. Michel Says:

    I’ve just call Asko USA at 1-800-898-1879 for my 1996 dishwasher. They’re gonna send me the wax motor but the installation is NOT include. Very disapointing for a recall.

  138. DONNA REED Says:


  139. Susan Says:

    Just some feedback for those considering a Miele: I am in general pleased with my new dishwasher, but I have to say it doesn’t really seem to do a much better job than my old ASEA (which pre-dated ASKO) at 20 years old. It IS quieter but takes a lot longer to run. I also am not very happy with the configuration of the racks; they make absolutely no sense to me, or at least my dishes. Especially the bottom rack is terribly inconvenient and I cannot fit nearly as many pots/plates/bowls into the Miele as I could with the old ASEA. It sounds like the Electrolux might have been a better choice. Be sure to take a look at these in a B&M store!

  140. Tito Giron Says:

    The Electrolux continues to work wonderfully. You can put your ear right up to the unit and can not tell it is running.

    Dump the Asko folks, get something else and don’t kid yourself they are going to respond to your problem. When your kitchen or worse, your home burns down, you will have little recourse.

    Good luck!

  141. Woody Says:

    I am not excusing Asko for anything posted here. But those who contend they were not notified have to take responsibility for not registering their appliances. Manufactures BEG for consumers to register appliances so that in the event their is a recall they can be notified.

    Another manufacture who had a similair recall struggled like Asko to find owners of these appliances. The CPSB expects a high percentage of these products to be found to satisfy their requirements in a recall.

    People here on this thread are computor savy consumers. In the future take a moment to register your products.

    PS Both Whirlpool and GE had similar recalls for fire and possible fire issues. There is a recall going on right now on refrigerators that might cause a fire. Do your homework and see if you own one.



  142. Amy Bates Says:

    Ours was fully registered – and we never received a recall notification. What’s more, every time I called for service, I had to give them all my information again, as if no database existed. Who knows – maybe it didn’t.

    Donna Reed – I am very sorry for your losses in the fire.

  143. Amy Bates Says:

    Nice. A porno spammer on this Forum. I’d call that a new low.

  144. appliancejournal Says:

    Amy, welcome to the internet :) . We keep this blog fairly open so that people are able to post helpful links and don’t have to wait until their comments are approved. Occasionally, spammy comments make their way in, but they’re deleted sooner or later. Comment you were referring to has been deleted.

    ApplianceJournal staff

  145. Amy Bates Says:

    Ha, ha – good job. Thanks!

  146. Scott Says:

    I originally posted my concerns about 2 years ago concerning my 2 ASKO 1585 dishwashers. One has been functioning fine however the others circulation pump went out a little over a year from the last time I had it replaced.
    The repair of this will cost around $500 or so, most of the cost of a pump. I have a question! Has anyone replaced their dishwasher with another brand? If so, do you still have the old washer and are willing to sell me the circulation pump from it?

  147. Woody Says:

    Scott Says: do you still have the old washer and are willing to sell me the circulation pump from it?

    Scott, these pumps are not $500. Maybe half of that. I am sure I have one but not sure how to contact you on this forum as it is not appropriate to give out an email address or phone here. Any ideas. I would be glad to help you.

  148. Scott Says:

    Woody,I know they run around $350. However with the travel and labor for a technician in install it will add up to around $500. I have had this pump replaced twice already. I am fairly confident I can install a this pump since I’ve seen them replace it.
    Do you have a used pump you are willing to sell?
    I’m sure we can figure out a way to communicate a way to contact each other.

  149. Woody Says:

    Asko replacement parts have a one year warranty, so if your replacement part was less than a year ago they should be able to warranty it for you.

    Go to ebay seller aspd3815900 and you can contact me through their ask a seller link. I’ll let you know what I have then. Be sure to include your zip code so I can calculate UPS for you.

    I was told today that the boards for these products will soon be obsolete. You can contact Asko for options on what to do if the products need boards. I assume they will offer some type of pro-rate to you. They may even do that now based upon your service history.

    Good luck


  150. James Says:

    I just was promised, then reneged, by Asko
    for a rebate If I purchased another DW.
    As it turns out my DW did not catch fire
    so too bad for me. Only the board broke.

    The Control board is broken and there is no
    replacement, discontinued by Asko, and due
    to it being over 10 years old – too bad!

    These appliances should work, and be supported,
    longer that 10 years! What does that say about
    Asko if they do not trust their products to
    last past 10 years!

    But they did initially promise help buying a new
    DW and sent me an email with the details,
    but now have backed out. Bosh anyone?

  151. Woody Says:

    We have a high customer satisfaction level with Bosch. A lot of manufactures are not keeping parts as long as they should. Too bad about the prorate. See if you can find the Asko distributor in your area. Call and ask if they have a customer service department. The distributor in my area is pretty congenial in helping out in this situation.

    Asko sells to a distributor and the distributor sells to the dealers so the distributor has a vested interest in helping customers have a good experience.

  152. Jeff Says:

    I have an ASKO Model 1475 dishwasher subject to the recall. I recently started smelling a burning electrical smell at the end of the cycle and thanks to this site for info on the recall I called ASKO. They were very good, took down the info and promptly sent a replacement “wax motor” to a service provider near me. The guy came and replaced the wax motor in my presence, all for free – but did not run a full cycle test of the dishwasher.

    Well, guess what? At the very end of the dry cycle the smell is still there. Stopping the dry cycle in the middle works fine (no smell) but is not an acceptable long term solution. Given that the dishwasher is 14 years old should I just give up and get a new one? Any suggestions?

  153. James Says:

    In response to Woody:
    The servce came from the distributor.
    They placed the board ‘on order’ and
    never got back to me. So distributors
    are really no better than who backs them (ie. ASKO)

    Why would they make parts out of [expensive]
    stainless steel and obsolete parts so quickly?
    They want to take your money – again.

    Jeff: In My Opinion the $500 coupon to buy another
    ASKO is simply throwing good money after bad.

  154. Woody Says:

    Thanks for the update James.
    Actually a $500 coupon is a pretty good concession when you compare it to what I see other manufactures offer. Usually nothing!

    Obsolete parts is a problem in the industry because technology is moving so fast. When the parts are in production they try and anticipate the future need because some of these parts are made by vendors for the manufacture. If the vendor goes out of business or the costs of reproducing a few parts vs the 1000′s they make originally then there is a availablity issue or a cost issue arise. Either way were stuck not being able to repair the product or it is too expensive to repair.

    Just before Christmas a woman had to replace a very expensive double oven, because the manufacture couldn’t provide a $2.50 part to fix it! Asko most likely used up their inventory with the initial recall.

    But other than a Bosch I really don’t know what else to recommend because we deal with this everyday and no manufacture is exempt. If you can find an Asko for $999 or less and use your coupon it would be a good deal. The dishwasher has changed a great deal in 10 years.

    Good Luck

  155. james Says:

    Woody seems to be an ASKO employee!
    Go ahead and buy another one, they
    can obsolete more parts on you!
    This thread is replete with horror
    stories of ASKO dis-service. Jeff’s is
    only the latest. Dishwashers change
    but the data on ASKO and its
    distributor is as real as today.
    They obsolete parts, and do not
    stand behind their product.
    The coupon was offered – then unoffered.
    You have to have a sense of humor when
    dealing with these scoundrels.

  156. Woody Says:

    No James, I am not an Asko employee. But I do work with all the major appliance manufactures daily. You’ve had one experience with one company and I’ve had thousands of experiences with 20 companies.

    Obsolete parts is a reality. People are changing out 3 to 8 year old everything and every brand. There are only a few standouts.

    But I know this, that when Whirlpool,Maytag, Kenmore, GE and others had recalls due to fires in their control panels the most they ever offered an owner with a non-repairable unit was $50 towards a new machine, not $500, and those dishwashers weren’t 10 years old, they were less than 6.

    All I am saying is $500 compared to other brands is sizable. You can search the web for dishwasher recalls, you will find plenty. And you will find plenty with obsolete or expensive repair parts. It’s just the way it is.

    And no, I don’t have an Asko in my home, I have a Thermador Saphire,(newly released) which is a Bosch. Best darn dishwasher I have ever owned. $1400-$2000 depending on model.

  157. OtherJames Says:

    Thanks Woody for your comments on this, and for a rational response to others who are obviously frustrated by some of the problems they are having. I had an Asko 1805, I was able to get the recall work done last year before any fires or anything. It was a hassle getting Asko to send parts and get a local service co. but got it arranged – persistence paid off. They actually replaced the entire control panel (CPU) as well as wax motor. I had another issue with it after that, it wouldn’t pump out properly on every fifth to ninth wash, and filled the overflow pan until the unit shut off. Some of the posts here suggested one of the two pumps or the inlet soleniod letting in too much water, but in the end we bought a new Bosch. I had the 1805 on Craigslist for a month for $100 but no takers (New CPU alone prob 3x that). Gave it to Goodwill, they’re not angry with me yet ;-)
    So again, thanks for your helpful comments!


  158. Robert Kellogg Says:

    Well, my ASKO Model 1585 dishwasher control panel burnt out with a big flame. Never new about the recall, but I’ve received the same run-around by customer service. Told that a service person would contact us in two days, still nothing after two weeks. After a second call, we’ve found that the replaceable part is a motor, not the charred control panel. The circuit board has been discontinued and is no longer in stock anywhere … and I think I can see why, judging by the charred remains.

  159. Lori Putnam Says:

    Oh, my. Our ASKO 1885 started flashing F2 last night, so we tried the self-diagnostic in the manual. Didn’t work, so we cut the power as the output motor (?) kept trying to drain the “high water level” and I thought it would burn out….and then burst into flames as so many seem wont to do!
    Contacted ASKO this a.m., and got someone who never heard of any recall, never heard of this model, and put me on hold to investigate. I even gave her this website to go to. Disconnected me four minutes into that, so I called back, and actually got the same customer service person. She let me know that because the unit is over ten years old, there is nothing they will/can do. The control panel that overheats and catches on fire (“ma’am, not ALL of that model number bursted into flames”)is no longer available, and they “are not required” to provide any assistance once a product is over 10 years old. I told her that even though not ALL have flamed up, I would be an idiot to keep using the product, and of course, I would have no reason to ever buy an ASKO. This DW came with the house, and obviously the previous owners knew nothing of a recall.
    She certainly didn’t seem to care that I was miffed. I asked if the 10 year limit meant that they don’t expect their dishwashers to last longer than 10 years. “No, ma’am, of course, not, we expect them to last 20 years.” Yet they are “not required” to have parts once the product is 10 years old? Then how does one keep it working?
    On to Bosch or someone else who at least appears to care more about their reputation and keeping their customers.

  160. G Says:

    I have an asko 1385, it is continuously running and wants to drain any water in it. I have to leave it open to get it to stop and when I do it smells like something electrical is burning and is VERY hot. I searched my model and landed on this blog. I couldn’t believe it! I tried the customer service number at the top and it gives me an automated recording asking me if I want to rerecord my introduction. Does anyone have updated contact info?

  161. Lori Putnam Says:

    ASKO CALLED ME BACK! A Customer Service person called me the next day after I was blown off by Andrea on 4-6-10. He (Steve/800-898-1879, and then get an operator in Customer Service and ask for ext: 5059 for him)said of COURSE they stand behind a recall even if the unit is over 10 yrs old, and of COURSE they have the part (which is the wax motor, according to him, and not the control panel which they don’t have available any more and which Andrea said was the recall, once she agreed there had BEEN a recall), and he wanted to set up a service call immediately to come out and get it fixed asap. OR, I could get $100-150 off of a new model.
    He was very nice, and appalled by Andrea’s lack of training and inability to recognize she needed help on my call. I declined any recall fix for the time being, and Steve walked me through the reason that the output motor kept thinking there was more water to eject (sounds like G’s prob on the 1385). He gave me crystal clear instructions on what to do if the problem didn’t resolve itself, but it did. There must have been a bit of water in the overflow area, and once it dries up, then all is well and I was able to reset the machine and use it. If so much water is down there and a day or two of sitting and not using it doesn’t evaporate it, that’s when you take off the kick panel, soak up the water, and go from there. Even Andrea was able to send me some info in email on doing that fix.

    So, although we are not going to buy another ASKO at this time because of my husband’s research leading him to a Bosch, Steve did try his best to be a good rep for ASKO and to resolve my problem quickly.

  162. Lori Putnam Says:

    Need our ASKO parts?
    We are recycling the DW, so I would imagine any part that can be taken out can be sent off to whomever needs it.
    Post what you need and where you are, and if you pay for postage, then we can get the part you need to you.
    We have the ASKO 1885 from 1998, if that helps.
    You may have to post your email here, too, so that I can contact you re logistics.
    Or…well, if you think of another way to get me your email address without having to show it to the world, great!

  163. Woody Says:

    G: The answer to your question is:

    http://www.askousa.com or

    Customer Service for ASKO North America:
    1-800-898-1879 Customer Service professionals are available to assist you 24 hours, 7 days a week. OR

    General Inquiries:
    OR contact a dealer in the area and ask who the product distributor is in your area

  164. Woody Says:

    To Lori:
    Post you item on Craig list and then we can go find the listing without having to reveal our email address’s online to everyone on this blog.

    Or if you have an ebay account you can tell you user name on Ebay and people can use the “contact seller” through them and you can stay incognito.

  165. G Says:

    Thank you, I was able to contact a customer service rep and they did set up a service call to replace the wax motor. (That was before I read Lori’s last entry.) Lori, I think you are exactly right, that sounds like what my dw is doing. However, rep didn’t offer any suggestions like Steve did. Did he say the “wax motor” was the reason that there was water in the overflow area? I don’t even know if the wax motor is the same as the “output motor”? And did they think you may still have risk of fire, is that why you are replacing it even though it is working again? Just trying to decide what I need to do, fix or replace? My dw is also 1998. Thanks for your entries. G

  166. Woody Says:

    G: When they come out to do your wax motor (funny term for what it really is) you can ask the tech about you other concerns. Asko will be paying for the replacement of the wax motor so most techs will be helpful and answer your questions usually. The people on the 800#’s are nice people but they are not technicians. The only have the information they have been given and most have never repaired an appliance.

    Most likely the reason the dishwasher is running is because there is water in the base pan. The dishwasher is designed to turn on the pump until the water is removed. This is to prevent floods. It is a feature Asko and Bosch have used for years. I have seen it save a lot of floors. If you need to stop it shut of the power to the dishwasher till the tech arrives.

  167. Lori Putnam Says:

    To G
    Steve said the wax motor is what causes the fires, and that’s the recall item on my model, and apparently on yours, too. The drying fan would run all the time, overheat, and cause the fire if you were already living with a bad wax motor.
    The problem you and I both had with the DW trying to whoosh water out (I have no idea if anything is called the “output motor”…I just used it to indicate whatever part was whooshing water out – “whooshing” being a highly technical term, of course!)has nothing to do with the wax motor, but I looked on our F2 alert (the “high water – I must keep on whooshing water out”) as a blessing, for then I found out about the fires.
    The wax motor is attached to the control panel, and I thought I remembered Steve saying they used to replace it, too, but now they don’t have any of those. In my non-tech mind, I would be more comfy having an electrical control panel replaced along with whatever a wax motor is in a model that catches on fire every so often. Plus, this DW is 12 years old, AND we broke part of the front handle off, AND it’s not level anymore so the top rack hits me all the time and we would have to pay a tech to deinstall/level/reinstall to fix that, AND it’s white, and in TX, we just had a big Energy Star rebate thing going. We are on the wait list for that, so we might get $140-$215 back for replacing NOW. All these things added up to getting a new one instead of limping along and having ASKO send out a wax motor to fix it. Plus, even though the tech would be here and replacing a recall part, Steve thought I’d have to pay at least $80 to get the guy to level the machine while he was here. If you nickel and dime me like that, I tend to want to take my business elsewhere.
    Good luck to you, and perhaps I’ll find a thread somewhere to announce how our new Bosch behaves once it’s in!

  168. G Says:

    Thanks for your replies, they have been most helpful. Lori, enjoy your new dw, I don’t blame you for replacing it, I may be too. (I appreciate your kind of technical terms also…’whooshing’ I understand:) I guess I will go another week without my asko until tech can take a look (they said it would be 7-10 days) and I will make a decision after that.

  169. G Says:

    Woody…do you know if water in the base pan usually means there is something that needs to be replaced, a hose or valve leaking or something like that? G

  170. Woody Says:

    It can be anything from overfilling, over sudsing, water coming back into the dishwasher (installation related) or a failure of a hose etc.

    For anyone interested, a wax motor is about a 1 1/2 inch x 1 inch rectangle box with a plunger. When power is applied the “wax” expands and pushes the plunger out which can be used in many functions such as dispensing deter. They are used by many manufactures.

    Also: Another MAJOR manufacture will soon be recalling 4 to 6 years of production of their dishwashers. They have asked dealers to stop selling them until a further announcement coming in June. Recalls aren’t something unique to the industry. This is 7th or 8th recall we have been aware of in the last 10 years and almost every brand name has had one or more. I only mention this not to frighten or discourage people, all the manufactures have been diligent in trying to locate and repair their products without cost. But jumping from one brand to another isn’t any guarantee you won’t have a problem. In fact the manufactures that have experienced problems are in my opinion better manufactures because of it. Sort of like people who learn from their mistakes.

  171. Lori Putnam Says:

    Woody, who do you work for?

    How do you have inside info re some manufacturer who is about to announce a recall? I read this whole thread since June 07 but I don’t recall if you ever said how you have all this insider knowledge.
    So who is this manufacturer about to do a recall?

  172. Woody Says:

    Lori, I am not at liberty to disclose the manufacture but I can tell you in the industry it is no secret as they sent notice to all their dealers and service providers to stop selling the product and to purge their service stock of certain part numbers and to use a different part number for any needs.

    I am an Independent service provider for many manufactures as their “Authorized” service. My family has been in the business for 6 generations. The company I own has 15 service techs. As an authorized company we receive constant updates, bulletins, training, and have access to the companies we represent technical assistance lines and employees. Asko is one of the brands we are authorized for. We have serviced Asko since it was first introduced into the USA. When manufactures we represent have recalls we are the people who actually do the work in our area. Just this week we did reworks of over 200 refrigerators that are part of a safety recall for one manufacture.

    I have also served on service councils both regionally and nationally for different brands. I have assisted in writing technical manuals as a consultant and recently our company was honored by one manufacture as one of the top 100 service providers in the country for their brand.

    I enjoy reading these posts because it gives me a perspective of how customers view their products and how the service we provide measures up to others around the country. It is clear to me that many people either don’t have help in their areas or don’t know where to go to get help or what questions to ask. We find quite often that the customer tends to shoot the messenger rather than the manufacture. I have found the Appliance Journal a very informative place for information and perspective. My opinions are my own and I stand responsible for their content.

    I hope your find this information useful and that it answers your question. Woody

  173. G Says:

    I hope the warranty service providers that will be coming to my home are as experienced as your team…Asko arranged for A-1 Appliance Repair in Nashville TN to send a tech.

    I have had only 2 appliances, a Maytag washing machine and an Amana refrigerator, serviced under warranty for a problem (by the manufacturer’s designated warranty providers) and both times the work was poorly done by obviously inexperienced technicians. Later, after the warranty was expired, we had additional problems (same as before) and a very knowledgable and honest repairman that I found locally (who is also independent but does not do warranty work) has helped with repairs.

    I am concerned about my Asko b/c of the info that the control panel is no longer manufactured and replaced as a part of the recall. Asko obviously thought at one time it should also be replaced. It is not worth risking damage to my lovely home, that I have worked so hard to have, not to mention risking my family’s safety and my peace of mind for that, if Asko’s service provider cannot with full confidence tell me there is no longer a fire risk using this machine in my home. That would be reason enough for me to replace it, although it does go against my nature to replace something that is working (of course mine isn’t working right now, but if it can be repaired). (FYI….Woody, you want to know how Mom’s in the general public think when it comes to things like this…My son’s bedroom is right above my kitchen and this appliance. There are many evenings when I go to bed at night having just started my dw to run a cycle. I want to go to bed with peace of mind.)

    Hopefully an experienced tech who can offer a worthwhile opinion as to the risk level of fire with my Asko after the recall part is replaced, especially with the info that Asko used to replace theWoody, please be sure to check this thread in a week or so, I may want your opinion on whether my Asko is worth keeping. I am still leary

  174. jeff Says:

    G, under no circumstances would I go to bed starting a DW cycle until you are completely satisfied the problem has been fixed.

    I had a “wax motor” replaced a couple of months ago under the recall program, because I had started smelling an electrical burning odor near the end of the dry cycle. The repair did not fix the problem, so I now turn off the DW half way through the dry cycle – obviously only a temporary solution.

  175. Woody Says:

    I understand your concerns. I have to agree with Jeff that if you have concerns at all just be home when you run the dishwasher. But put this into perspective. Your dishwasher has worked is it 10 years or more now? From the actual recall notice:

    “About 130,000 dishwashers are being recalled due to a fire hazard:”

    “The 21 reported dishwasher fire cases caused product and property damages, but no injuries have been reported.”

    Now no one wants a fire but 12 out of 130,000 is not a high probability. You wouldn’t take those odds of winning in Vegas would you : ) But I am glad they take this so seriously and even have the recall. Let us know how your service visit turns out and thanks for sharing.

  176. Woody Says:

    Just for comparison only. This post can be found here on Appliance Journal. Asko had 130,000 units involved, this one was 2.3 MILLION units! We did a lot of these.

    Massive Dishwasher Recall from Maytag
    Sat, Feb 24, 2007
    Appliance Recall Information
    Maytag is recalling over two million of their dishwashers due to a fire hazard problem. Ouch! Let’s see how Maytag will handle this one:
    Recall Details:
    Name of product: Maytag® and Jenn-Air® brand dishwashers
    Units: About 2.3 million
    Manufacturer: Maytag Corp., of Newton, Iowa

    Hazard: Liquid rinse-aid can leak from its dispenser and come into contact with the dishwasher’s internal wiring which can short-circuit and ignite, posing a fire hazard

  177. Lori Putnam Says:

    To G and to everyone –
    Woody is absolutely right re not running a DW, or a washing machine, or even a dryer, unless people are awake and home. Leaks, shorts, clogs, overheating – just not worth the risk.

    AND, let’s all be green – don’t use the heat cycle to dry! So you might get a few spots…just think of all the electricity you are saving. :)

    And Woody – if you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I can get you even more customers, as we have a paucity of capable appliance techs here. I experienced several different companies under the home warranty when we moved here starting in June of 08, and it was a nightmare. One tech even said he had no experience or training, but could call his brother who knew how to fix things. Great!

    People like that are how your service industry gets a bad name, unfortunately. Especially when the work they do is only warranted for 30 days.

    Thanks for all your input, and best of luck to everyone!

  178. Cathy B Says:

    I just read this article about the recall. I have a Asko 1475 and was looking for diagrams for parts. My contractor removed it to install a floor and after he put it back I have a white plastic hollow piece that is about 4-5″ wide and about 2 ” tall with a long spout like thing at the bottom. It is quite flat. \Anyway, does anyone know if Asko is still replacing the defective part?


  179. Cathy B Says:

    I just read this article about the recall. I have a Asko 1475 and was looking for diagrams for parts. My contractor removed it to install a floor and after he put it back I have a white plastic hollow piece that is about 4-5″ wide and about 2 ” tall with a long spout like thing at the bottom. It is quite flat. Anyway, does anyone know if Asko is still replacing the defective part?


  180. Woody Says:

    The part you found it most likely the vent tube. It needs to be put back on.

    Asko is still providing the part required for the rework. Call their 800# with you model and serial number.

  181. tom Says:

    not a hard fix did this myself

  182. Cathyb Says:

    Thanks guys. Is there a site where I can see where the heck the vent tube goes?

  183. Woody Says:

    It goes underneath the main panel on the left side as you face the dishwasher. It just slides on and locks into or over a piece the same size and diameter as the peice you have. The distance is adjustable by losening a screw on the side of the dishwasher door.

  184. Woody Says:

    Back in April I made mention of an upcoming manufacture rework. It has now been released to the public so I can share it.

    Maytag Corporation, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), today announced a voluntary recall of approximately 1.7 million Maytag®, Amana®, Jenn-Air®, Admiral®, Magic Chef®, Performa by Maytag® and Crosley® brand dishwashers with plastic tubs and certain serial numbers. The units were sold at department and appliance stores and by homebuilders nationwide from February 2006 through April 2010 for between $250 and $900.

    An electrical failure in the dishwasher’s heating element can pose a serious fire hazard. Maytag has received 12 reports of dishwasher heating element failures that resulted in fires and dishwasher damage, including one report of extensive kitchen damage from a fire. No injuries have been reported. Consumers have been asked to immediately stop using their recalled dishwasher, disconnect the electric supply by shutting off the fuse or circuit breaker controlling it, and inform all users of the dishwasher about the risk of fire. Consumers are being offered two resolution options: they can either schedule a free in-home repair or receive a rebate following the purchase of certain new Maytag dishwasher models.

  185. MIKE Says:




  186. Woody Says:

    MIKE: Amen, Amen and Amen….

  187. Live2Tell Says:

    After reading through this thread, I am beginning to think it’s not just ASKO dishwashers that are the problem. We had a GE Monogram installed in our new house five years ago. Two months out of warranty, we came home to a burning electrical smell and discovered our dishwasher was the source. Called GE who said it would cost a minimum of $75 for an authorized repairman to come out and take a look at the problem. Forget it. I called an “unauthorized” repairman who said Monograms are notorious for leaking (yes, ours has leaked since the first time we turned it on) and thought the problem might be the computer in the d/w which would cost around $225 to repair (not including travel, labor, etc.). Sorry — I don’t want my GE Monogram that bad. Went to a garage sale and bought a ten year old ASKO 1475. Yikes! Same problem? Where do they make these things? Are they engineered this way? So far it works fine and the previous owner had no issues. Next step: Local thrift shop to find a pre-Reagan era Maytag. I refuse to pay $1000 for a new piece of junk.

  188. Susan Says:

    Good luck! My 21 year old Maytag washer dryer combo (the first year they stacked them, I think) is still working, although we had to replace the computer boards several times in the early years. And one time one of my kids left a metal chain in his pocket I didn’t notice and it slipped through the drain holes and….you can imagine. I’d never buy another center post washer, though. The front loaders are SO much more efficient and do a much better job of washing clothes with far less soap and water. My mom always insisted on one (I think it was Whirlpool). They held a patent until not long ago, so I’ll probably soon be reading the threads for the most reliable frontloading washers. I’m still pretty pleased with the Miele d/w I got to replace my 21 year old Asea (pre-ASKO); it does a decent job and certainly is quiet. It will be years before I have much of relevance to say about it, though.

  189. Al Says:

    I’ve got an Asko 1325 and it stopped working two years after purchasing it. The issue was that the wires (hot lines; 120VAC) leading from the bottom to the top of the door, for the controller, became severed on the chassis at the door’s hinge. The wires were too short by design and they passed against the razor sharp chassis edge. This was probably the ASKO FIASKO fire hazard.

  190. ANDY Says:

    ASKOUSA, STEVE PIRO, JIM HUMISTON (IF HE IS STILL WITH ASKOUSA).They are all dropping the ball. According to an article in Business wire. Steve Piro is quoted bragging about taking “enormous pride in the qulaity of our appliances and their time saving, value driven effiencies”. So if my ASKO dishwasher has been out of service since mid June, 5 service visits, un returned calls by ASKO customer service after being told by the repair people that this unit is unrepairable.What does it take and how is this efficient and value driven. I would strongly reccomend to all. DO NOT BUY AN ASKO. they look great but for the money its not worth it when you get crap for customer service. A Maytag would be a better bet. Next time for me which might be really soon, will be a Bosch, Fisher & Paykel or maybe a MAYTAG!

  191. Woody Says:

    Sorry to hear you are having issues getting your Asko repaired. Have you tried finding the distributor in your area? In our area they are a wealth of help. Our Field Service Manager is responsive and is the distributor. Perhaps contacts there as these people are closer to the end user than the people you mentioned and are in a better postion to assist.

    Like you, my experience with the 800# is not meeting expectations.

    Good luck

    PS No comment about two of your last alternate choices.

  192. David M. Says:

    Okay, I just read every post in this thread. I also have an Asko #1385 that is 10 years old and is used(was) 2-3 times a week. It has given us some problems over the years. At about 1-2 years old I noticed the dishwasher running continuously (stuck on a cycle). I manually advanced the knob and it seemed cured. Another year would go by, same problem. Top rack hardware slowly falling apart (the slides). After maybe a total of four faulty washes I would never use machine when not home or awake. We never used the dry cycle or the extra hot cycle. Now I come upon this forum to troubleshoot the latest problem which has the machine running whenever the door is closed,regardless of the cycle it is set to. It sounds like the pump motor running though there is nothing to pump. Control board? Wax motor? Pump? Switch? Throw it away? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I of course will give Asko a try. Wish me luck. I feel fortunate to have avoided the fire that the others experienced.

  193. Amy Bates Says:

    I wish there were some way to tell the whole world what a terrible product ASKO is – with customer service to match. I am truly sorry to see new victims showing up on this board.

  194. Woody Says:

    Your ASKO has a feature (as does Bosch) that when water gets into the base pan it activated the pump motor and will not let you use the machine until corrected. That is the symptoms you are describing.

    This feature has saved many a floor from extensive damage.

    I can only partially agree with Amy. Most of the posts are related to machines 10 years old or older. Many other brands are only even lasting 6 and 7 years. So there are not many if any posts about any of the later model ASKO dishwashers. That would be an indication that ASKO no longer has the issues related to the original recall.

    I am not defending ASKO but simply pointing out that these issues are an older problem of a decade ago. A tarnished reputation can happen quickly and take years to rebuild even at all(consider our government officials). As I have mentioned before there is not a single major manufacture who hasn’t had a dishwasher recall. One manufacture right now is seeking out MILLIONS of dishwashers for a recall.

  195. Flyingman Says:

    If you have a dish washer that is 10 years old now, I would not whine too much about it. It is time to replace it. My beef was not about the age of my unit, but the poor customer service from ASKO saying they would respond when in fact they never did, repeatedly.

    After recognizing ASKO had no intention of following through (I waited almost 3 months for a response) I promptly replaced my dishwasher with a new Electrolux, which we are very happy with so far.

    Just don’t waste your time hoping they (ASKO) will respond if you have an older unit. Get over it, and get yourself a new dishwasher. You’ll be much happer.

  196. David M. Says:

    Not whining Flyingman, just inquiring. I did the math. At 3 uses a week (only 2 of us) @$1200 + comes out to more than .75/wash not incl.utilities,etc. Anyway, thanks Woody, I’ll look into it.

  197. David M. Says:

    So Woody, I pulled the toe kick panel, dried the water in the pan, ran the machine, found the leak in the anti-siphon loop at the top of the waste line, fixed the leak, and the machine is up and running again. Called ASKO to see about the recall on the machine. The woman was very pleasant on the phone and offered $150 coupon towards the purchase of a new machine or to send out a replacement wax motor to a local repair shop. I choose the repair and she said that I’d be contacted in 7-10 days and gave me a reference #. That was four weeks ago. I’ll keep you posted. Know anything about Viking gas stove igniters? Over the past 12 years I’ve replaced both (double oven). Now it seems that they still “glow” but are not firing the propane. It seems to be sporadic. One day they work, the next, no good. I thought that in the past when they were bad they didn’t glow at all. Any thoughts or direction would be much appreciated.

  198. Woody Says:

    Dave, glad you were able to get the dw working.

    I am not a Viking fan but their gas system is similair to everyone else’s. Most likely if you just replace the ignitors the oven will fire up ok. The ignitors become weak, do not draw enough amperage and won’t open the gas valve. So it look like they are working but they are not.

    Call Asko back. Most likely the service company assigned to the call has misplaced the order or did not get the order. They email and fax them to us. Good luck

  199. joan venezia Says:

    Replaced front panel of ASKO Model 1776 and found the PC board in spots, was hot, red and black. Should I be alarmed???? Is this a fire hazard??? Anyone who has replaced the front panel as I had to do because of rust and saw this on the inside board, please let me know.

  200. Trygve Svärd Says:

    Askö – I today lost my Askö dishwasher and several more items around it as the front panel totaly burned to the ground from a major fire. I did not know about any recall until I started to look for an Askö phone number… and what did I find. I am very dissapointed that no-one contacted us the owners as we have sent in a warranty card when purchased. So now I need a new dishwasher and some more repair…. who pays for that when my deductible is $1,000?

  201. Woody Says:

    Trygve Svärd: Well hopefully you did contact Asko now. It would be interesting to know their response.

    Asko (and many other brands and products) spend large amounts of money when these recalls surface, to locate product owners. Frankly I think it is a daunting task for them. And us as consumers certainly can’t be spending time, considering all the different products, researching to see if our products are on the recall lists. There is a site though (Recalls.gov). I will post a list of known dishwasher recalls from this site below.

    As far as who pays your $1000 deductible? Generally you do unless other arrangements are made. The insurance company should go back to those who are liable and subrogate the damages to them. As they collect the insurance company reimburses you for your deductible first.


    GE Recalls Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard (October 26, 2010)
    Maytag Recalls Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard (June 3, 2010)
    Bosch and Siemens Model Dishwashers Recalled by BSH Home Appliances Corporation Due to Fire Hazard (January 15, 2009)
    Asko Cylinda Recalls DW95 Series Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard (June 14, 2007, Revised January 15, 2008)
    General Electric Recalls Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard (May 16, 2007)
    Maytag Recalls Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard (February 1, 2007)
    Whirlpool Corporation Recall of Dishwashers (February 25, 2005, Revised April 8, 2005)
    GE Recall of Built-In Dishwashers (February 18, 2005, Revised January 20, 2006)
    GE Dishwasher Recall and Repair (December 14, 2000)
    Dishwashers Recalled by GE (October 18, 1999)
    Dishwasher Recalled by Whirlpool (May 29, 1996)
    Dishwashers Repair and Inspect by Maytag (October 17, 1995)
    Certain Sears Kenmore Dishwashers May Pose Fire Hazard (FEBRUARY 15, 1993)
    Whirlpool Will Retrofit Below-Counter Dishwashers (July 3, 1989)
    Dishwasher Model Number Correction for Whirlpool Modification (August 17, 1988)

  202. Susan Says:

    How awful; so sorry! If it is any consolation, my oldest son (senior in college) had $10K worth of pro camera gear, his MacBook and back-up hard drive with 8 years of photos (his portfolio!) on it stolen a few weeks ago. Our homeowner’s insurance had forced us to drop all scheduled items, and will drop us if we file any claim, and we hadn’t procured alternate insurance yet. So we’re all out the cash to replace everything he needs for school and work. Be the “junkyard dog,” as my kids call it when I bark bark bark and won’t shut up until some nasty company makes things right. Nail ASKO! And then send some of that to Haiti or a local charity that has even less than you. Not trying to sound preachy, believe me. But I am just realizing for myself that I have so much, relative to many others, and that is OK — as long as I take the time to be grateful for it. Peace this holiday seaon, Susan

  203. Terry Says:

    Glad I found this thread, as I too have experienced numerous problems with my ASKO dw. Now it’s the circuit board, thermostat and the door hinges! D3251 made in Sweden so it says. This appliance is about 5 yrs old and is used 1 or 2 times a month. Paid about 2500 Can. for this high end “20yr” wonder, have already spent alot on repairs and now another $700.00 for parts!
    The recall was not set up for Canada, the parts and appliances are double what they are in the US even though the parts do come from there.
    Called the hotline from the sticker on the inside and was told to fax the parts order from the repair shop and it would go to the customer review. I actually wasn’t getting anywhere until I said that the machine hasn’t been used since Oct. and it keeps getting warmer. My counter top is always warm and it’s quite a bit warmer inside.
    After reading this I went and hit the breaker.
    I faxed the work order today and will keep you posted on the results.

  204. Woody Says:


    The D3251 to my knowledge has not had any chronic repair issues, nor is it part of the recall. The later model Asko dishwasher have actually performed quite well. Sorry to hear yours hasn’t. It will be good to hear what, if anything Asko can do to assist you.

  205. Scott Says:

    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Back in 1993, we bought an ASKO 1503 Excellence ($1000). That’s basically what it has been – excellent. Now, 17 years old, over the years I’ve replaced the steam vent on the front as it got stained. Replaced the bushings on the spray arms as they were worn some. Fixed the micro-switch for the interior light. One bad thing that happened is the black sound-reduction coating on the tub, underneath, over the pump, came off and dropped over the pump and wiring. I just removed it. The Dishwasher still works great and is very quiet. The door springs are tired now and should be replaced. I think about $28 for those. Still wondering how long this dishwasher will continue to run? We have an ASKO D-series in a second home that has been OK but doesn’t seem as well-built as the old 1503.

  206. gaston Says:

    le 15-1-11 jétais a la recherche de pieces pour ma asko type dw95.2 model 001355 depuis 15 ans seulement changer la pompe evac ,la je tombe sur se site je suis renverser ,pas de lettre de cette compagnie ,au lieu de reparer je vais acheter un autres marque et a vous tous passé le mot a vos amis ne plus acheter asko tous produit de marque asko je suis vraiment decu de cette compagnie et ses un bon moyen si vous obtener pas se que vous souhaité de leurs faire mal bonne chance si il y a un recour.quand vous irez acheter un autres produit dit le au vendeur,sa va surement se rendre si tout le mondes fait de meme merci

  207. j Ryder Says:

    Have a 1375 Asko that went up in smoke today. Electrical fires have such a pungent odor. My wife has told me for weeks that she smelled something funny when it was running and not running but I truly have no sense of smell due to winter sinus condition. I was cleaning the kitchen today when I noticed the DW was on for a long period of time. Also it did not go into certain cycles and the soap never dropped out till it was finished Heard the door pop and the tablet drop in the tub after it was off or stuck on number 4/5 cycle with no water in the tub!!! Even I can smell it now!!
    I was looking for a place to service the unit when I stumbled upon this site. Called an Asko 800# talked to Julius After giving him the serial and model number he assured me that the unit would be replaced. ??
    I do not care if they prorate the thing as long as it is a fair deal and my wife would love the larger stainless black model.
    The unit has been very good over the years that I owned it. Minor door switch problems
    but not much else.

    I will wait and see what they will do// are they a responsible company like Miele which I cannot speak too highly of or will they give me a run around like the trash that Whirlpool / Kitchenaid puts out.
    I will wait and see but if they give me the slightest difficulty it is off to Miele.

  208. Woody Says:

    J Ryder: Just curious. If you have had this Asko all this time where did you get experience with Miele and their dishwasher ? We can hardly get service for a Miele in our town, no one will do it for them.

    I’ll be curious to know what the ASKO folks do for you on a 10-12 year old dishwasher.

  209. Austin Says:

    I just read all the comments on this site about the Asko Dishwashers and it was helpful to jog my memory. We bought our 1475 in ’97 for about $800. I LOVE(D) this dishwasher. We had all the headaches with getting the recall service as described above but I was persistent and got it fixed. Fall ’10 the dishwasher’s thermister (thermistat) failed and it was replaced. Now, 6 months later, I got two flashing lights (the outer buttons) and the water was not getting hot and cycles were taking HOURS. I called Asko to learn the flashing lights indicate a temperature fault so I assumed the new thermistor failed. The service men cam and said a wire was fried; they replaced the wire and found the circuit board not operating properly. They say the circuit board is no longer available. I started to look on line for a circuit board when I found this thread. I REALLY love how this washer stacks and cleans and uses very little water. Now I’m certain the wire is somehow related to the fire recall, however, and it’s time for a new dishwasher.

  210. Woody Says:

    Try a Thermador Saphire DWHD650. The racking is AMAZING, you can’t hear it run, clean like a champ and even has it’s own watersoftner.

  211. Austin Says:

    Thanks, Woody! I called Asko to see if they would give us any credit towards a new machine; it sounded like a long ordeal and our machine didn’t meet their req’s since we didn’t have any major problems until now AND the recall had been serviced. The customer service rep wasn’t biting that the fried wire was a fire hazard but I didn’t push hard. It looks like other brands are now more frugal than Asko on water usage and noise. (that 3rd rack on the Thermador you recommended looks great.)
    The service men really recommended Bosch and Miele if I wanted to “stay European.” Their company isn’t selling Asko any longer.

  212. Woody Says:

    Thanks Austin: Personally I don’t get too caught up with the amount of water a dishwasher uses. It’s pretty negligible in all the brands. The Thermador Sapphire is a BOSCH. It just has the Thermador looks and the sapphire has the COOL sapphire lights that the Bosch equivalent doesn’t (It’s a guy thing) So the Bosch could be a choice also.

    The decibel rating is as low as 42 so it projects a small beam of light on the floor so you know its running. Most dealers don’t have it on display or promote it but EVERYONE who comes into my house when the dishwasher door is down exclaims “what a cool dishwasher!”

    Asko is getting a bit of a bad rap on this rework thing partly because they were not able to find all the machines that were out there because customers did not register them. It cost them a lot of reputation. People we know who have them now, those built in the last 10 years seem satisfied with them. Even Bosch had a dishwasher rework for control boards a couple of years back. They went after them like crazy but there are a few of those out their still too. GE, Whirlpool and Maytag have all had major recalls with their dishwashers. LG has harness problems with the last couple of year’s models. They are not even assisting customers who have the problem out of warranty. So there is plenty of blame to go around depending on who you talk to. Miele is very common in my area and those who have the product have difficult finding someone to work on them. I found the repair parts pricing is a bit excessive also. But good luck shopping. Let us know if you take the plunge for the Thermador (got to be the sapphire though, not the Emerald) and how you like it. They are expensive but not any more than the Miele and Asko. But we have really enjoyed ours and we have had a lot of dishwashers over the years.

  213. Flyingman Says:

    We swapped out the 10 year old ASKO for an Electrolux. It was an expensive model but after a year now we are very pleased with it. I think it is actually quieter than the ASKO was, and the ASKO was indeed quiet. It has amble space inside, all digital controls with plenty of custom settings. I have on ocassion opened it without realizing it was in wash cycle.

    When it completes it projects a bright blue beam of light on the floor so you know your dishes are done.

    Again, you can’t realistically expect this type of equipment to last for 10+ years. I just wish ASKO would stop misleading the consumer. I waited for some months because they said they would fix my unit and never did.

    Get over it and buy something else.

  214. Scott Says:

    On November 23rd, 2010, I posted how great our ASKO 1503 has been. Well, it’s retired now. Was not fully pumping the water out each time and several times flooded the kitchen. Pump fine, lines fine. Maybe the pressure switch bad or circuit board failure? Switch is $56 and no guarantee it will fix it. Bought a 4 year old used KitchenAid. Model KUDS02FRWH0. Seems really good, heats the water, has heating element in bottom, sanitize wash, hidden panel, quiet, 3 racks, power scrub jets in the back. We put in a caserole dish with burned on food. Placed it in the back with power scrub on and it came perfectly clean – amazing. Has soft food disposal too. Only thing we don’t like is no display to indicate what cycle is active? Neat it has a light to tell you is successfully sanitized your dishes. Ordered upgrade for door spring mechanism which is a new design roller assembly. Enjoy having a DW that parts can be had just about anywhere. Goodbye ASKO.

  215. an authorized Canadian Servicer Says:

    Oh please, just about every manufacturer has gone thru a rework or recall. I have serviced them all as a warranty depot and or department store tech and I don’t know of any that are perfect!
    How perfect are you in your job? Ever make a mistake? Yaaaa right! Even God makes mistakes…he created George Bush minor (and ever so minor!). ha ha ha.
    Nuttin is puuuurrrrrrfect!
    And, I don’t care what ya think of Canadians with an opinion.
    We got the OIL…you be nice or we will sell it to the CHINESE!!!

  216. Woody Says:

    Subject: Dishwasher Project [March 1, 2011 ~ August 31, 2011
    call the LG service center, (800) 243-0000, to receive the required
    authorization number for the service.

    "Because we value our customers and are fully committed to the quality of our products, we are offering to upgrade Sump Assembly and Main PCB, free-of-charge. We have voluntarily undertaken this measure to ensure the highest quality possible.

    Effective Date: Service calls received by LG between March 1, 2011 ~ August 31, 2011
    (6 Months – will decide whether or not to continue this project after the first 6 months,
    evaluating the overall developments, and will notify you accordingly)

    Applicable Models: All LG dishwasher models
    Applicable Serial No: From 701KWxxxxxx to 910KWxxxxxxx, inclusive

    LG will extend the warranty on all LG dishwashers listed in the table for calls received within the project time period [Mar 1, 2011 - Aug 31, 2011]. Before performing the service described in this project, instruct the customer to call the LG service center, (800) 243-0000, to receive the required authorization number for the service.

    * The warranty extension is only valid for future repairs if a customer receives the authorization number of the warranty extension
    through the LG service center. After service center repairs the affected unit and request the warranty extension to LG, it is not valid.

    ALL in warranty LG dishwashers should be upgraded, regardless of the customer’s original complaint or the reason for service.

  217. appliancejournal Says:

    Sorry for all the spam comments. All have been removed! :)

  218. Mandi Witcraft Says:

    Will you accept guest blogging in your blog? Pls let me know.

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    I must get across my love for your kind-heartedness for men who must have help on that content. Your very own dedication to passing the message all over came to be unbelievably effective and has regularly enabled workers just like me to attain their dreams. Your own informative publication denotes a lot to me and far more to my office colleagues. Best wishes; from all of us.

  220. Saran Milks Says:

    Excellent post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Many thanks!

  221. Lowell Says:

    ASKO Dishwasher MDL#1475 Tennent said it overheating and making smoke and subject to a recall. I read all the horror stories and will not put my tennent at risk. Replacing the unit 11/15/11. Anybody want any parts? Call me quick 650-575-8394. Racks and spray arms appear to be in good shape. Unit is in the SF Bay Area

  222. John Hummel Says:

    My ASKO Model 1976 has the same control board as the 1895 – part No. 8801202. My control board experienced a smoking failure this week and I would like some advice on whether this smoking failure is associated with this recall.The failure is at the connection of one of the relays to the board and caused meltdown of the board itself as well as the clear plastic cover on the back side of the board.

  223. woody Says:

    John, your question can best be answered by:

    Customer Service for ASKO North America:
    1-800-898-1879 Option 1: Customer Service professionals are available to assist you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  224. Jacek Says:

    My ASKO D1776 just burned up last night. Sparking, making noise, then caught fire, had to put out the fire using fire extinguisher after turning off the breaker which wasn’t tripped!

    See picture on the website above.

    Called customer service today. They were unable to provide a case number so I’m not sure how far this will get.

  225. Terri B-B Says:

    OMG! my Asko did the exact same thing the first week of April 2012! We were getting ready for bed and I heard a strange sound, brrrrrrrrrrrr; Went to the kitchen to check the dishwasher that had been running to see if that’s where the sound came from, then I could smell the fire. I couldn’t turn on the light because our breaker had tripped. Threw the breaker, then the fire started up again and the plastic began melting! Couldn’t find the fire extinguisher! I wanted it OUT of the house, so we flipped the breaker off, turned on other lights, got a flashlight and a dolly and disconnected the thing, and drug it out to the porch!

    I sang its praises for years. My husband’s parents and one of our friends bought one because of our recommendation.

    Really frightening to hear this wasn’t an isolated incident. I’m warning my friends and family and will post to Facebook. For me, no apologies or replacements accepted! My new Bosch was installed yesterday.

  226. Judie Says:

    our dishwasher has been tripping the breaker and we noticed a spark cinder popping out from underneath…..we will contact Asko and update asap.

  227. Rene Says:

    Our Asko model #1805 caught fire last night. Lucky we were home. The kitchen filled up with thick smoke and my husband ran downstairs to trip the breaker. We called the fire department. This is the last straw. We have had no end of problems with this dishwasher that we loved right from the start. The dishwasher cost almost $1,000 and we’ve spent almost that amount on repairs. So far we’ve replaced the circulation pump, control unit, control panel, wax motor and the door panel. Have contacted Asko for help many times but they give me the run-around. Now the smoke odor has permeated our cabinets, walls and carpeting. I hope we can recover our costs from Asko. Will keep you posted.

  228. Woody Says:

    RENE: Sorry to hear you had a fire. It would be more fair to tell everyone how old your ASKO is. My guesstimate is that an 1805 model dishwasher is 12-15 years old.

  229. Rene Says:

    Woody, you’re right. We purchased this Asko in 1998 so it is 14 years old. It makes no difference how old it is, it is still defective and prone to setting itself on fire. I’m very thankful we were home at the time. Otherwise, the house would have completely filled with toxic smoke and maybe it would have started the house on fire. The electrical circuitry in the door was igniting the DW until we turned off the electricity.

    I didn’t want to get too wordy. But, I’ll tell you that this Asko has been nothing but trouble since it was a year old. We’ve had to replace the control panel, circuit board, circulation pump and wax motor.

    We loved it right from the start. Very quiet running and cleans the dishes well, what more could you ask for? Safety. That’s what I want. To know that manufacturers will advise and correct any manufacturing defects IMMEDIATELY, especially one as dangerous as this.

  230. Rene Says:

    Judie, Did you have any luck with Asko?

  231. Woody Says:

    RENE: So the fact that Asko has been trying to locate these dishwashers for 5 years in not an important point. Consumers have responsibility just as well as manufactures. If your product was registered then they would have sent you notice. The components you mention had a five year warranty so I’m curious why your dishwasher wasn’t registered, especially if you had problems in the first year. Those repairs would have been covered no charge.

    I’m not trying to stick up for Asko here, but I am concerned that with what we demand from these manufactures (of many things). Litigation, labor costs, health benefits ect. continue to drive jobs and manufacturing out of the USA. It’s just too expensive. Yes, you had some problems, but very few brands make it 14 years anymore. I hope everything works out ok for you.

  232. Dan Nadeau Says:

    Hi, my unit was bought on april 1997 and yesterday (dec. 09, 2012) the unit did not wash the dishes as usual, but a burning smell was coming out of it. I could not hear the sound of the water being swurlded around. The timer was running and the drain pump was working, but that’s about it.
    I am sending an email to AM appliance group.
    Hope this will lead to something …

  233. Woody Says:

    Ring ring.. “AM Appliance Group how can I help you”?

    “Hi, my unit was bought on April 1997 and yesterday (Dec. 09, 2012) the unit did not wash the dishes as usual, but a burning smell was coming out of it. I could not hear the sound of the water being swirled around. The timer was running and the drain pump was working, but that’s about it.”

    “Well we are sorry to hear that. Is this the first time in 15 years you’ve had a problem?”

    “Ahhh mmmmm, well yes, but aren’t you supposed to give me something for free or something, I mean…..like you had fires”

    “Yes, have you checked our web site to see if your model and serial number are one of the affected units? Did you send in your registration card? Did you have an authorized service person come inspect the product and see if you have a related problem?”

    “Well no, not yet. I was hoping you would pay for that, I mean I’ve only had the product for 15 years and they should last longer than that without any service, shouldn’t they? My old Kenmore lasted for 20 years and we only got rid of it because we remodeled. I sorta expected that because of what I paid for this machine it would last freakin’ FOREVER!”

    “I understand how you feel and we will certainly take your comments seriously. I will send a full report to Sweden right now and I’m sure they will be happy to consider doing something for you like prorating or giving you a discount on a new product, say maybe $75 off, would that be sufficient?”

    “$75 off! Not quite what I expected, I was hoping more for like a free dishwasher, a trip to Sweden to see the factory (all expenses paid) including 1st class airfare and a four star hotel. I mean like, this could have burnt my house down”

    “Well I certainly will suggest that to them, is there anything else I can do for you at this time”?

    “When do you think we will hear back from someone?”

    “Well with the current economic scene, the recent election, and global warming I think it will be a substantial wait until Hell freezes over, but we can always hope :) … Thanks for calling AM Appliance group aka: Asko USA. And have a pleasant day :) Good bye”

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