Whirlpool Washer Lid Switch (3949247)

This Whirlpool lid switch is very commonly used in Whirlpool made washers. The point of the lid switch is for the tub to stop spinning when the washer lid is opened. It’s a safety precaution just in case someone decides to stick their hand inside the washer while the tub is spinning. Checking the lid switch for continuity would tell you if it’s bad. You could do that by using an ohmmeter. If it shows no ohms, you most likely need a new lid switch.

wpl washer lid switch

This lid switch fits some Whirlpool, Estate, Roper, and Kenmore washers. Made by Whirlpool. Part Number: 3949247.

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  1. :Lila says:

    The problem I had with this switch was that the screw sleeves being made of platic broke apart. Whirpool wants around 35.00 for this part. If the sleeves were metal, it would be more longlasting and able to take the strain from opening and closing and the spinning machine. Available on ebay for 6.50 plus shipping. Just my two cents.

  2. appliancejournal says:

    Thanks for your comments Lila :)

    I completely agree with you. This switch would last much longer if metal was used. But look at it from a different point of view. If this switch, as well as a few other components, was re-enforced with metal, it could easily double the price of a new washer.

    Faced with the current problem, you may be more inclined to think that it’s worth paying more for a better built machine. However, it would be difficult to convince people, about to purchase a new washing machine, that the reason why they have to pay twice as much is because the lid switch is metal and won’t break two years down the road.

    On the subject of replacement parts, I would be careful using eBay. While there are many honest and reputable merchants doing business on eBay, we’ve heard of quite a few cases where technicians working for large service companies would steal parts from their employer and re-sell them on eBay. You don’t know if the parts are new or used, or whether they work at all. There is probably no warranty. Your mileage, as they say, may vary. AppliancePartsPros.com has this part for $24 and I believe they provide one year warranty on all parts. Disclaimer: ApplianceJournal.com is sponsored in part by AppliancePartsPros.

  3. Ronald Maddox says:

    “Whirlpool Washer Lid Switch (3949247)” on Whirlpool Washer Ultimate Care II model LSQ8543JQ1. Can anyone tell me how to install this part? I thought I could lift the top part that contains the lid, but there was a screw in each of the two front corners that I could not get access to.

  4. appliancejournal says:

    Post your question on the appliance repair forum http://forum.appliancepartspros.com/ and someone will help.

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